New shoes,blue shoes.....

.......... these are the most perfect shoes I have ever seen! My mama bought them when she was in her 20s and a shoe shop was closing down,me and my sister were but a twinkle in her eye,she just bought them because she loved them! They are Start-rite and as mama says,like the Royal children used to wear,I can just imagine them worn with white ankle socks and a woolen double breasted coat,with velvet peter-pan collar. The colour is a perfect powder blue,the shape and button fastenings are just like in the story books of their era,and inside,printed in gold is the Start-rite logo of two cutie-pies walking up a path,my mama says as a child she would look at that picture and worry about where the children were going all alone!Their box is tatty and faded { the best kind of boxes are} but inside the shoes shine out like new,their pale leather soles have never touched the ground. I remember them as a child being in the bottom drawer of my mamas chest in her room, nestled among many other treasures;a tiny rosebud doll with a hand knitted trosseau of the smallest stitches imaginable,the pale pink bodice of a tutu, exsquisitely embroidered in silver,from mamas days as a seamstress at the Royal Opera House,impossibly small ladies white kid leather gloves,fastened with baby pearl buttons, and most fascinating of all for a small child on a rainy day,a fox fur stole-complete with head,tail,legs and beady glass eyes-gruesome glamour, lined in silk satin! Now Mama is clearing out many such treasure troves,crammed into drawers,boxes and under the bed,and though,thankfully Mr Fox is long gone,the' Rolls Royce' shoes and other delights have come to live with me.The shoes will be set free from their box { the box will be filled! } and will sit so prettily in my bedroom,I have photographed them on my best Jane Clucas 'moon baby' still my beating heart!

Rainy days & Mondays........

........dont always get me down!
My lovely little lad started school in September and today it was my turn to spend an hour in class to see just what he gets up to.It is Monday,it was raining and a multiples of 4 & 5 year olds are really not my cup of tea at the best of times!The noise inside was what you would expect,but all those chubby faces topped off with bed hair,was a cheery sight to warm even the coldest heart!They had just put up their Christmas tree.Amongst the sea of red sweatshirts was my own rosy cheeked cherub pasting gloopy glue onto a cardboard stocking with glee!3 other equally charming boys were around the table ,all applying glue liberally and shunning the dishes of twinkly glitter.It didnt seem so very different to my own memories of school in the run up to Christmas, when a tinsel trimmed angel costume was the object of my desire and the daily emptying of the red cardboard letterbox was met with eager anticipation! It was an unexpected hour of magic,finished with storytime, I sat on the carpet next to my beaming son and felt a tiny arm go around my back as a little girl wiggled up beside me and snuggled into my side.I hoped, as she gazed up at me,that she didnt notice me blinking back the tears........
.............this afternoon I went to the hairdressers who washed and conditioned, snipped and dried my limp winter hair until it was as fine and soft as a babies..........bliss! Then out in the street I had to battle to protect my locks from the downpour,I dashed into a 'cheap n cheerful' shop for shelter and my eyes lighted on a bunch of plastic tulips! Pastel coloured plastic tulips-pink,lemon and light orange-fabulously kitsch and not even trying to look like the real thing...sold! Clutching my tulips I braved the rain and suddenly I didnt care that my hair was damp and that my boots had let the water in.........
..............later back at my lovely mamas house,she gave me a box of delights {see above} and my Happy Monday was complete!

brand new week!


it's a brand new was your Thanksgiving? Mine went well. We went to the Bronx and spent it with the ILs. It was relaxed...the food was yummy...the rest of the Weekend went by too quick...but that's usually the case, isn't it? house is seeing a case of the sickies again.... Annie was out of it Saturday night and by Sunday...she was just a blob on top of me. This AM she woke up to yak 2xs...So yep...she's here at work with me. She kept me company...because I had to go to the DR this AM and well, I was nervous about driving alone. So she kept me company and even reported to her daddy the way I made it to the shop...and how I parked. LOL.

SO...While I started to feel better I am sick AGAIN...with some fever this more drugs for me....yippee....NOT. I hate that foggy feeling meds bring on. a layout to show 2 done last night...I was afraid I had forgotten how to scrap...:P I am not sure how I like this one...I wanted to leave lots of white space and looks so plain to me...I can't figure out how it's done looking not so undone....:{

take a look:

 I am blessed


here I used that lovely IAAS those bo bunny & Cosmo papers!!!

