Bad, bad, bad

Boy have I been a bad blogger this week. I know. :(

I havent been sleeping well...and it's been affecting my productivity...:(

I have the worst headache. I feel so bad, the hubby woke the kids up this AM and got them ready for school and let me sleep in...he gets home right before 12 that cut in on his sleep.

I do have some sneaky peekies for you...



these are for the challenges revealed on monday for the scrappiest and ad this.

all flowery. :)

I have another LO in the works at home...I just was too tired to finish it.


I'm not all about the Chat, I'm about the scrap!

Hey! another monday here...and wow...has it dragged! long story short: teeniest terror had a bad night...and guess who wakes up to give her meds and take care of her? Mom & dad!

I have some LO's to show! yep...didn't want anyone to think I forgot how to scrap...and was just running my mouth!!! :)

SO this is for the Scrappiest!



and this one is for Ad This! I thought I had emailed it as soon as I was done...:blush: I didn't find out til this AM that i had forgotten to. IDK how I got so spacy!

In The light


here I was so inpired by the leaves on the I stamped them on white CS and cut them out...It was tricky since the stems were so thin and I was trying to watch TV at the same time!!! LOL!!! Glimmer mist...some stickles...and Ta-da!!! even though it's so's one of my faves.

I have to get going...seriously...I am so tired. I can't think straight!!!

Take care!!!

what?!! another word? know I wasn't too sure how I was going to go about this... do a daily one...or just go with one when it made an impact. Still trying to figure it out somewhat.

SO far I have a small list. yep...I'm here doing my daily devotional and as I am reading these words just jumped at me...and I couldnt concentrate until I wrote them down. How can this be? IDK....

Also, the fact that the comments I have gotten regarding  my first word post have touched me...I wasn't sure I'd get any feedback at all...and to know that it had left an impression...(Thank you for your feedback and letting me know)

SO WHAT IS the word?

It is:


the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son's success.
a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated: Her prose style is a pure joy.
the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
a state of happiness or felicity.
–verb (used without object)
to feel joy; be glad; rejoice.
–verb (used with object)
Obsolete. to gladden.

and a little quote:

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment.
Tony Robbins

OK. who could've thought that a little 3 lettered word can have such deep meaning? What do you think of when you hear this word? Say it aloud. What's your first thought? (Please share, if you want to) My first thought was such immense happiness...or something like it but DEEPER.

why deeper? because happiness can be fleeting. it doesn't always last. Like for example...(and please don't take it the wrong way...) My kids: one minute they do something to make me so draw something for me, say something so nice, give me a hug and kiss, do something outstanding. BUT the next minute they're fighting, do something to make me angry...and that happiness went away, right? Now what if I apply JOY to my feelings for them. No matter what they do...they'll cause me joy. Those negatives will be temporary.

Last night at bible study this was the topic...and as the teacher spoke, you could see how she choked up with emotion at times. How we can let little things rob us of our Joy. circumstances,  people, things...worries...I know we can't control the first 2...but we can control how we react to them. Our attitude. Worries as well...they can cause strain. But instead on focusing on the worries...focus on the good and let things go. Things can't be taken with you when you die. they don't keep you warm at night.

As a believer, I know where my source of joy comes from. and sometimes...just sometimes I lose sight of that and let things get to me. As I was letting them this week. SO last night's class was no accident. And I hope that while wordy...this post isn't, either.

Now I couldn't end the post without a I wanted to end it with something that brings me joy. creating. A sneaky peeky of something I can't show in full till Monday.


Hope that your weekend is filled with joy! I will be celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary tomorrow with my sweetie.


you know what I decided?

I decided I talk way too much about scrapping here. I mean my life isn't ALL about scrapping, now, is it?

SO I'm not sure how frequent I'm doing this but I think I shall pick a word, give the meaning, and post it. It can be something pertaining to my life, or something RANDOM. If I get comments, if I don't...if I bore you, or hopefully INSPIRE...IDK. really. Either or, I'd like input...cuz you DO read my ramblings...don't you??? first word is:


and the meaning:
(v.)To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement

It's not always easy to overcome and keep going. This is one word I always use with my kids. We've enrolled them in Karate, Boxing, Violin, Ballet...and one of my terrors will always lose the will to keep going and want to quit.

