Thomas, Art Deco Lego Necklace, Dodge Super Bee

See Annie Blackberry in this month's World Sweet World mag!

Hello dear friends and AB supporters!

The magnificent and cool arty crafty magazine 'World Sweet World' (go to to see about their mag) has asked to feature an Annie Blackberry necklace - I'm so excited! So thanks WSW. It has so many cool projects that you can do yourself too :)

Just a reminder that you can get Annie Blackberry from:

Trade Me - (just type in Annie Blackberry)
Etch here in Tauranga
Tres Chic also here in Tauranga
Deja Vu in Gore, Invercargill
Toggle NZ Crafts website -

OR direct from my by clicking on the email link - there is a 10% discount for contacting me directly if you mention this.

I've been quite sick this last week so have been pining for my new workship in the garage - got a whole lot of cool retro barrel jars with orange lids and plastic fruit shaped containers to put everything in.

I have 3 special THUNDERBIRDS bobblehead vintage doll necklaces coming out shortly. There are only 3 so please tell me now if you would like to reserve one. They will be $70 each because of their rarity (and coolness!!) One is more worn and a olittle chipped - this will be $60.

I hope you are having a lovely day,

Annie xxxx

it's been a while!


yes, it's been a while since I've posted anything. My mom is in NY from Florida and I have been spending every available second with her. She's visiting with baby sis now and will be back in my custody (LOL!!!) by Sunday!!! Hee hee!!!

SOOO I my user profile photo is actually the first I have of me with my new "do". I am loving how short it is....I feel free!!!! LOL!!!!!

here's what I worked on last night. I really missed scrapping!!!! :(

Daddy's angels

it's for a color combo challenge and a pencil line sketch. My 3 girls...but they're mainly daddy's angels!!! I used a cool quote. click on it for a closer look. :)

I started my night job, and it seems to be cool. the people are really nice.



My Life's many dreams


It's thursday and I tell you it's been a LOOOOONG week. I havent been in the mood to scrap much and you can tell...only 2 LOs this week.

SOOOO...this LO was created for 3 is a sketch from Pencilline, this week's sketch is awesome as always. Then I used this week's color combo challenge. Had to wait a bit for it but it was well worth the wait, the colors are AWESOME and SOOOOO not what I would mix together. You know I'll be using them again! I also made it for so tell me your story had to journal about 10 things you'd like to accomplish in your lifetime. I have to say DH LOL'd at me...yeah, I know I am very silly at times.

so here, without further ado.

my lifes many dreams

what do you think???


Happy Tuesday!

Guess what I did????

Last night the girls and I had a hair appointment and we chopped off our long manes!!! I havent gotten a picture of it yet...well, I got one fo the girls on my phone! They look adorable.

My new look is drastic. but I like it.

I completed this LO last night for Allyscraps. there's a scraplift chain and I got to lift Susan.


Mz Lexi. I love this photo of her sooo much I may scrap it again. whattaya think???

Toggle and New Jewels

One of my most popular figures are the
*scary* Tusken Raiders (below).

Der shorwa iz an ooooglyyyyyy face unda dat hood :)

I am am excited to announce that Annie Blackberry has been accepted for! Thanks Toggle! This is a NZ website that handpicks the nest of NZ's artists and crafters to sell their wares both here and overseas. It's so cool. The co-manager of Toggle actually makes large chain necklaces from wool - love it! And there's lot of unique and handmade homeware, clothing, accessories and jewellery.

Creed, the WINNER, and more.....


I am sooo ready for the weekend....even if it means cleaning up after the tornados in my life!!!!!

well, a new BOM prompt is up at Allyscraps. we had to do it on faith.

here's mine:


it seems like I have gotten concieted in my scrapping and only scrapping about myself lately! SOOOO not my fault! I keep finding these challenge blogs and they're mainly AAM...I promise, my next LO's will be all about the terrors!

well...maybe 2 more AAM LO's and then the kids get the spotlight again. :D

well, did you guys see the final SYTYCD show???? it was packed full of stuff...I was glued to my seat for almost 2 hours! I am sooo glad Joshua won!

I told you guys about a new job, right? well, orientation starts next friday for me! this may be my last week to get scrappy stuff done.....I may not be able to fit too many LO's in anymore.

no greater love

hey once again!

I'm home and got something scrappy on.