Guess what?

I got the contract from SFTIO...(it's going in tomorrow's mail all signed) and am aware that there is a kit enroute to me...:D

I am deliriously happy!!! can't wait to get my hot little hands all over it!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Ding Dong Merrily on High.... comes Christmas!
the joyous coming together of my two favourite colours,red & green!Not just any shade will do,for me it has to be glorious pillar box red,sitting prettily with a 1930s hue of dull minty green!I have been working on some festive bits for my lovely friend Luna to sell on her stall at this weekend.As usual life got in the way of creativity,and it was a mad dash to get a little box of goodies off to her in time!I pillaged my delightful,if a little musty, collection of childrens annuals and they came up trumps with some jolly images, that I tinkered with on my trusty printer and turned into cards,tags & gift bags.I used the pretty ribbons to make bow brooches and alicebands.A simple little collection,but quick and easy to put together unlike my time consuming cloth dollies- above!I so enjoy the whole journey of making a doll,drawing the face,carefully choosing trimmings and turning scraps into dainty clothes,but I also love to work under pressure when ideas come fast and there is no time for faffing about!Now I just need to make some more to bestow upon my own friends & family,whats the betting I will leave it 'til Christmas eve......

32....and captivating!

LOL....that title is so misleading, isn't it?

This Past Saturday was my 32nd...or 23rd birthday. :D I got a yummy edible arrangement sent to to spend the day how I my PJ's curled up on the couch with the hubby vegging out...DH put together a fancy gourmet dessert for me instead of cake...and I got the loopy punch set I was eyeing!!!! could it get any better? I think not.

I've been working all day today...I am behind on paperwork I have been at that and forgot to post this:


The beautiful baby girl is Selah. :oh, how I wish I could give her one big squeeze and a quick nibble on her neck....I love that baby scent...

I made this Layout using the new sketch that's up at the scrappiest. Check them out and play can get an awesome prize if you do!!!

Oh and I must give credit where it is due:

That pretty little yellow flower was crocheted by my friend, Mary. Isn't she awesome?

toot, toot, tootie!!!!!

check this right here  !!!!

I have known since the email.

I have to say I thought it was junk mail and was going to delete it...

but then something told me to take a peek because I have been trying out for different things...

and Lo & was a note saying my application was accepted!!!

many doors have closed in my face and I was starting to doubt my abilities...but I kept PERSISTING....remember that was one of my words....and look. :D

I am now nervous because did you see who also made the team??? all awesome and fabulously talented ladies!!!

SO I have decided:

NOVEMBER has been my month!!!! What a good Happy Birthday God has blessed me with!!! (it's tomorrow!!!)

well...enjoy your weekends...and thanks for letting me share!!!


Hello....just running in to share this LO right quick. It's for IAAS, using their Nov kit...and a Lucy Chesna Sketch. check out their blog.


Not sure how I am liking this one...I think I went overboard with the patterns and not enough bling. :(

I got a cool blog award from Vicki....Thanks!!! Check out her blog!!!!

It's rainy out...rainy days are only good for one thing. And it tortures me that I can't do it!!! SLEEP!!! EEK!

you know, this AM something happened that gave me the heebie jeebies and stuck in my mind.

Hubby was outside leaning on a parked car in front of the house. I was inside the house, the FD open behind the storm door, and Nani was out on the side walk, dancing doing her ballerina twirls...yeah, I know the proper name is pirouette....and stopping to blow me kisses, dodge the ones I blow back at her, just being her total cutie patootie self!!!

This guy drives by in a huge dumpster and breaks his neck like 5 times to look...and I am looking at him because he's looking in my direction but not at me...and Nani was in the same line of vision. Now the look on my face must have made my hubby look because then he notices the guy really slow down to break his neck yet again and then stop at the stop sign. DH asked "WTH was THAT all about?! Was he looking at you or at Nani???!!!" He then calls Nani over to him and holds her hand.

Now I have to say this. DH is NOT a jealous dude. At ALL. And he isn't defensive or threatened when he catches guys checking me out. He'll LOL about it and ask me if I had noticed it. (which most of the time I don't) SO he pretty much confirmed what I was feeling and OMG...did that send my spine a tingling and not in the right way!!!

