back to reality

I promise you I havent fallen off the face of the Earth...I just havent had much to say or much time. Things have been extremely crazy. we still have that rental property from heck...2 tenants moved out and left it sooooo horrible. DH has been there every spare basically I have been holding down the fort as best I can at work, home, etc.

We finally have 2 new tenants, the Apts are almost done and I am grateful for friends who extend a helpful hand when they get nothing but our gratitude in return. {{{Eric & Astrid}}} These are definately friends to keep around because they only have good intentions.

SO what have I been up to in between all the craziness?

using Feb Passion Kit from SFTIO

using buzz and bloom

for the scrappiest:

close up for tomorrow's reveal of April FEMININITY kit at SFTIO. Loving that kit!!!!

Not as much scrapping as I had hoped. But maybe now with things [possibly] slowing down, maybe I'll have some more scrappy me time. :)

cross fingers for me.

What I've Been Doing Lately...

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Annie xxx

YouTube - Jimmy Needham - Forgiven and Loved

YouTube - Jimmy Needham - Forgiven and Loved

I love this song

the bright side

hello. over at SFTIO there's a thread Rita starts called Thankful Thursday.  I have lots to be thankful for.

here's a layout once again using the nostalgia kit. I never thought that I'd scrap photos of me looking like this. This photo was taken shortly after I got sick. I was on steriods, chemo, and countless other medication which had horrible side effects.
Before all of this happened I used to think that my hubby was only with me because I was the mother of his kids...IDK why I doubted him. But I did. He showed me how much he cared and I saw what my worth to him truly was while I was in the hospital. I could see how devastated he was to see me in the condition I was in. He'd go in to work for a couple of hours, clear the schedule and spend the rest of the day at the hospital. the 1st couple of nights he'd even sleep in the room with me, until the nurses caught wind and kicked him out. After that when he saw I worried about how the kids reacted, he tried his hardest to balance it all...his visits with me, being with the kids after school and at night. Arianna was only 6 weeks old, so he'd have her sleep on my side of the a comfort to both himself and her.

SO while I went though that, there was a bright side. My looks changed dramatically. I am now longer skinny and eyecatching LOL. But I know my worth.

Last night the hubby skipped school to spend the evening with us. we went to rita's for ice cream before he left for school..we drove back to work to pick up our other vehicle and went our separate ways...and I think I looked pitiful as I drove by him, waving. 5 mins later he arrived at the house asking the kids to go into the jeep...we went here:

of course I have photos of the kids playing in the playground...but I havent done any editing....we took a bazillion photos.

SO I have lots to be thankful for. How about you?

Chasing the Ghost

I was just watching Chasing the Ghost - the doco that Paul Holmes made about the P (Methamphetamine) epidemic in NZ and the world. I just can't help but feel that this is one of the biggest scourges of our time - it truly is everywhere - in every layer of society and in every people group. I was just thinking how rehab helps about 3% of people come off the drug permanently and thought about why that figure was so low. I really and truly think that people need to get better FOR something because they obviously wanted to escape from something in the first place. If the goal is only to come off the drug then what happens after that?

We need something to live for, I mean really REALLY live for. What is it you live for? Is it healthy? Will it lead you to good places?

I don't go to church and for that I have been harshly judged. But I do believe there is one Person in this universe who won't stop giving up on us. I am a living testament to that fact.

If you need help PLEASE contact the Salvation Army - they have a great programme called The Bridge. A friend has been there and managed amazingly to kick her addiction. The road is so so so tough but you will find answers if you keep travelling along it. It's a narrow, crooked and stony path but it leads to your salvation.

Love Annie xxx

sometimes surprises are good!


I hope you all have been enjoying a beautiful afternoon. we had such a bright sunny day...I even took a walk after work with the kids to broadway.

today I got a little surprise at work to make my day a little brighter. :)

I hate to admit this, but I have been going through so much stress with family situations occuring, my kids and being home alone with them nights, things not working out for me all made me crack last night....and I called the hubby in tears.

I love my hubby!

do you remember?

last month i was feeling really wistful going through old photos...and I thought "wow, I don't remember much of the family gatherings"...(I've been told there were many!) and it made me sad. :(

here I was a bit heavy handed with the distressing. I did some embossiing as well, this was my very first time and all. :)

I don't even know how old I was here...and the cousins featured in here I havent seen personally in such a long time. But I have them as facebook friends, at least so I won't complain.

