fall-ing into the blog hop....

Ok, I know...that was one cheesy title!

If you're following the blog hop, you should've hopped here from Diane's blog. If not, start here and follow along! We'd love to have you join us.

Well, today marks the end of my run as a designer for Creative Charms. This doesn't mean you won't see me rock any of their fabulous products, though. I can't wait to see what the new DT has up their sleeves.

so without any further ado...here's a little something something I've created!

supplies used: PP:American Crafts, KI Memories, letter&stickers: American Crafts & Cosmo Cricket, Transparency: Hambly, Journal square: MME, Tattered angels glimmer mist, Martha Stewart butterfly punch, Fiskars border punch, Flowers, gems: Creative charms

How many CC goodies can you spot in this layout?

How about this card I made? The base was a random Tag I got......

supplies used: Tag: unknown, PP: My Little Shoebox, Tickets: Tim Holtz, punch:Martha Stewart, Pearls & Ribbon: Creative Charms, Letter Stickers: My Little Shoebox & cosmo Cricket, Glimmer Mist

So tell me what your fave CC product is....and maybe I'll pick one comment to win a RAK.(sorry, but I'll only ship in the continental US...) I will get together a RAK of CC goodies and who knows what else will get thrown in! If you leave a comment on everyone's blog, Midori will pop into each and pick a random comment to also win a small goody. This increases your chances to win something!

The main prize will be the November Kit and Deal of the Month. Also, you fabulous blog hoppers will have an early peek at the kits. Excited yet?

Now to keep on hopping, Laura's your next stop.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

For Those 24 Hours Days...

Help me say farewell!

My time is coming to an end with Creative Charms. :(

They were really a fun and inspirational place to create for, and honestly, if it weren't for them I'd probably have stopped scrapping....

The products are all fun to use, they can be incorporated in anything! They will always have a fan here!

Tomorrow there's going to be a farewell type of blog hop....where you can go to all of the designers' blogs. It'll start tomorrow at 9AM...and I hope to see you here. :)

I have some sneaky peeks.... of course! You know how excited I get about creating.

so....will you come back to help say farewell??????

cuppy cakes....

recipe from: Your Cup of Cake. gotta give credit where it's due!

It's the middle of the week! I'm sooo ready for Friday to come and go because I am EXHAUSTED! Tonight we have family night at church and my hubby has been up to his little tricks in the kitchen and baking! yes, knowing that I am trying to watch what I eat. I've shown incredible will power, though.

He made those yummy cupcakes pictured above...yes...I had one.... and baked some chocolate oreo cupcakes for our classes tonight. My students love my hubby because he's always baking and sharing. :) He's pretty talented in the baking dept. It also helps that he's discovered the world of baking blogs! Yes! Now he gets why I can spend hours reading all different blogs. :D

Ask me tomorrow if I was able to resist those yummy looking oreo cupcakes tonight......


Wear Your Favourite Book!

just glamorous!

Hello, how's Tuesday been treating you? I don't know about you, but I am exhausted! I need a monster or a red bull...LOL....really, I don't use those for energy, because I don't like the crash, but a lady's desperate here!

Yesterday my beloved & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. :) My hubby surprised me. He got me a beautiful bouquet of my fave flowers in the whole world: Lilies! The florist was shocked because she figured roses...but he said "my wife likes roses, but  L-o-v-e-s  Lilies." Wow...this bouquet was huge...and the lady arranged it sooooo beautifully. I didn't want to take them out of the pretty wrapping she encased them in. :D

I have more pictures but didn't want to bombard the post with pictures of my beautiful bouquet...&& you can't see it, but there's some yummy smelling eucalyptus. Yes, with my sickies going away, that smell was sooo soothing.

Okay, what the heck....let me just pop in another shot...I'm telling you, this thing is huge, you can't get all the deets in  one shot!

This is my fave shade of pink...those poor pink lilies have gotten some abuse! Teeniest terror's nose cannot resist flowers. the girl even sniffs the fake ones. SO imagine her little face, her hands, all up on the petals trying to get a good whiff! :/

This AM we had to get up early for picture day. Lexi didn't want her hair straightened. Oh, no. She couldn't make things easy for me...but I can't blame her, I always straighten her hair. She wanted me to curl it. Yes...curl it using heat so she wouldn't frizz up. SO the girls got to school late because it took me a looooong time to get all of their wigs done up. I don't even have after pix...:(  DH took these pix as I bounced between the 3 girls, trying to maximize what time I DIDN'T have.

well...I do have my camera handy...hopefully they look as glamorous when they get back. Who's going to hold their breath for me?


