look it the new sketch and some more ramblings.


monday. again. Today has been not aggravating but not a good day either. I had a DR's appt which has left me in limbo, I don't know whether to worry, freak out, or just take it all in stride and wait to see what the other DR says. I know...the latter is the route i should take but hey. I am human. Moody...because I waited 2 hours to get crummy news I shouldve gotten in July and never did. All I wanted to see the DR was for a refill.

Anyways onto a cheerier note...school starts WEDNESDAY! the kids are nervous now because they don't know much about their teachers...and they're expecting their workload to get harder.

I also have a LO to show off...

it's for The Scrappiest...this week's sketch. and it's a good one!



My girly, Lexi.

I have to say, Liz sends us 2 sketches at a time and I can't wait to work with them. They're fabulous!!!

go check out the sketch at the link I have in my sidebar & create a lil something. I'd love to see what YOU can do with the sketch.

There is also a new Challenge blog (also on my sidebar) who has a Pre DT challenge...Today's the last day to submit for the DT. Some have been announced and some are still yet to be announced. there's a new MB there and the ladies are so very friendly! you still have time to submit a LO for the challenge...due 9/5. 

I have to go, my terrors are driving me up the wall....

Oooooo Annie Blackberry in Lippy Stores & in Lucire

Hey One & All!

I am so excited to be asked to make 300 pendants for 2 of New Zealand's coolest stores: Wild Pair and Lippy! Thank you to the team there who made me feel so welcome!

Also thanks to Jack Yan (www.jackyan.com) for writing an awesome bit about our jewellery in Lucire magazine online - http://lucire.com/2009/0820fe0.shtml (might have to cut and paste :) ). What an amazing guy! He's Australasia's leading typeface designer and is also publisher of the coolest Lucire mag which has approx 60,000 readers in NZ and approx 70,000 internationally!

Hope you like my stuff :) Just email me at annieblackberry@hotmail.com to enquire about your discounted price!

Bless you all!

Love Annie :) xxx

two chatty posts in one day?

get outta town!!!

well today we officially got the kids classroom assigments and all 3 are upset that they didnt get the teachers they had hoped for.

and they start on 9/2!!! I have to say that I am so happy that we actually found a supply list at Target this year and bought everything at the beginning of this month instead of waiting for it to come in the mail. Because....

we'd be scrambling to buy whatever was left over and feel all frazzled and pull our hair out.

saved ourselves this time, my pretties!!!

I am feeling good that yeah! the kids start sooner than we thought. and yes i know it sounds bad but mommy had them all summer long at our little shop and they are distracting!!!and noisy!!!

well...have you noticed there has been quite a bit more traffic here lately?

well, I LOVE it! I look FWD to the nice messages, they make me all giddy! LOL. I really appreciate them...and will try to respond in turn....I'm really bad with logging on.....

well....officially now...have an awesome weekend.

nothing new

there's nothing new to show off today. :(

I'm not even feeling well today, I had appts for stuff and didnt make any...and it's dreary out...not even the fact that it's friday cheers me up.

didn't scrap last night. i was so tired, the kids were misbehaving....so bad that they all got time out and Aaron almost skipped dinner. :O mommy had some mercy and just made him go straight to bed after dinner instead. Hmphh! ask him if he appreciates me and learned his lesson?????? uh that would be a big fat huge NO!

over the WE I may have to take the kids out and photograph them as well....let them all wear my obssesion....this year they finally caved and allowed us to purchase (the girls) a pair of converse!!!

man, I like these for myself!!!

the hubby didn't like them at all (he doesn't like these metallic ones either)...until I saw a pair of cute leather ones at foot locker in cream and pink and asked Annie to try them on. she loved them, end of story. we get home try them on with skinny jeans and it made hubby a believer!

see? he should not doubt my insanity and just go with it!!! LOL

these are cool, too

Nani and I both love these!!! I totally see her rockin them!

oh man....my shoe addiction's showing....huh? the bolder the better in my book!

enjoy your day. and your WE....chat more on Monday!

I wish.....

hmmm...what's a good wish? what is something you've wished for? As a kid, as you grew up...what the heck..even now as an adult...what is something you wished for? What THINGS do you wish for?


this is a challenge at AAM. their pre DT challenge. I was thinking and thinking...what approach do I take with this? I mean, I could go ultra serious and wish for a cure for uncurable (medically speaking because I KNOW there is an almighty one who can do it) disease like for say...Lupus...or MS. (My Assoc. Pastor and my cousin are affected by this disease....) or for Cancer...My MIL had it, my grandpa, my Pastor's wife is struggling. OR should I go silly like "I wish I were SKINNY!!!" LOL...which is something I think all the time...I know...the grass is always greener yadda yadda...or "I wish my kids behaved!!!" see the possiblilites here????