I don't feel very chatty today, but I wanted to share something I read in an email...and that i needed to read.

I get the emails from here: Brave Girls.

No papers were distressed during the process.....


It was such a long weekend. :( please keep my family in prayer if you are a praying type of person. I got some news that wasnt the greatest and well...still trying to help and cope with it all. is a new sketch up over at the scrappiest. This week's sketch is so clean looking (to me) and I loved it because it doesnt look like anything I would come up with on my own. :)

I was surprised to not find anything distressed when I was done. You know how crazy I get with junking up paper. I did do some inking, however. LOL!

I am using up my stash here....these are very old chatterbox papers...I LOVED them when i first started scrapping and tried to buy up all I could find. I have quite the's embarassing!  The papers scream out spring to me...but I wanted these colors for the stark pictures.  

hope you like it...go check out what the DT has put together using the sketch, and please play along!


mothers pride....

.....from Ruby age 10
....from George age 4
How lovely,the result of much busy-ness in Rubys room on Saturday! Dear Ruby-she is such a kind girl,so patient with little George & his boyish behaviour,she even let him loose on her felt tips!I wanted to blog tonight,but now I'm here I find words fail me,so I think bed & poor neglected Jane Eyre may be of more benefit to my weary carcass.Goodnight.X

Life happens, Love Fades, Lesson Learned


This week has been a crazy one for me, been swamped with work and it's been giving me headaches.
I've been on top of the kids more: on them about HW, chores, and listening. Not having DH around nights is tough with 3 kids in school needing help...I can just imagine how hard it'll be when teeniest terror starts getting HW as well.

I have a layout to show you:

Another Nostalgia Kit layout. I can't say it enough, I love the bright whimsical sunshine poured in on paper. Cool die cuts, paper flowers, twine....OMG. Seriously, IDK how Rachel and Nancy come up with these awesome combos. The only thing not included in the kit were the chipboard letters from buzz and bloom.

In the photos are my parents. I finally got the courage to ask my mom about how she and my dad met. I had my suspicions but I wanted to hear the story, and know what happened. mom was in Highschool...and during the summer had a summer job through the school. as she walked home, she'd see my dad drive by. He'd wave, say hello, try to start up conversation . They knew each other because they were neighbors. And he was married.

He tried everything to charm her....and she'd resist knowing he had a family. He'd tell her he was miserable. she'd ask "then why are you still married?" he'd answer he loved his daughters. and then try to give my mom his digits so she can call. she'd refuse, but he'd make sure she take it and when she did to appease him, she'd go home and rip it up. She then tried to avoid seeing him....until one day he caught her off guard.

well, long story short, she caved in. one of her brothers saw them together, told my grandparents, and then his wife found out and more events pushed them together. I know my dad...he has that one track mind in which he HAS to get what he wants and pursues. And he chased so hard after my mom, made a family, and was happy, until someone else caught his eye and he was done with my mom....and us.

My mom has her regrets. and she asked me not to share her story with my daughters. BUT I understand her. She was 15/16, so sheltered. He was married, in his 20's, experienced, charming, persistant. He knew what he was doing. Once she came to know the Lord, she asked for forgiveness and my sisters told her there was nothing to forgive. The lesson I learned from my parents was a difficult one, and to this day I still see the effects.

 I am blessed enough now to have the hubby that I do  to show me that love isn't selfish, isn't all about "me", but about the person you love. Joy in a marriage doesn't have strings attached. it isn't fleeting. And I hope that my children never have to go through what I did as a child...seeing their family torn apart.

scrap, scrap, scrap

I wish I were scrapping all weekend. I think it would've gone better for me. LOL

I have a LO here using the new sketch up over at the scrappiest. Check out the sketch and participate, there will be 2 winners this month!!! The sketch is awesome as usual, so what are you waitimg for?

oh yeah, to see my layout, right??? LOL

Once again, I used the remains of my Nostalgia kit from SFTIO. I thought it went perfectly. :)
My DD is shown here wearing her papa's treasured 30th year ring. The MTA gives awards out for safe driving and this was the last ring he got from them....because he retired shortly after.