Now I thought about it and thought...maybe he thought she was all alone outside and was concerned about a baby being outside...but if it were just that...why did I feel alarmed? humph. gotta keep my eyes peeled even more when I let the kids play outside.

anyways....I am going to go to bed. I need to be up reallllllllllllly early tomorrow for parent teacher conferences....and then rush Nani to school because she has picture day.

Take care...have a good evening,

tomorrow I hope to be back to announce my special news...I am being tortured with having news to share but having to withhold it until it is announced on their blog!!! ;)

maybe they'll announce early tonight and then I can spill the beans??? I need to tell someone who KNOWS about kids don't get it! At All!!!! DH just wants to know how much money he'll save/spend.....LOL

what this mark says:

a new prompt is up over at AAM....

and you can get the jist of it from my title.

wanna see?

This Mark my photo doesnt really show the huge scar I have on my knee. :( I just couldnt see myself basing a whole layout on a photo of my knee...LOL

These photos of me are rare as well. I always do head shots cuz I hate seeing the rolls...LOL!!!

well...why did I base a layout on a scar and not my tatoo? well...because I already scrapped about the Tat. and because the scar I got as a child...doing one of my many stunts...and that stunt went really bad. I often get questioning looks when people notice the scar...and my kids make me tell them the story of how I got it.

my parents had a huge large enough that they had a sitting area...a love seat parallel to the bed. one day out of boredom and seeing if I could make it, I'd jump from the bed to the love seat and back...and I was so amped about doing it I told my sister who didn't believe it. and asked me to do it again so she can see.

so on another attempt to show my sis....half of my body made it....and my knee crashed against the metal bed frame...and knee was sliced open!!!!! I remember those stitches!!!!

SO what does it say? what does it mean? It says that I was once wild, care free, fearless, daring! I have lost that as I grew up, little by little and I didnt realize it until I had to think about what on earth I was going to do with this prompt. SO the scar now makes me wonder...where did the daring girl go? i need to not go back to that totally...but balance it out more and stop being so cautious!!!!

here I used some of that fab kit from IAAS. :) wanted to add some whimsy the CC paper brings!

Class trip


I'm back again, with a layout to show.

it's using a fabulous I Am A Scrapaholic Kit...Lynn has asked me to be a visiting therapist this month. :) I love getting her kits!!!! I can't wait for business to pick up so I can subscribe again!!!

I also used a sketch from 52 Sketches.

ready for a peek? I am sure you are!


here are some close ups...included in the kit are chipboard alphas from Maya Road and chipboard leaves. I painted them with some smooches in "pumpkin"

and the leaf: I wet the chipboard, separated the layers so it can pop out and get a leaf, and then painted it.

Oh man...I had 226 photos from this weekend. a lot of them are blurry...some of them have body parts cut off because I was trying to get as many shots as they were moving hoping to find that one awesome photo...and I got a few of them!

Now I need to back them all up on my flash drive because I am losing space on my hard drive...and DH wouldn't be too thrilled if I crashed the  computer with all of our tax info....

I wouldn't either. I hate working on quick books...

so stay tuned and be back tomorrow...there's a reveal going on for AAM....

I am so' s been a really hectic work day. Not complaining, though!

Dog's daily agenda


How was your WE? Hope it was enjoyable for you. It was for me!!! I got like a trillion photos of my terrors doing their thing and RAWKIN it!!!! I am soooo proud of them.

Of course...being all scattered this AM I left my camera at home and will have to wait to edit and all that stuff...but be prepared to be bombarded. :)

Wanted to show off my latest LO using another awesome skecth from The scrappiest!!!

Dog's daily agenda


I first have to apologize for how dark it is. It was a dreary rainy day...and I needed it photographed.

Featured on this LO is my furry terror, Tyler. Yep...he's a terror, too. I was looking for him because he wasn't doing his usual: following me around everywhere I go when my son is gone. My son had went to a job site with the hubby...and the dog was so sad.

SO I go looking around, whistling for him, calling his name...and not a thing. I run upstairs to the bedrooms to see if he was in his kennel...that's where he goes when he doesn't want to be bothered...or caught with something he's not supposed to have. I catch the furry mutt on my son's BED!!! Wagging his tail but looking so sad....I couldnt resist and took some photos of the mutt so his owner can see him!!! (My son was upset he was on his bed!!! LOL!!!)