Rockin' Rio

think pink....

Just had to copy and paste this email I got from Midori@ Creative Charms. The reason behind this kit is so touching, please read and if you can, purchase a kit.

Hello Everyone – for the rest of this month, all net proceeds from all web sales are going to be donated to the Susan Koman Foundation in Chris Hertel’s name. We are also featuring a pink kit that we have been fondly calling Chris’ Kit.
Chris worked very closely with us here at Creative Charms. She designed our catalog, created our logos and all the new packaging and anything else we could come up with for her to create. This past July she lost her battle with breast cancer. She left behind a husband and two children. Their wish (and hers) is the find a cure to this disease so that families will no longer have to lose their wives, mothers and daughters to this horrible disease.

Isn't this kit so beautiful?

Chris’ Kit – 57 Pieces- $9.99 (Regular Price $23.21)

· Pink 3D Sparkly Butterfly Garden Brads – 12 Pieces
· Pink Sunflowers – 4 Pieces
· Violet Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Pink Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· White with Pink Sparkled Flowers – 6 Pieces
· Pink Sparked Butterflies – 2 Pieces
· Pink Sequin and Felt Flowers – 3 Pieces
·          Pink Sheer Flowers – 6 Pieces

Oh, Friday! You are sooo Fabulous!

Hey all you fabulous bloggy peeps!

Now I wish you all had the same mental image I have in mind as I type my greeting!!! Especially the F- word! "Fabulous" at my house gets a whole lotta girly fun sassy attitude when said. Especially when it's my teeniest terror, Nani, saying it!

 In order for you to actually get how "Fabulously Fabulous" Nani says the word...I may need to get her on video saying it in a-l-l of her "Fabulous fabulocity"! You'd immediately smile, strike a pose with her, and then ask me if that child really is 6....or a 30 year old in a 6 year old body! LOL!!!! Her Fabulicious-ness is sooo contagious.

yes, this girl is HARD to resist!

I'm so looking fwd to the weekend. This week I've been sick and lost my voice...and going to work like this. Yep...answering calls, taking care of customers....all with only squeaks coming out. :(

Hopefully, this weekend, I can be quiety productive....or just get some rest so that I can feel 1000% better.

I got some awesome news for you!

Check it out, HERE!

So what do you think?

Fabulous Fall Monday?

Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a great weekend. :)

Ours was good. Yesterday was a bit sad, my mother in law is going back to Puerto Rico...and add 2 of us not feeling well...but all in all we can't complain. We just got into our jammies after Church.

My sweet Anaïs had an awesome birthday! Saturday she had friends over and had a great time. We did, too. The house wasn't overly rowdy/noisy as I'd thought. We kept checking in on the girls to make sure they were OK...they were quietly playing!

sorry for the blurry photo....

I have some sneaks for you to take a look at...and if you want to head on over to the Creative Charms blog, you can see the layout and card I made with the Oct. kit.

yes, I used up some lily bee stash, the stickers, the paper, and even a tag....I used my cricut, as well, to cut out the leaves. The best part? Most of the paper used in my projects were scraps! woooo hooo!

I'd like to extend a congrats to the new DT over at Creative Charms. You can see the announcement here! CC is an awesome company to design for. Their products are sooo inspiring and so easy to work with. You can't help but create! There's going to be a farewell blog hop, I hope you can stop by!

Also....I've decided that maybe I shouldn't retire from scrapping just yet...thanks to my girls and an awesome young lady who were very persuasive in their arguments. LOL.  (thanks, Yaya!) I'm not sure how I'll squeeze it all in....but I think my kids will give me some inspiration!

Have an awesome Monday!

That's why I love you....

Hey again! Today's a happy day, in spite of drizzly/rainy weather...very little sleep, and an early day! Can you guess why? Because today's my sweet baby's 9th birthday!
I've made her a card...she specifically requested one. Complete with pretty pastels, distressing, punching, inking, misting, blinging....I went with many techniques.

We've went and bought her things off her list that we thought she really wanted. Like those Clarice Bean books she'd been eyeing at Barnes & Noble. That Barbie Jeep that came with Ken & Barbie with an extra outfit for Ken. Oh boy...she gets to strip Ken down this time instead of Barbie...She's gotten blessed because daddy found a pretty lalaloopsy doll at ToysRus.... This girl's such a joy to have in our lives. Why? Because the simplest things make her so happy. She made us a list of her must haves and kept it so simple...and pretty short. She wanted to share cupcakes and be around her Church family, she wanted her mommy to make her a birthday card.

so.....how do I love thee, silly Milly? (that's an insider which I have promised to keep mum) Oh let me count the ways:

1) I love how you always hug and kiss! Yes, everyone gets an amazing Anaïs hug when she spots them. But mommy....oh, mommy gets the special cuddles complete with the heartfelt "I love you soooo much!"