One day he mistakenly put the ring on the wrong finger and it was too tight. his finger started changing colors and my hubby had to cut the ring off. Since then, papa has been looking to get it fixed and he finally shipped it out to us because DH made a service trip to a new jeweler in town whose work was outstanding....and here is teeniest terror...unable to resist blingage. LOL  Had to commemorate it.

roll up,roll up....

....well,things are coming along very nicely at the emporium-much of my week has been spent there in the company of paint tins & some of  the 'lost wooden souls',which have congregated there!I am not usually a hands on type of gal' when it comes to encounters of the DIY kind! We operate on a fairly traditional basis in the paperdolly household when it comes to chores,sorry my feminist sisters but I like a man-who-can,I am happy to forgoe the glory of putting up shelves & hanging pictures-because-well,I simply can't be bothered! I am not adverse though to a little light painting & the little shop is so deserving of her new coat(s)-3 of them!-that I cannot begrudge getting my hands dirty for a change,however I can find no joy amongst the shelves of B&Q & I am SO tired of wearing my 'painting clothes' EVERY day-grrrr! A little light relief came my way on Friday morning the wall paper I ordered was ready to collect from that other well known DIY store-you know it-Cath Kidston.....   
....what?Well it sells wallpaper doesn't it! So me & mama went on an early morning jolly to St Ives to collect 2 rolls of happiness-be patient I will show you the happy in a moment-this is the sneaky photo I took with my spy camera,so that Mr M can whip me up some card racks just like these! We were very controlled & looked only with our eyes-coming away with just the paper & some fabric for mamas lovely creations (available soon!)-oh & a head full of ideas of course! It really was the most glorious of days outside,a day when you can see Cornwall through the eyes of a tourist & wonder at its beauty,then feel blessed indeed that you are part of it & it part of you.....
....St Ives is where my parents met,way back when...ahhh! Back then mama looked like a pretty Beatnik girl,tiny as a bird in her homemade micro-mini skirts,knee socks & clogs-clip clopping along the cobbles,dad was a handsome brooding brute with side burns & a roll-up! Nostalgia for mama & me,St Ives is where I went to secondary school-the branch line along the coast was my daily commute,not that I spent much time looking out of the window back then-too busy giggling or reading my Smash Hits magazine! Soon it will be claimed by the tourists again.... looks better than it tastes I find! Ok its now Sunday morning I have been up since 6.30,thanks to a very enthusiastic 4 year old boy who embraces every morning of every day as only a 4 year old can! I feel a cold coming on,I am trying to pretend it isn't but I feel a little wonky-please forgive my wobbly blog ramblings-what I really wanted to show & tell was what Mr Ms mum got up to yesterday with the rolls of happiness...

.....Isn't she clever,not an easy space to paper with that arch & with the added pressure of using paper from heaven & a perfectionist daughter in law,no pressure then!I stayed away-(afraid I might get my hands dirty!),until I could stay away no longer.....
....oh lovely shop,your new clothes suit you so well-many happy hours will I sit & smile at the loveliness! Thankyou S.x....
....Mr M is headed off to the circus now to do a bit more hands on,so I can continue weilding my paint brush next week-tissue in hand I fear,sneeze...sniff...In the meantime I must climb a mountain of washing & then tackle the tip that was once my home...
P.S-I forgot the most important bit,the shop has a name-'fine & dandy',I hope you approve-If you are a facebooker please feel free to be a fine & dandy fan!x


..I am tired and it's too early to go to bed.....

yeah, almost 10:30.

I wanted to post something and well...decide dto post on one of my all time fave things:


I used to get tons of catalogs from Dept stores mailed to my house...and little by little they have dwindled since well...I haven't been shooping. Even though I need to.....

SO I opened up the little clearance ones that aerosoles sent me...I think their shoes are comfy! Some look a bit grandmama-ish....but they have a couple that are CUTE!

they look like I'd be able to chase after terrors in them alll day long. LOL

I love the colors!!! Though I am iffy on the pattern...looks a bit like curtains to me....right???? I love wearing skirts in this shape, though. especially in the summer. I dress them down with a crisp tee and flats for work.

