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today there's a new prompt over at allyscraps BOM.

here's my LO for it.

I used this weeks color combo challenge for it too. surprise, surprise.


WE are the CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and other stories to tell!

hi, hello, how are ya???

it's been a busy and emotional week for us at the TeenyTerror household. This is the last week of school, mainly half days. Tuesday sweetie terror graduated from kindergarten. SO I was feeling really proud of her and really sad because she is just growing up way too fast for my taste! it's only a matter of time we'll fast forward a few years and she'll be a HS graduate!!! OK, I exaggerate, I know. but sometimes a mom's emotions can get a bit irrational. :D

so this is my sweetie with her graduating class, singing a very cute and adorable song! she's the 2nd kid on the left, front row.


Last night Brainy terror had his championship game. His team was outnumbered...they had to start with 7 kids. They also played a team whose coach does not behave with really nice attitude. I'll leave it at that. The kids played well...and WHOMPED the other team!!!!! Us parents were sooo nervous for the kids. There were HUGE butterflies fluttering around in my stomach!!! The kids did wonderfully and I have to say I LOVE my terror's coach. He has been so patient, he's a very kind man....and well...the moral of the story is good people DO finish on top!!!!!

here they go:


This is a photo I stole from Becky off her myspace. If you do read this, THANKS, girl!!!! :D my terrors with their newest baby cousin. they adore him!


I have a LO I completed for BOM at Allyscraps AND the latest color combo for Janet. I just can't post it til tomorrow!!!!

til next time!!!!!!!


tired as heck

here I am tired but not being able to fall asleep. SO I have HBO on and watching Oceans' 13. NOT helping....maybe I should tune into something boring and THAT will put me to sleep.
This past friday my baby's team was playing. It's playoff time, ya know. so far his team is undefeated for it. :D I'm mighty proud. well...friday's game it looked bad...we only had 7 kids. you need 8 to play. Lets just say that the coach for the opposing team was walking around cocky.

Baby's team BLEW them out! he of course got hit with the ball in the back...that POPPING sound just resonated and my mommy instincts were to run to him and baby him. of course I let hubbs take care of it out of fear I'd commit that mortal sin and embarass the poor kid in front of his team mates. that took all the spunk outta my baby. :( I am proud to say he took his base and SCORED when his teammate stepped up to bat!!!! the kid trudged on like a boo on his shoulder and all.

Monday night they get to play again for championship. I hope they get a cool trophy or a medal or something....hubbster volunteered to help coach next years' team....aiy yi yi!!!!

I'll post photos throughout the week.

take care!!! Maybe a warm shower will get me sleepy....


thanks for tuning in for another episode of LOs completed for scrappy challenges! :D

This one I made last night for Janet's color combo challenge....I was lurking that blog yesterday!!! LOL! some cool colors were picked for this week, so head on over there and check them out!!!!

It also was made for a sketch challenge over at allyscraps which you can check out either at the blog OR at the forum. It's a Deb/Dana collabo!!!

Alexis saw this one and loved it. the look on her face was priceless as she took in everything. she even asked me to hang it up in her room. {{{AWWWW}}}

and here it is....cut off, I'm pretty sure. I resize them to medium, I think if I go smaller you won't get to see it well...


tonight Aaron has playoffs and I hope to get some great photos to share.

Things I Love

this is a late one for allyscraps' BOM. The prompt this week is to scrap what you love.


She Loves jumping puddles

hi all!!!

here's one who's doing double duty, if you will. Another combo challenge color (#75) AND Trish's challenge over at's a recipe challenge: 3 pieces of patterned paper (no cardstock), 2 pieces of chipboard, 3 types of bling (sequins, glitter, rhinestones), 2 flourishes, and 4 different fonts. The subject is teeniest terror, doing what she does best! A NAUGHTY!!!! she knows she's not supposed to play with puddles, and not supposed to go onto the street. BUT puddles are something so irresistable to her, no matter what she gets afterwards. she's lucky I had the camera out with me.....hee hee!


it got cut to see the whole sha-bang just click on the photo. :)

Whooo do you love?

the answer is EVERY ONE!!!!