I have to be very honest and say I am like this. Like when I took my Road test and failed. Yep..I failed. I thought I had it in the bag...did my parking perfect and that's what I was afraid of bringing me down...but the guy giving the exam said I was too cautious... WHAT? When I left I was so embarrassed. It's like giving a baby candy and then taking it away before they can taste it. I admit...I said NO MORE. This is IT. I'm not meant to be behind the wheel.

you know what my kids did? They said "mommy...what is it that you always tell us?" The next day I went behind the wheel again. And that very Weekend I drove across the Bridge, parked in a tricky spot, and drove back.

There's always going to be something to get in the way of persevering, too. Self doubt. Negativity. Rejection. Don't let anyone or anything put limits on you...even if it is yourself! Even the Bible talks about persevering. Anything worth it in the end requires sticking to it.

So say it with Spongebob.... "I am NOT a quitter!" 

the turning point

there is a new prompt up over at AAM. it's to scrap about a turning point in your life.

turning point

It's so funny how in some of my major turning points I can associate with keys. From getting married and moving in with DH, Starting a family and then wanting to buy a home to move them to a better place (the jokes on us for wanting that! but this is a whole other story) to opening up our own which the irony isn't lost on me...I deal with keys all day long. Even to now conquering my fear of driving our big old Jeep.

My fellow DT members all have done a different spin to this challenge, and I am always amazed by their awesome work.

A LO on cutie at her trip last year


Here is another LO made using a pencil lines sketch:


Tuesday happenings


hopefully your day is going as smoothly and wonderfully as mine. :)

today the hubby is chaperoning Nani...class field trip to a farm!!! I sent him along with my camera. Gotta love a man who supports my obsession...and will bring me inspiration.

SO I am here at work waiting anxiously to hear all about the trip and see snapshots. :)

Just wanted to show you all that mini I've been talking about. I am pretty proud of it...this is my 1st attempt and I love how it turned out.

wanna peek?

The cover:

and the pages in order...I did them 2 at a time so there wouldn't have to be so many photos...(I did clickable links because the full size view got cut off...)





This book was inspired by a thread over at AAM MB. They've been chatting about mini's and I thought...I have so many at home and have been scared to attempt one. SO I challenged myself to get out of that 12x12 sometimes 8.5x11 box I put myself in and make a mini... I used a Buzz &Bloom chipboard mini I got from one of my IAMASCRAPAHOLIC kit.

Then...there have been somethings going on in my life...the hubby and I have some decisions to make that are pretty life changing and tough to make. Really scary...and things we've been doing haven't been working out too's like we took 2 steps FWD...5 steps back...and DH confessed to me (I think it's OK to share now) that he is losing his faith. His prayers haven't been answered..and he was so weary from it all. You know..I took that so hard and decided to 1) ask for prayer. 2) start looking through the Word for verses speaking on comfort, on strength, on the Lord's provisions. 3) have a heart to heart.

And you know what?

The request was made and Bros from church called DH. and he felt he wasn't alone. I found the right words and the right way on dealing with this and I found strength. And within a day or so...DH gave me a huge hug and told me he had such a wonderful wife...who he knows he can count on for encouragement...and that to me is the best thing he could ever tell me.

SO I found bible verses and put this book together...for him. As a reminder of promises made to him...and a little reminder of the things he should be grateful for.


wanted to let you all know that the new Ad inspo is up at Ad This. My fellow DT members rocked it as usual!!!

Here's the card I made based on the Ad.


I made it for Annie. :)

Monday, Business as usual!

hey peeps! how was your WE?

Hope it was fabulous!!!

Mine was pretty good...up until last night. But I'll get into that a bit later.

I have a LO to show you using The Scrappiest's latest sketch. It's up now, go check it...all the work shown is fabu!!! As always!!!

Lucky 7


of course, I had to document sweetie Anaïs blowing out her big #7 Candle. LOL. She also complained on how my recent LOs have been of her sister...and well...I just didn't have a better answer to that than :"she's ALWAYS with I take more pictures of her."

SOOOO...Nani and I gotta lay low for now. LOL!!! They all know I love them all no matter what. It's just that since the littlest one is around me know.

I finished the mini book...and gave it to DH...I was supposed to be an anniversary gift...but really...I never wait til said date to give him his gifts. I am just too excited!