OK, mama loves this suit. BUT the sistahs won't get much support in's the curse of being bountiful and plentiful in that area. :/

well...I can barely keep my eyes open, and DH is home EARLY!!! YAY! off to bed, my friends. Nite nite!

what is your personality????

if you're anything like me, your first thought would be schitzo. I am so different and can vary from one extreme to the other....and like so many different scares me sometimes.

SO when the new prompt over at AAM was scared the bejeebies out of me...what if I can't be classified? :O

SO well...I took 3 tests and was surprised and had some ah ha! moments. LOL.

here I used left overs from the Nostalgia kit from SFTIO. gotta love that I have extras after completing my projects.

I also used the sketch....go check out what my fellow DT memebers made...all very beautiful work!

ALSO...check out brand new products being offerd by BUZZ&BLOOM!!!!! woo hooo....cannot wait to get my hands on them!!! YAY!!!!

this one's a keeper!!!!

yep, talking about my man. my babez.

he knew that today I was running on fumes. I havent been feeling myself and was just soooo fatigued with my joints killing me. so what does he do? he goes home to start cooking dinner so when we got home, we'd have dinner ready and all I needed to do was get the kids ready for tomorrow.

sweet, huh?

then he called to check up on me. he worries so much.

well, i have some more passion layouts to show you, and then the first MARCH NOSTALGIA. ready?

just a layout documenting how after being married, having kids, battling with, self image, etc, how my hubby still sees me as the hottest chick ever. he sees past the scars, the losing battle I have with myself and sees sheer perfection. now if that isnt passion, IDK what is.

the journaling pretty much says it all. Motherhood has awakened a deep emotion in that I thought I could never feel so strongly


the first LO created for Nostalgia.

Boy did I battle

because I did have very many happy memories

very good people in my life to help me through

BUT these are the days I long for:

These Sunny Days.

times in which I had a whole family, days in which we all got together for parties, happy fun times. where my mom smiled so much more and had very little worries. when my parents could stand to be in the same room. I'm still a bit of a daddy's girl...not as bad as my sister...but there's proof right here...he was my hero.

well, i have to get cracking peeps...I know 2 posts in one special, right?

take a seat...

....well,you couldn't write it! Dear reader I think I have a stalker,now don't be alarmed,don't be concerned for my welfare-this is not your usual kind of creepy raincoat wearer,truth be known I am not sure of my 'fans' identity,but I am sure they have my best interests at heart! I have little to go on,all I know is my 'friend' has noted my magpie tendancies,my weakness for giving a home to little lost souls,they are pre-empting my movements & setting tempting little traps for me to happen upon. In common with the previous 2 'stumbled-upons' (see Lost & Found & Pull up a Chair),todays was a wooden roadside rescue,but with the addition of a note-a little lacking in detail,hastily scribbled out,but it gets the point could I refuse?

....well,I couldn't could I......
....I had a couple of other finds today,these weren't for free,but hey they were happy making bargains all the same...a brand new pair of Schuh shoes fom the charity shop for £7-green shoes-round toe shoes-ankle strap shoes-Schuh shoes...then just next door in Peacocks window I spyed some red & some spots-a very Cath Kidston-esque red spotty scarf for £6-oh I'm such a simple soul,easily pleased....


really...not just another manic monday....

wow...have I got photos to show you....too bad I left my camera at home. I couldn't risk bringing unneccessary (yes, I just said that....the blasphemy!) extras with me because of the HUGE snow walls on the street.

the kids have no school today because of the power outages and because of lack of transportation. my guess is that the bus companies havent been able to unearth their fleets of busses.

and yes, you read correctly. Power outage. throughout the whole county. Because of the tremendous amounts of snow we got. And they're announcing more on the way. OH. EM. Gee!!!

I'm finally back at has been crazy here today. And I am so exhausted. I have zero energy. SO maybe tonight I will do the unexpected from me. Go to bed early. LOL. You guys have no idea....I ALWAYS stay up late. even if I am's like my mind fights sleep. even though I need it.

There's a reveal over at SFTIO for March's theme....and kit. NOSTALGIA. yep.

but I have no photos here at work. They're all at home on the lap top. the sneaky peekies, too. So sad I didnt get to post them. :(

OK...well. I need to get back to moving around or risk falling asleep at the desk. :sigh: I wanna go HOOOOOOME.