Happy NYE!!!!


we're having a snow day!!!!!!!!!!!!

so hopefully after I burn blubber on the treadmill, i will clean up and get laundry going so I can scrap!!!

hopefully I get to play with my kit again and
even with my new REBEL!!!!!

some new creations:




Free spirit

free spirit

here I saw a technique of punching holes to distress....I loved it but decided to just punch random holes instead. LOL.

i've lost that loving feeling......


I'm debating about whether or not I should close the old blog down...it's boring me a bit, and well....my number one fans live with me, so when i wanna ooooo and aaaahhhh over Los I can just pull out the albums and have them sit with me. I dunno what I'll decide yet. I'm thinking on cutting down on MBs as well. Maybe my time will be freed up for more scrapping and things that are more important.

just wanted to share 2 LOs completed tonight. one using a kit and the other using a color combo.

ONLY I can't. dumb flickr keeps bumping my photos. and I cant sign in to photobucket for some reason. :/

oh well. I am sleepy and will try again some time tomorrow.

You Beautiful People!

Thank you to the people who have bought my jewellery this year, thank you to the people who have stocked me this year and thank you to the people who have supported me in my little business - there are too many name and that makes me so happy.

I feel that it's such a blessing to connect with people who I've met through Annie Blackberry - I appreciate you more than you know - the strangers, the now-friends and the friends and family I know and love.

We have just got out 15th store - I can't even believe I'm writing that!! THANK YOU from my heart.

When my good friend Jesus told me this would grow more than I could hope or imagine, I smiled and expected it to take 5 years - I am already here and it's you jesus who I thank the most. Please may i continue to do this thing I love, this thing which has healed me.

Love Annie xxx

Freedom Writers

so I watched this movie this weekend. I really didn't know what it was about, if it was another ghetto school movie or what.

it was a good movie based on a true story and wow....

it really made me think on how one person really can make a difference even when no one wants to bother.

how much I would like to matter to someone, even though I hate being in the spotlight and compliments make me blush tremendously.....

I recommend this movie.

Now I am off to bed. well...folding some laundry and then bed.

I have some pictures to share but that can wait til tomorrow. :)

snow angel

hey guys.

my latest creation...done up last night. it didn't take me too long and you can tell! :P

I showed it to Lexi and the first thing that came out her mouth was "I'm not an ANGEL!!!"

well, excuse ME, TERROR!


I used last week's ad from Ad this. I didn't get a chance to scrap and really liked it.

so I went to work today and got the latest schedule. they have my hours as a big joke.....DH wants me to give my 2 weeks. :sigh:

he wants his wife back.

I love U big


how did Christmas treat you? Mine was good. Spent it at home with hubby and terrors, video taped the kids screaming their heads off at their gifts....they were really happy and we felt sooooo good about making them so happy. :)

I got what I really wanted, a day to snuggle up and be lazy with my baby, ignore everything that needed to be done and just watch TV. It felt good to do, we haven't done that in a long time.

My sweetie surprised me with something I really wanted but didn't expect. And I'll leave it at that. :D

this is a LO I got done last night. It's a photo Of my baby when I only had one :) Lexi was in the oven. LOL. I had really wanted to scrap this photo of him. I used this week's color combo and I used this week's ad this challenge.

I love U big

you are really sleepy......

yup thats me.

after work yesterday we went to pack and stood over my sister's in LI.

we stood up gabbing for hours and well...i slept all of 4 hours to be shuttled off to work and wow....today was a hard day for me.

here's my LO for this week's color combo #100

dream girls

Annie Blackberry Expands

Thank you Texan Art Schools and Texas Radio and the Big Beat Boutique for taking on Annie Blackberry! Thank you to my wonderful supporters - you are amazing!

Tatoo Thursday????


My BIL always leaves DH and I a text in the AMs, sometimes just saying hello and other times being his usual funny self. This AM he left us:

"good morning. Today is Tatoo Thursday. All the mean customers will get a free tatoo with a branding iron."

LOL...gotta love a man with a sense of humor....and yes, he is single!!!! LOL!!!!

Last night was the first time this week I felt remotely motivated to scrap. So scrap I did while fighting a humungo headache. my sweetie pie of a hunk a dunk hubby bought me some yummy coffee which kickstarted my road to feeling better. I LOVE you my sweet hunk!

OK...so here's my LO for fun:

D is for Dog

The world's cutest dog....Tyler. Yeah I know I am biased but everyone says it too...so it MUST be so!!

D is for dog

and here is......ME! LOL....this one I made for this week's Ad This sketch....I used last week's color combo cuz Janet was a bit late posting the new one and I was feening (sp?) for a color combo fix! LOL.

I like this one!



lists me at of course the big 3-1. you know...i SOOOOOO don't get why people go crazy when they hit this milestone...I still feel like I am 20!!!!!

Summer I Love You!

Summer, summer, summer! Ahhhhhhhh......

Tonight I had the best night - Andrew and I went to the coffee club for dinner - I love how they bring you the bill (I wish I could just put my card on the plate and say 'charge it' but it's just too Amercian ;) Plus I was paying by Eftpos). We saw Rach from Etch and it was lovely to see her. Then Debs and I had a drink at Orange Zephyr and were served by my lovely friend Sam and we listened to Jazz and talked about God. Then Andrew and I went to the Friends of the Warehouse nihgt and nothing was on special :(

ANYWAY....here is my new stuff, hope you love it :)

The Magic of You

hi yet again!

just wanted to quickly share a LO I made last night. I used this week's color challenge over at CCG. I'm bummed that you can't really see the colors too well...that PP has a soft blue on it.

the magic of you



not a happy monday. I feel soooooooo sluggish and tired today. honestly I feel like I could fall asleep if I stand in the same spot too long. I have a day full of paperwork to be put into quickbooks that's due today and as always I waited til the very last minute to do.

Last night I got to scrap. finally!

I used last week's Ad This challenge...I also based my LO on a creative therapy catalyst...at the moment my mind falters as to which one...we had to scrap about our life's philosophy. Mine is based on a biblical verse.

whenever life throws something at us, a difficult situation be it money wise, with handling our kids, relationships, people around us in general I always hold fast to my trust in God, how he will make everything all better soon. There are times where I may falter but then I get a little reminder on how He always provides and handles everything for those who trust in Him.

My sermon of the week!!!!! LOL!!!!

and that's little ole me!!!!



thanks for looking and peace out!!!