Oh! Did you know that over at AAM they're having a DT call?  Mette stepped down and well, Melissa is looking for someone to take her place. Look on the side bar for a link and check out the blog!!!

This WE was a busy one...the kids with ballet and music...Hubby working...the store got busy all of a careful what you pray for!!! Afterward I drove to Poughkeepsie for the very first time...yep...I crossed the Bridge....and drove to the mall in heavy traffic. :sigh:

Sunday: Church, the girls had a party to go we dropped them off and went driving again...DH wanted me to just drive so I went driving by the million dollar homes near the riverfront...almost hit a mailbox for looking at a gorgeous one too long...LOL!!!! Thnak goodness I looked and saw what I was about to do and swerved just in time. to quote Nani..."I soooo Silll-LLLY!!!!" Afterwards, went to our friends' and hung out. Get home...Terrors in bed... catch up with the shows on DVR... go to bed ourselves...and the dog starts howling and growling. half hour later...cops ringing our doorbell. Apparently our neighbor from across the street had been stabbed. ON his porch...he was chased down and the guy got to his house...but they beat him down, stabbed him for fighting back and robbed him. Another neighbor went out to her porch and saw it, started screaming and called the police. unbelieveable...I told my hubby he'd better be careful. This happened right around the time he gets home from school. I am so disappointed that this happened...the block was such a quiet block when we first moved in and little by little we've been having incidents happen. I can predict a move in the future......

The sweetest thing

created was born 7 years ago today. I remember that day clearly! She was fussy when they took her to the nursery...(we found out later that she wasn't reacting well to the formula ) so a nurse brought her back and put her into my arms. I was very weak from delivering her..I lost a lot of blood and my blood pressure had gone high. The nurse noticed how it was almost immediate that the precious baby girl just calmed down and just snuggled into my arms. She made a comment on how she was "such a snuggle bunny" and then she asked me to consider nursing her. The baby took to nursing and the rest is history. Here she is 7 years later:

Anaïs Milagros

This child has such a sunny and bright disposition. It's as if her sole purpose in life is to show everyone how much she loves them. She isn't stingy with her hugs and kisses and maybe needs to learn a bit about personal space...but that is her charm.

I sometimes imagine to myself what on earth goes on in her mind. You know what I picture? Thoughts of sunshine, rainbow, happiness, bubble gum pink and just pure sweetness. She is now showing a bit of spunk and sassiness, but wow....have I been blessed with such a sweet child.

When we found out we were pregnant with her...we were in shock. We had just gotten bad news, Dh's grandma was sick and died. Then we found out that my mother in law had cancer...and she was very adamant at the time to not do anything about my DH was in grief and so much pain. Thank The Lord MIL is now cancer free...BUT I like to think that there is a reason why we were given Annie at this time. AND it is NO coincidence that she can be her granny's twin.

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Annie.

Columbus Day.

Hi! another Monday here. we had a long weekend...and it doesn't even feel like it.

we had a LOT to do this weekend. Friday the usual errands and groceries, Saturday the kids had music and dance...and then in the afternoon we headed down to the Bronx to see the in Laws. Our Niece has moved out and asked her uncle if he can install a good lock on her door.

Sunday we went for a brief drive (still needing that practice, you know?) and went to the mall to buy some stuff for a certain chocolaty birthday girl straight after Church. ;) Today sonny boy had another round of allergy testing and guess who got on the driveway to drive us? Lil Ole me.

well...have some LO's to show off!!!

Turn on the charm
Photobucket this one is for the scrappiest


Her softer side


This one is for ad this.

I think I have done enough rambles. :) Off to work on a birthday card....and on that mini album I started yesterday.



no, your eyes are not decieiving you. it truly is me, posting on a sunday!!!!  I created a LO Thursday night and forgot to take it to work to photograph and all that...and finally got a chance today to do so. I like it, and have been dying to share!

so without further ado



My sweetest terror with our dog, Tyler....who likes to sneak his affection when you least expect it!!!

Here I used a skecth by 52 sketches. :)

thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy your long weekend. I hope to!

another morning, another creation

Good morning, lovelies!

