what do you do?

when the desire to scrap is gone?

My scrappy space has been neglected....the scrappy sites I've frequented: I've disappeared from...scrappy gal pals? If we don't connect on face book....a distant memory.

how do I get out of the rut?

Do I just wait it out? Continue on with life and see if the bug bites me again and I go into a full scrappy frenzy?

Or do I just move on...

and leave a hobby that had me so enthralled, so obsessed?

I'd like to think I'm not that fickle.

I'd like to think that somewhere out there, someone will remember something I made, or words I've put to paper along with paint, photos, & distressing....and say....

"hey, you......what's up?"

But I know lives are busy. My plate is full...and honestly....I don't feel like scrapping anymore. Not even blogging....

yes, as shocking as that may sound...I don't feel like blabbing away...I'm feeling uninspired.

How do you get out of it?

an announcement....

Hey all!

popping in to let you all know that:

Creative Charms Design Team Call
When: Now – October 10, 2011
Details: Creative Charms is looking for self-motivated and creative designers to design projects twice a month for the Creative Charms blog. This position will begin on November 1st with a three-month initial contract. Design team members are compensated with $30/month of Creative Charms products.
We are looking for designers that meet the following criteria:
· have an active personal blog with a following of at least 100 members
· be active on Facebook and at least 2 other “gallery” sites (2peas, CK, etc)
· able to work within a short time frame
· able to post at least twice a month on the Creative Charms blog
· creative in scrapbooking, card making and altered projects
· previous design team experience (preferred but not required)
· published in print magazines (preferred but not required)
To apply please send the following:
· name and mailing address (US mailing addresses only)
· link to your personal blog
· links to any design team that you currently serving
· three (3) photos of your best original projects or link to on-line gallery
· list of all design teams that you have been a member
· list of published works (date/publication)
Please send all applications to midori@creativecharms.com with the Subject: Design Team Call before October 10th. The Design Team will be announced by October 15th.

This is a great opportunity, the product is amazing to work with and Midori is wonderful to work with!!!

Also....tomorrow we're taking Lexi back to the surgeon. She's been suffering from knee pain, & he told us if she had any aches to call right away. So I'm a little concerned. I had to pick her up from school today, and the system they have set up there is pretty ridiculous. Today was a day that I was seriously tempted to home school my kids.

So please keep my Lexi in prayer.

Which Outfit Costs $5000 more?

wishful thinking...

Happy Tuesday! Last night was the premiere of the Sing off...I love that show. I know there were other shows premiering last night. Which ones are you looking forward to?

I have a layout up at  the Creative Charms blog! Please check it out, if you have an extra minute or two. :)

In the meantime, I can show you one I made for them at the beginning of the month! While you're peeking over there, you can look for this one, too...just to see the pretty details!

now, just so that I can be held accountable...I walked this AM. Despite the rainy dreary weather....is it just me, or do rainy days just suck the life out of you?  DH had 2 jobs to go to early this AM, so I had to get the teenyterrors ready and wait out with them. Walking today took a lot of will power because by the time I was done with the kids I was HUNGRY! LOL. I wanted to make myself some breakfast! Have to say though, I did a program on the treadmill that usually had me crawling (ok...exaggeration here, but I wanted to paint a vivid picture.) off the darn thing....&&& I wasn't huffing/puffing throughout it all. Cool, right? I'm a bit proud!

a bit off topic:

my mom in law was visiting with us...she went to see my hubby's sibs...we're taking turns. LOL. The whole time she spoiled my doggy with housefood. And now he misses her terribly! He used to stalk her because he thought that any time she went into the kitchen, it was dinner time!

so what's my point? that we all miss her. :(

Aaron misses bothering her. Let me tell you...this kid made it a point to go out of his way to play pranks on her...and would gleefully run away as she chased him with her slipper in hand.

Alexis, Annie, & Nani miss sleeping with her. Yep, you read that right. They each took turns to jump into bed with her...and they miss their walks with her. Usually to the grocery store...or Family dollar. :) That meant they got to get a treat.....

Tyler...you already know why. LOL

Jr &I: she made us all of our fave foods...you know the ones we don't usually eat. I love chatting with her. And I know she loved being kept busy...the kids wouldn't leave her alone....

so, yeah, we're dealing with some mopey kids right now....