SO what route did I take? I went semi serious, semi from my childhood, semi dream-like...and mostly what I felt in my heart.

wanna take a look? check it!!!



My wish is to be BOLD. in life. in my art. in manner. in attitude. sing out loudly, and love freely.

I always admired bold people...who aren't afraid to speak their mind, stand up BOLDLY or even simply unafraid to say...hey I can do this. without being nervous...or feeling shy. that's my wish.

I scrapped 2 LO's last night. And man...do I have to stop...doing that makes me go to bed so late....

Unmeasured Beauty


OK...so Beauty is this week's word over at OLW...and I used a V. Salmon Sketch. it came out very different in looks from the designers...they used pretty bold patterns and papers...I just wanted to use up the stash and make my girls pop against a pretty soft background....did it work??? You tell me!!!

I have no idea if I'll get scrapping tonight. I am so sleepy, I may just do some laundry and relax...get to bed early. I have a driving lesson 1st thing, and then a Drs appt right after. I know...long busy day ahead of me.

well, take care!

get over that hump!!!!


it's Wednesday...and I'm so tired. the kids have been giving me a hard time evenings now...i guess they're kinda rebelling and think that they can out number me...

I am really trying to be tough too...I miss my DH so much. I know i sound like I'm whining...and I'll get over it and get used to him being at school nights...and know it'll allllll pay off later on for us...but why is change always so tough?

The plus side to the craziness is that I have picked up scrapping full steam ahead again...and it seems to not be enough to scrap 2 LOs a night now. Trust me...tonight I just have to be happy with one because I am dead tired...

SO wanna take a look? hmmm???

here is :

Real tough


This LO was prompted by Creative Therapy...it was last week's catalyst. I took a look last week and really wanted t o work on it but thought to myself...hey there really isn't anything HARD that I had to do or have done...and it stuck with me...

until I took my 1st driving lesson. OK, I have to tell the story...and be honest about why I was so freaked. when i got my permit my DH and I were so excited he asked if I wanted to take our Durango for a spin....and I said yeah, OK!!! well...I tapped the gas and it went flying!!! I wasnt prepared for that and saw cars coming and freaked cuz I had went into the opposing lane. Rooky mistake...I turned too much and instead of hitting the brake...in panic I hit the gas and crashed into a utility pole. to make the story short...the vehicle my family and I loved got totalled. AND I had horrible nightmares and anxiety attacks since then. Last week...I over came it and I still feel nervous about driving but feel like I overcame an obstacle I had placed for myself...I overcame fear. AND made my family so proud of me...

here I used stuff from June's IAAS KIT (I believe...it could be may) with the exception of that lace paper. I tell you, Lynn's kits rock...you should go over there and take a peeksy!!!

and here's another LO I completed last night....

it's from Ad This! I loved the ad and didnt have a chance to scrap it when the challenge came up...but saved it for now. it's cool looking....

Dream Big


the challenge was to use frames. it's an interesting look, huh???

ok...i hear some terrors crying....gotta run!!!!

geez does the WE fly by!

wow, it's Tuesday already!!!

over the WE the hubby decided to bomb the shop because for some strange reason we kept getting mosquitoes...those suckers were everywhere! I still can't explain why!!!

well, the smell was still in the shop yesterday and it got me sick. SO I went home about 2.

is it me or have the days been flying by? pretty soon my kids will be back in school, DH is already studying so pretty soon he'll have to hit the books hard...goodness gracious! I think I will have to try and appreciate each and every day to the fullest!

anyways, enough chatter...LOL...I have some stuff to show you!

these 2 got done last night.

this one is using stuff I got from a kit...at IAAS!!! (Look at my side bar for a link)

Playful Hugs


using Chatterbox paper, prima flowers...and I put my handy dandy cricut to use!!! I cut the shapes out and glittered them!!! I used blue to make them pop...I know I should've used brown because they ARE vines or stems....

this is using this week's word from OLW...I think I may be late... and this week's Ad This! challenge.

This one is again, using another IAAS kit. I am using my stash since I havent been able to purchase much lately...it's cool though becuase without new stuff I am looking through my older things to try to use. and they're getting used up!!!!

Tweet and Sassy


This is using a sketch from My sketch world. They've been having a crop that I just havent been able to keep up with...:( this month has had too many things going on for me.

I couldn't pass up working with this awesome sketch. here I used Jillibean soup papers.

I also updated this post here. just like i promised!!!

well, I have to get back to work. Hope you enjoy your day!!!!


things that make you go hmmmm.....and some news to share!!!


hope you had a great WE! I did! it was such a busy one for us, even so, it made me realize how much I miss my DH.

we were together most of the WE running around. that tired us out!

I wanted to share that I applied to be a part of a DT ....and made it!!!!

look here!!!

wow...I am amazed and humbled that I was picked. and I look fwd to working with the awesome sketches as well!!!

here's MY LO!