I made a LO for Creative Therapy, their latest catalyst is to document what your first memory of love is. then I used a sketch from gettinsketchy. I shrinked it down to fit my AAM album.

no greater love

Okay, so my first memory of real love is as found in my journaling:

as a child every Good Friday the family would go to church to hear preaching on Jesus' last 7 words. My sister and I would cry and mourn over how those people could be so mean and hurt our sweet Jesus. Dad would try & explain how it had to be done. I know my parents love me, but I think the Love that has impacted me the most was Christ's love. He gave up his life for me, someone I can't see or feel. I could just feel how much he loves me.

Grand Finale and other TV schtuff!

If you know me, you know I LOVE So You Think You can Dance!!!!!

Yesterday was the public's last opportunity to vote for their fave dancer. I have to admit, this season I did NOT vote at all....but I am pretty happy with who's been left to be the top 4.

I think it's a nail biter...I honestly do NOT know who's going to win.


who do you think will win?

ok, I have stated how much I hate reality be clearer...I hate celebrity reality TV...I know that's NOT how they really act at home...I really don't care about them...I just watch the show/TV and go on with my life. I'm not one of those people who HAVE to buy and read all those dumb gossip magazines just to be on top of all the latest news...come life is busy enough as is.

SO one day I happened to be flicking through channels and saw that Tori and Dean had their own show and rolled my eyes. BUT then something happened & I just kept watching....and I hate to admit it...I am now hooked.

OK, I wont stay up to watch it, so I Tivo it....


I took this off their site....LOL.

Preciosa {beautiful}

hi, and happy Wednesday!!!!!

It's mid-week and you know what that means! Tonight I guess is the finale show for So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!!

don't ask how I did it, but last night I did laundry, cooked dinner, watched "Daddy's little girls" (awesome, BTW!!!) and scrapped!!!!

I just had to do a LO using this week's sketch by Pencil lines! I had a Bea-oooooo-ti-ful subject to scrap, My little Nani-licious. :)

preciosa {beautiful}

That's what girls do


well, I have a nice long list of challenges I'd like to complete...and when weeks like this happens I really wish I was a SAHM again, so that way I had time to get the house clean, cook, and then play with my scrappy stuff instead of going to work, being there from 9-5 and then coming home to do a trillion things at once before bed time....not that I am complaining...I am truly blessed to be able to work with my husband and be able to have my kids with's just that thing of "the grass is greener on the other side" business.

SOOOO I got this number done last night while watching wrestling.

you can click on the link for the whole she-bang

thats what girls do

I used this week's color combo. which was challenging for me...LOL. Then I used Deb's august 1st sketch yet again. Can ya tell I LOVED it?

he's soooo smiley

hello, hello!

WELL, it's Sunday. I had one of my headaches again today, while at church. It was so hard trying to act normal and push the thoughts of that throbbing away. Got home, put 2 loads in to wash, folded 2 loads, started dinner, and took a nap. SO I am wide awake now debating whether or not I should start scrapping.

I have older photos of the kids...some of which the subjects are adorable, but the photos crappy...I scrapped Aaron last night after we came home from seeing my sister and her family. Today's Brandon's bday. :)

so, this is:

Picture 002

my baby boy, at right before turning a year. going through those old photos made me miss him sooo much. now that he's nine it's sooo different, he no longer depends on me for everything & thinks I am the best thing God created. Now I am the nag who ruins the party. :( I know he'll come around and regard me how he once did....but not any time soon. Maybe when he becomes a dad and will understand why mom is such a PITB

this i made for Debbie's sketch at allyscraps. also for random chaos. you needed to describe a person using one word. Smiley is what i used for him. because no matter what he was almost always smiling. such an easy going little boy.

More Annie Blackberry....


Wow! Another awesome week of getting my jewellery out there -- thanks to you guys! Thanks to Etch, Deja Vu, Tres Chic, Naturally For You, Niki at Uncle Blackbeetle's, Kylie Sanders, Andrew Killick, Sarah Riggir, Anna Spanner, Emma and Joy Pratt, My family - The Sjardin's and all my friends and family for making me me feel so positive about my jewellery and for encouraging me in this venture. Thank you to all my wonderful customers :) I hope AB put a smile on your face - and on somebody else's :)

Here are some more pics of stuff I've been selling or have sold or are for sale.

Just email me for any orders or queries.