Pauper Fashion

just some thoughts....


*I'm sorry, but this weekend we've been watching Madea's Big happy family...and Madea's crazy vocabulary has stuck! That movie was hysterical!!!

You guys thought that I've disappeared, huh? Well, in a way, I am. Disappearing. Yes, literally. I've been getting a little more serious, a little more motivated, and more involved in losing weight. I'm completely adamant about getting rid of the need of taking medication. losing weight= no more high blood pressure.

So...along with my treadmill (which broke, BTW...she got all fixed up this past weekend), we have invested in a kinect for our xbox and a zumba game. (which is FUN, BTW.) I also found a free app for my phone called Lose it! and that's really been helping me become more aware of what I'm putting into my body. Before I started with that app, I thought I was taking in less sodium and couldn't understand why my blood pressure just wasn't going down. We eat decently, no fried foods...well, now I'm making the changes necessary! So far, there have been some results, quicker than the other attempts I've made.

My hubby and I have been busy with the family, the business, and in preparing for the kick off of children's ministries @ our church. :) We both teach, and we're excited as we're planning our lessons and things to drive those points in! I'm also NERVOUS! So far, my class is growing. :) I just hope that I have the wisdom, the confidence, and the ability to teach these girls, I wanna make an impact! &&& so does my hubby. We both love our students! We're going to need prayer to be able to perform to the best of our abilities in every aspect of our lives. Hubby's been off to training, is continuing to train, and is trying to get stuff together for Youth....he's lucky enough to be one of the chaperones.

<----------see this kid? The one with the long hair? He's started the 7th grade. He's also recently gotten a hair cut! The whole summer I was subjected to seeing that wavy mop on his head! LOL. He's grown up some, too. He's started school and has been taking it seriously. He's been doing his work, behaving better...the sparkle he seemed to have lost towards the end of 6th grade came back with a vigor. He's also been so much more affectionate towards me. I love my baby boy!

Almost the whole 1st week of school, and no photos. Why? A lot of aggravating mistakes being made with the bus, the weather was so dark and dreary...we even had our 1st cancellation due to flooding! I was down. This was the 1st year ever since my boy started school that I never took 1st day pics....look at my gorgeous girls...they were all so excited to start 1st, 4th, & 5th grades. Lexi was upset when she learned she was going to have a male teacher...but is totally over it now that he turned out to be cool. Annie had a little bump in the road to deal with...again, trouble on the bus...but she is working hard because she wants to impress her teacher. Nani has been plain old rocking it...can't you tell by that smile?

well...that's all for now....I was going to post some scrappy things. I havent been scrapping at all...just for creative charms....and I am appreciative to be on the team because if it weren't for them...that poor scrap room would be a desserted area......


annieblackberrybirdsnest.jpg (1200×1600)

Beauty on a Budget

this entire outfit cost me $8. The necklace is my own handmade creation so while worth quite a bit, it's cheaper if you make it yourself :)

you don't have to be rich to be fashionable :)

annie xxx

My Take on Spring 2011

A little collage I put together :)

You Shall Go to the Ball!

Hope you Like my take on being Belle of the Ball this Spring!

a little revelation....

Hello!!! :)
The first of each month is reveal day and today I get to reveal somethings pink & black! what a lovely color combo, right?

Deal of the Month – 235 Pieces - $6.99
·Black Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
·Black Gradient Pearl Stickers – 76 Pieces
·Pink Vintage Pearl Brads – 9 Pieces
·Pink Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
·Violet Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
·Pink Sequin Flowers – 6 Pieces
·Pink Gem Garden – 12 Pieces
·Pink Pure Blossom – 14 Pieces
·Pink Spring Medley – 14 Pieces

Kit of the Month – 26 Pieces - $14.99
· Pink Groovy Petal Medley – 8 Pieces
· Pink Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Pink Sequin Trimmed Butterfly – 2 Pieces
· Black Sparkled Butterfly – 4 Pieces
· Black & White Netted Flower – 4 Pieces
· Black & Silver Dotted Leaf – 4 Pieces

There is also a giveaway this week!!! Who doesn't LOVE a giveaway? 

The deets:

To enter, You must be a follower of the blog and “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment on the post Happy September and on Facebook. You have until Sunday night. :)