OMG...I have some amazing news that I cannot share....:( not just yet anyways...IT is AWESOME!!!! And SO UNEXPECTED. I keep thanking the Lord over and over...I have to say Nov is definately a good month for me!!!!

A Normal Blog

My husband of 7 years today: Andrew Killick - THE Man.
Above: Timmy is the black one on the right :)
Lance and Andrew in the firetruck :)

A very tired me - I suppose we should all show at least one truthful shot ;)

Ooooo - the firetruck was actually fun :)

Hey Beautiful People!

Thought I'd do a normal blog instead of an advertising one (if you want a good deal, see the blog below this one ;) ).

I'd love to know what you think about Annie Blackberry. I get a lot of lovely emails from amazing people and it makes my year. But sometimes it's lonely creating for people you can't always see and a lot of the time you never even know what they think about what they've got.

It's been a year of loss for me. We lost a baby (miscarriage), our baby dog, Gracie (the love of our lives) to a horrible accident that we witnessed and I've lost a lot of friends with whom I've really tried to work things out. Sometimes I feel like Job. I'm scared to receive incase I lose.
It's also been a year of incredible change and hope. I am finally starting tog et well after 12 years of chronic illness, Annie Blackberry has gone further than I ever dreamed, I am meeting some incredible people from the fashion & TV folk right through to the little old lady who sits on her walker seat and talks about how her eyes have lost their colour. Everyone is special. And God's chosen us a wee puppy, Timmy. He's below.

I hope I can be there for as many of you as I can. I hope I can bless you in some small way. f you need prayer or a listening ear, or want a piece of jewellery made that has meaning and significance to you I'd be honoured to do it - email me at

A shout out to Kelsey for being who she is - I love your blog, you are truly unique. Also to my sister, Deborah, for being the best sister a girl could ever have.

Andrew and i have been married 7 years tomorrow - am looking forward to the next 77 :) What amazing adventures are yet to come! We WILL get to Paris and London :) Thank you for looking after me.

God bless you one and all,

Annie :) xxxxx

an itty bitty (well not so!!!!) announcement!!!!

Some of you may know I have been applying for DT spots over at various kit clubs...and haven't made any. I was just about to give up and decided...what the hey...let me try out for this one....see how it goes...and I have to say:

when one door closes, another one opens. And let me tell you, the converstion with Rachel made me so teary eyed because of her words...and you all know I am  pretty much a sentimental sap.

I now made DT for: Scrapbooking from the inside out !!!! I start on January. :) I am sooo sooo excited that I am given this opportunity, so thrilled, and so touched.  there are some awesome ladies there...


Who's ready for the weekend???

:waving hands: I AM!!!! I am so excited it's Friday!


because today we have parent observation day at the performance arts academy...we get to see Sweetie terror perform...BALLET

Tomorrow we get to see teeniest and the older terrors in their classes...Ballet/Tap, Keyboard and guitar.

WHy do I like observation days?

I get to take photos...DUH

and see how they're progressing....

and gush over my kids. I know I am the butt of family jokes for having 4 kids...but you know what? They give me great joy and I am so proud of them. Who cares that I get made fun of for having them so young? It's not like we're competing with the Duggars or something!!! Not that I find anything wrong with big families!!! But I am tired of "wow! 4 kids...that's a lot!!!"

Uh no! My granny gave birth to 12 kids....and Hubby's granny had as many or probably more. It's not my fault we actually LIKE kids!!!

Anyways...speaking of kids...

Last week I met her:


Her name's Selah...and she is such a sweet baby. You know, my sister called me as they were headed out to see me and stated she didn't know I had a fifth kid...she swears up and down that my neice looks so much like me as a baby. IDK about that....but side by side with Annie...they could pass for sisters. I was there conjuring up different ways of hiding her so I can keep her.

Isn't she a beauty?

she wasn't shy with me, either. As a matter of fact....she cried everytme I gave her back to her dad...So I had dinner at 9 PM....LOL...she knew I was a bug huge sucker for her. :)

well...enjoy your WE...

I just wanted to share Selah with you.

such a delight....

The teeny terror has made her pick!!!!

SO I got everyone's names down on paper, cut up little strips and folded them teeny tiny...

put everyone and their entries in the box....

and picked a teeny terror to close their eyes and stick their hand in a box....

and my teeny terror got:



So Tanya, send me your email addy so we can get in touch!