Lovey dovey


it's my teeniest terror and my fabulous niece, Crystal. at a BBQ, I happened to look over and caught them in their own moment. of course, mommy had to have a shot...since the camera was in hand!!!

here i used a color combo for a challenge at FH2S... the fabulous supplies are all from a kit from IAAS. Love Lynn's kits!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!

please stop by and participate over at the scrappiest!!!

WHEW!!!! I dreaded today!!!

last night I was so upset...so worried and anxious....

why? because I had an appointment to take driving lessons.

and...they went well!!! yay!!!!

wanna show you a LO I made last night for the dream girls...the white it out challenge.

here's a peek...DH is rushing to go home so I will post close ups of the pretty details on monday.

(hope you all enjoy your WE!!!)

and I leave you with this:

Finding a Look:

Finding a Look

This is my Annie bannanie, with her new do...it's been a long time coming and she's been wanting to cut it short for so long but daddy had anxieties about chopping off her glorious mane.

well...that's all in a nutshell!!!!


OK....as promised.....

an itty bitty close up:


I used the home accents cartridge to cut the flowery shape, the flourish, and the labels.

and the butterfly :


thanks once again for looking!!!


My goodness...this week has been a tough one. it turns out that I cannot fall asleep easily without the hubby in bed already.

SO...since I have been staying up late waiting for the hubby to be able to sleep in peace...I have been scrapping!!!! I can only show one LO.... and here she is:

I used this week from 52 sketches. and pretty BG paper...it's an oldie but went perfectly with the photos.

I have to run....it's been crazy busy here with the kids ...school will soon start.

IDK why this picture appears like this...I cropped it in PB and this is what keeps showing up....I'll try and fix it later

catch up.

hey peeps. this blog has been dusty and all forgotten. :(

so...how have you been? I hope all is good.

things have been interesting here. the apartment we have empty is still that...EMPTY. DH is still working on it. now he is dragging himself. you know I am so resenting that house! All because he has been there all summer long working and remodeling it...and we weren't able to do much together as a family...unless you count the days I went to help paint. The plus side to it is that he has been taking the 2 older terrors and has been teaching them a bit...in a few years my son will be able to score sheet rock and hang it. He's also learned how to unscrew stuff with a power drill.

DH started school! yep...he is well on his way to learning and he is excited! he has even told me after a few years of experience he will go to college and get a degree in designing systems....could you imagine that? I'll be Mrs. Design Engineer.

SO now my weekdays will be lonely because he will be in school til 11 at night...and getting home at midnight. IDK how things will work...but I think we should be OK.

we have been shopping for the kids as well and wow...I have to say this year we spent soooo much more than others. we have 4 kids going back to school and made sure to try and get everything...

I have a surprise threatening to come out as well...BUT I'm not sure when it's OK to share....so until I see it's OK....mum's the word. :)

just wanted to do a little post even if it's a chatty one...because my scrappy area has been collecting dust. I am prioritizing now...and weaning off stuff that wasted time.

Take care!!!

More New Season Annie Blackberry!

To order or for prices please email me: annieblackberry@hotmail.com.

Annie :) xxxx

To order or to ask questions please click on my email link or write to: annieblackberry@hotmail.com :) International orders welcome! Annie xx

and yet another....

layout I submitted to the BG gallery was posted!!!! yeah!!!!

it's the one I completed for OLW...using lollipop shoppe papers!!!!

I am thrilled!!!!

thrilled i tell ya.

I want to scrap and have some stuff together but I am so tired. My mom, hubby and sweet sister in law have all told me to get my rear to the DR to see why I am coughing so much.

seriously I need some sleep. I have been so short with the kids today. I'm going to have to make it up to them another day.

just wanted to share my itty bitty news!

take care!

lately I.....

have had the worst cough...I literally stay up really late because of all the coughing. I get out of bed to sip some tea & give DH the chance to catch some ZZZs.

horrible, right? this morning i was up til 3 am...to get up at 7 to get my AM work outs in. I really need to keep my eye on the prize and keep working at getting back to my old weight.

I have been debating on whether i should start applying for design teams again...I am starting to get back into scrapping and obsessing about it all the time. :D

SO I check out SB calls and wow...do I feel out of my league. SO I think for now I will just stick with creating for the heck of it and challenge blogs...because even if I don't win those, it's a part of playing along.

she likes action....

DH is obsessing about the new GI Joe movie...and wanted to take us except Nani to see it.

I told him I'm not into it so save the money for my ticket and just go with Annie and Aaron...who both have been showing the same enthusiasm.

So...DH asks Annie if she'd rather stay with mommy and she said nope...she wants to see the movie.

then he asks why

and she responds. "I like ACTION!!!"