2) You're content! Any little thing makes you happy. It's easy to make your pretty little face light up with a smile. Having someone who's so easy-going is a cute little reminder to take things slowly and enjoy the little things!

3) You're sooo good with numbers. Yep, my future mathematician/accountant. I call you the human calculator.

4) You're such a sensitive soul. Yes...this means your feelings get hurt a-LOT....and that means that I have to comfort you...but it also means that you see when someone needs help a little quicker than someone else would, you show compassion and empathy easier than others. To me, that's a beautiful quality!

5) You're a lover of all things purple! I can't blame you, that color comes in so many different pretty shades that look so awesome with those velvety chocolate brown eyes of yours. I think you may have converted me!

6) You're agile. Yes...for a teeny one, you're good with athletics. You can do a mean split! You love to dance, climb, RUN...OMG are you swift!

7) You love to sing. So much, in fact, that I call you my little song bird.

8) You're artsy. You love to make things.

9) You like to try new things. Yep...mommy makes a new type of food...or I introduce a new veggie...you try it at least once before you make any decisions on it. My little culinary dare devil, you!

As I await my birthday munchkin's return from school, I hope she's having a great day!


Just Thoughts

Our thoughts are powerful and require great self control. If we allow them to run rampant, focusing on things that lead us away from God, then we will wind up at a destination we would never deliberately choose.

These words hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don't think it's a secret that I subscribe to a lot of things that get sent into my inbox.

from things that are shopping related (I promise you...I don't go shopping very often! I just like to see what's new) to daily devotionals, things scrappy related. Yes. These past few days the scrappy related emails were annoying to me. All because I felt such a heavy pessimism in regards to it.

Lets face it, those pessimistic feelings started to creep into everything.
And then popping in to check my email wasn't as fun...so I let everything accumulate.

Today I started going through them, looking through the shopping emails first. Gotta love that coupon they send...or the new arrivals! Which I always never go for....because it pains me to pay full price on an item of clothing to then see them marked down considerably a month or 2 from the date of purchase. Almost makes me feel "ripped off".

Then I got to the devo's. They were like little pebbles hitting water....

and then this: Your thoughts have Wheels....

I'm so guilty of letting my thoughts wander off to places they shouldn't go. I've been fighting for a bit to help cheer someone up who's close to me...and in my effort to give them great cheer and getting no where, I wasn't guarding my thoughts. Hmmm...

It leads me to this:

Our thoughts really do have wheels. Where are your thoughts taking you today?


I find it with you....

hey there. you may have seen this layout before....or maybe you havent.

it was in the sept. 2011 pagemaps. i couldn't help but use some bling from creative charms...you know how i love bling.

i couldn't help but using this old lily bee. don't you think the pretty colors complement my gorgeous girls?

hmmm...i'm still undecided about whether or not i should continue scrapping. there's so many things going on that need my attention, but seeing photos like this one really makes me sad that they won't get the attention they'd get if i scrapped them.

plus...the teenyterrors are so bummed...

maybe i should go somewhere that has pretty colors and patterns...maybe then i'd feel inspired and not so down about scrapping.

where do you go that makes your eyes delight?

October Creative Charms kits!

It's time for October's reveal! ready to take a peek? Want a chance to win some CC goodies?  There is a giveaway of the Kit of the Month. All your followers have to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog posting :Happy October!

October Kit of the Month – 102 Pieces - $14.99
· Fall Seasonal Sparklers – 21 Pieces
· Halloween Vintage Metal Frames – 6 Pieces
· Halloween Twinkle Stickers – 12 Pieces
· Orange Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Orange Groovy Petal Medley – 8 Pieces
· Purple Sparkled Flowers – 6 Pieces
· Purple Itsy Glitsy – 45 Pieces

October Deal of the Month – 244 Pieces - $6.99
· Fall Medley – 14 Pieces
· Purple Pure Blossoms – 14 Pieces
· Orange 3D Sparkly Garden Butterfly Medley – 12 Pieces
· Black Fancy Polka Dot Brads – 4 Pieces
· Purple Twinkle Gems – 12 Pieces
· Amber Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Violet Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Purple Gradient Gem Brads – 12 Pieces
· Purple Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
· Amber Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces

Thanks for stopping by!