Hey ya'll!!!

I know the blog hop is all over and you've probably been waiting to hear who the winner is...

tonight I will have a teenyterror draw a name and we will announce who won.

I have to say...I really appreciate all of the comments left by all of you! It's amazing to see how a small layout can incite emotions. All of the love left made me feel better about sharing it. (I was having 2nd thoughts and was going to do something else!)

I hope to get to know you all better, and maybe every now and again I'll leave some bloggy love!

I haven't been doing much scrappy wise. :( I was sick...then wasnt really feeling myself even after going back to work...Had some family over and wow...I am trying to catch up on everything. The world really does end when mommy gets sick...

SO...I have some photos I'd love to share...but can't right now...

it's of someone very special to me....I just met her last week!

Christmas Special!

Hey Everyone!

If you mention you're buying a CHRISTMAS present (even if it's for yourself ;) I'll give you 10% off my already discounted prices. I'll also gift wrap for free.

Email me with your budget (even if it's $20)and I can work with it to make something cool :)

A huge thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you're having an awesome lead-up to Christmas I'm already excited!! Guess what my friends are all getting for Christmas?! ;)

Thank you To Wild Pair, Lippy and Evolution Clothing for your orders - take a look at these awesome stores and stock up on the exclusive designs at Wild Pair and Lippy and the Annie Blackberry Deluxe range at Evolution Clothing - including some never-to-be-repeated one-offs!

In personal news: VERY sadly we lot our lil baby puppy Gracie as the result of an accident. We grieve everyday for her and miss her like crazy but I know we'll see her again in Heaven.
We welcome soon into our family in December a gorgeous puppy called Timmy Schmall (in photo above). He's our lil Annie Blackberry mascot :)

Hope you're all doing well - email me for a price on anything you like :)

Annie xx

AAM Blog hop!!! yeah!!!!

I am soooo very excited to be participating on AAM's very first blog Hop...this is a first for me as well!!!

Now the theme to the hop as you probably have read over and over is: FREE TO BE ME! You know, (I read over and over) how scrappers find it so hard to scrap about themselves. I was one of them...I'd feel so I was wasting paper by scrapping about myself. You know...I got over it. And it's so liberating. To be able to create on what I want to...This is what this Challenge blog is all about...feeling free to create about yourself.  I am so proud to be a part of it.

Do you want to see today's prompt? It is "I just can't live without."

here is my layout:

Can't live without

can't live without

a close up:
close up

here I used Basic Grey Urban Couture line. I have been hoarding this paper since I got it...and decided it would fit with this LO.  Used some fabulous Prima bling and some Making memories flowers.

The story behind the LO:

All of my life I had been healthy. the kid who only went to the DR for check ups...I rarely got sick. Shortly after giving birth to my teeniest terror, it all changed. I got really sick and hospitalized, diagnosed with Lupus.You don't know how close  I was  to losing my kidney. I was put on Prednisone to try and weaken my immune system. Then I was put on Chemo to try and get my kidneys to regenerate. the steroids caused high blood pressure and diabetes, amongst other things. shortly after chemo my Thyroids slowed down in producing hormones.

Now I am a familiar face at several Dr's offices. The lab people know me, too. Even the peeps at Rite Aid. Every day there is a routine...I am now remission. BUT to stay in remission I need to take Plaquenil. And to regulate my blood pressure, I take meds for that as well. And of course meds for my thyroids. It was really hard accepting that I need to rely on medication and seeing the DRs that prescribe them frequently to make sure all is going well. But I have accepted it, and recognize that it is a necessity if I want to stick around.

And now...a questionnaire the Fabulous Melissa has all of us DT gals answer for your reading pleasure :)

1. My childhood ambition: was to be a singer and dancer...if you knew how shy I really am...that is a hoot!
2. My retreat: a day just to scrap!!! with lots of chocolater handy! and of course with my hubby along to yay or nay some choices....LOL
3. The perfect day: would have to be of me going somewhere with my family, having fun, sightseeing and taking lots of scrap, of course!
4. My first job was: with a summer program in the city of NY. I did office work for a community outreach program. they loved me so much they wanted to keep me!
5. My wildest dream: as a child, was to become a wrestler for the WWE, formerly WWF...LOL!!!! Now it's just some peace and quiet!!!!
6. If my life was a musical it would be called: completely over run by teeny terrors. and it would be a comedy!
7. My proudest moment: honestly...and maybe boring...the moment I became a mom. I was so overcome with emotions as I held my newborn son...I couldn't contain myself. My kids make me proud everyday.
8. My favorite item of clothing: red cowboy boots. they're so unexpected and so cool looking with my next fave item...jeans!
9. I feel ready for the day when I: have my 1st cup of Joe.
10. I COULD live without: is so unnecessary!