This is for Color Combo Challenge #75: the challenge was to use "punky orange", "deep mahogany", "cyan", and "cerise". I had a hard time trying to figure out how on earth I was going to put it all together. I used white cardstock and my brand new glimmer mist in pink taffy. IRL it looks so pretty and shimmery...the photograph doesn't do it justice. The photo is cut off, but if you click on it you can see the full size.

this was a fun one to try! Glad I did!!!!

it's SMOKIN' out!!!!!!!

this past weekend was my girls' dance recital. The weekend they chose was sweltering....OMG combined with how packed that place was as well....the show was good, but my girls better appreciate us!!!!

group shot of Lex with some of the girls from her class before the show:


during dress rehearsal:







ba dee ba dee, That's alll folks!!!!

it's that time again: Dance recital!!!!!!!!

Tonight my girls have their dress rehearsal for their recital tomorrow afternoon. They have beautiful costumes, they have their dance moves down pat, and are excited about wearing that dreaded word: MAKEUP.

Last Sunday they went in for recital photos and I just wanted to share them!

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he said , she said

100_3256, originally uploaded by teenyterrors.

good morning!

just wanted to show you guys, this is a LO made for JanetB's challenge blog...the latest color combo. again, she chose colors I would never have thought of mixing together, and I absolutely love them! I used all American Crafts PP...the bookshelf line. (I know, it's oldie but a goodie!!!)

the journaling says:

He said:
he's sick of girls, mainly his sisters. But take one look and you'll usually find these 2 in cahoots with each other

she said:
boys drool! You're always tagging along, LOL with him. It totally leads one to think he is your BFF.

I took these photos of my two monkeys last week...just because watching them playing and how well they get a long DESPITE what they say about each other. It just makes me want to smack them both upside the heads when they fight and hug them for being good friends all at the same time!!!!

I really hope they remain good friends like this.


100_3234, originally uploaded by teenyterrors.

this one has a bit of a story behind it....this photo was taken last year while MIL visited. I realized that I have no photos of my kids with any of their grandmas. SO one sunday I decided to have them take one with hopes to get it scrapped...last year she went through something tough and I thought that "wow, she is handling it really well!!!".

DH told her "mom, I wanna photograph you with the kids so I can send you a picture" what a mistake. cuz #1 that put the pressure on me to get it done....she was ASKING for her darn picture, FCOL!!! and #2.....the LO wasnt for fun was an obligation. granted, she wasn't expecting a LO...just the picture but that was not my intentions in the 1st place. I was worried about my spanish as I put it off until this weekend. notice I journalled in english!!! This was my 1st LO made for someone else...DH doesnt count because he loves me and will never say anything i made for him is horrendously disastrous!!! That was also something that held me back. I *think* she loves it though....I hope so...

Fairytale come true

100_3235, originally uploaded by teenyterrors.

this one does double duty for me. nothing like a LO multi-tasking for ya. :D if you know me....I LOVE multi-tasking.

This one I did for Trish's Catnip Thread....I forgot which inspiration inspired it....:O this also uses the colors at color combos galore....I also forgot which combo....but it's pretty and NOT what I would do on my own.


100_3236, originally uploaded by teenyterrors.

it's been busy at home with family staying with that they're gone and I have NO ONE to blab and blab with I have been productive, scrappywise.

I've missed doing the color combo here is one awesomingly eye popping color combo.


100_3238, originally uploaded by teenyterrors.

this was a scrappy weekend for me. :)

I found this old photo of my older 3 terrors on Resurrection sunday of '05!!! I decided to scrap it and what the heck, use this yummy Fancy Pants paper I was hoarding...I really didnt know how to use it without messing up it's prettiness...:D