Now for reading through my blabbering...(that really deserves a prize!!!) The Awesome Lynn from I am a scrapaholic is providing one of her fabulous add ons or little pills!!!!  (photo will be provided soon) All you have to do to be put into a random drawing for a chance to win is leave me a comment. for an extra chance...yeah!...throwing this in...if you become a follower of my blog....your name will get thrown in the hat twice! If you are already a follower, I will be fair and count your comment twice. you are done here with onto your next mission, if you choose to accept it....

next stop is the awesomely sweet KIM!!!!

Thanks for playing along and stopping by!!! enjoy!!!!

my baby made me sick!

that's read it....

the itty bitty terror who had us awake at night passed her germies right along to me. I spent all WE in bed...and just got back from the DR!!! I got there about 11! :(

anyways wanted to let you all know some new challenges are up....and show of the layouts I made for them. It's been a long week trying to keep mum...because I love the way my LO's came out. That's a rarity for me....loving my work. LOL

SO without further ado...

The Scrappiest:


my hubby and Annie at her class trip. I love that the kids look forward to their daddy chaperoning them. I also love that my hubby indulges me and takes my camera along for awesome photos. The flowers I made by soaking a piece of chipboard and peeling them, letting them dry and they curl up like that. I added some crackle paint, then acrylic paint. the center is a cream colored prima I misted.there's lots of prima bling and some stickle-y shimmer...the round flowers are just circle shaped chipboard covered with paper, bling, and stickles. stuck on with pop up dots for dimension. scroll down to friday's post for an up close look.

there is an awesome prize being offered for NOV over at the scrappiest!!! come and play along!!!!

Ad This!:


my baby with the pumpkin she decided to keep. again, lots of distressing here...and little itty bitty details added.

I used my glaze pen on some of the added another dimension to the paper, IMO. I added some kaiser pearls. there is a close up of the flowers in my Friday post, is one i didn't share:

I have to stay home works out because the kids have no school. the bad part is my bro is on his way to NY from Florida on a road trip with his family....and here I am sick. This is so much torture because I rarely see them...and this will be the first time I meet am I not going to hug and kiss and squeeze and nibble on her chubbiness??? so unfair!



I got this cool bloggy award from ELIZABETH the other day, thank you, E!!! Go check her awesome blog!!! In recognition of this award I now must answer a list of questions with only 1 word replies for each... (Copy and paste your list)

1. Where is your cell phone? Counter.
2. Your hair? short.
3. Your mother? driving.
4. Your father? home.
5. Your favorite food? sweets.
6. Your dream last night? blank.
7. Your favorite drink? pepsi.
8. Your dream/goal? rejoice.
9. What room are you in? Den.
10. Your hobby? creating.
11. Your fear? loss.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? peaceful.
13. Where were you last night? bed.
14. Something that you aren't? snotty.
15. Muffins? corn.
16. Wish list item? tool.
17. Where did you grow up? Brooklyn.
18. Last thing you did? blog.
19. What are you wearing? clothes.
20. Your TV? on.
21. Your Pets? barking.
22. Friends? missed.
23. Your life? hectic.
24. Your mood? sick.
25. Missing Someone? yep.
26. vehicle? Jeep.
27. Something you're not wearing? coat.
28. Your favorite store? DSW.
29. Your favorite color? black.
30. When was the last time you laughed? huh.
31. Last time you cried? dunno.
32. Your best friend? JB.
33. One place that I go to over and over? bed.
34. Facebook? boring.
35. Favorite place to eat? mine.
So now it's my turn to name and bestow the above award to 5 other cool ladies whom I admire and know to be "Over the Top"! In no particular order, they are...and you know you are allll loved!!!!

OK, seriously, the list could go on and on and on.....but I'm dizzy....and need to get some scrapping on because I am late with something...well...not quite yet.....

ta ta for now.

will post tomorrow....if I'm not heavily medicated.....