I am so eyes feel so heavy it actually pains me to read...or even focus.

it's all my fault, though. I think I am superwoman. No...I just think I can still when I was younger...I needed virtually no sleep and could be up all night long on the phone, hanging out, and then wake up early to go to work...that was before marraige and kids...

anyways. I have something to show...a Layout...I'm not too thrilled with. Why? Because it looks like I stuck a bit of paper, a photo, and left it alone!!! I SOOOO CANNOT do doesnt work for me! So you ladies who have the minimalist look down pat, give me some pointers! PLEASE!!!!

Work It

here I used a lovely pencil lines sketch, and this week's color combo over at CCG.
yes, you are looking at a whole bunch of photos of my teeniest terror working herself up into tears. she is such a character...and such a tough kid that when she doesnt get her way this is the last thing she resorts to. It is so fake but so cute. it usually follows her asking...then begging...then joking/bribing, then bullying, and then the croc tears. LOL.

on a good day we play along just to see her do this...she'd never do this in front of her classmates, though! she had an accident in the playground and bumped her head against the seesaw really hard...hard enough to get a goose egg. when I asked her how it happened, she calmly explained everything and I asked her if she cried. she said NO. so I asked why not? Did it not hurt? she said "It hurt A LOT, but I didn't cry because I am not a baby." :O

here are some sneaky peeksies for some LOs I will "unveil" next monday!!! you know...I feel so presumptious taking close up shots so when I do...I hesistate to show them...but I am now justifying it with the little details get lost in the big photo...and I spend time and thought on why not show them off when otherwise they'd get lost? I enjoy seeing them anywhere why not?



enjoy your day!

some scrappy stuff to show off. :)



Looks can be deceiving, can't they?

People have told me when they first met me, they thought I was conceited, stuck up, high maintenance, anti-social, and have everything handed to me on a platter.

But I say:

Don't judge a book by it's cover! I am so shy, but once I open up I can be so sweet and giving. I just don't know how to approach people, and I am so unsure of myself. Just give me a chance!

I had to keep it short and sweet since I chose a smaller size to scrap in. Trust me, I could've rambled on and on. BUT it's funny how my hubby can make so many friends and have people gravitate to him when he is so outspoken & doesn't mince words. I tend to retreat into the background and quietly observe...but once I befriend'll need duct tape!

I did a lot of painting here...watered down some copper paint, smeared some white paint on the CS and the flourish on the side. Used some rub ons and here you go!

This is a LO made for AAM...the new prompt can be found here. There is also a sketch to use if you'd like!!!! each month we have awesome guest designers...last month was Melissa Ferguson (who rocked the challenges out, BTW) and this month we have Kara Haupt. she is also providing the prize for the month as well. SO be sure to check out the challenge and participate!!!! The DT rocked it out and can see how amazingingly each one has interpretated the challenge!

also over at The Scrappiest, you can find a new sketch...check it out here

Consider yourself hugged


My 2 one can escape a hug from Anaïs. they're the sweetest!

here I had a heavy hand with the inking. I used some rub ons...on the photo itself and on the title. it photographed looking like  spots of ink, though...

here once again, there's an awesome prize to be won. The DT has done an amazing job with the sketches, I am so proud to be a part of it. Take a peek, and play along!!! I'd love to see what you come up with!!!!

I have some more LO's to show...but these have to wait til next week. SORRY! tonight I am working on something just for I can post it tomorrow if I get around to finishing it!!!

I also have a teeny terror birthday coming up...and she already requested a card...made by me. Oh Lord...and child knows I absolutely suck at them.

well, enjoy your day. :)

New Challenge up

over at Ad This


my Oldest and teeniest's amazing seeing how good my son is with his sister. She beats on him, picks on him, takes his toys, makes a mess out of his room, but yet he is so very patient with her. she can get away with a LOT with him. Her older sisters don't get the special treatment she does, that's for sure. She gets story time from him, gets to play with his cars...gets to lie down on his bed...she gets doted upon. He doesn't seem to mind anymore that she was supposed to be the baby bro he asked for. :P

you I came into work happy, had some Christian music playing, got to spend some quiet time reading the word for a bit and then I had people coming in all grumpy ruining everything for me. I didn't react negatively towards anyone, but all of the negativity dampened my joy and has made me moody. Can you believe that!!??! One lady came in irate (through absolutely no fault of my own) and I was able to take care of things for her...that she left in a good mood. Another came in so confrontational...all about my charging her 1.50 for a key that cost just that...not including tax...but she wanted me to charge her what I charge her husband...what I wanted to tell her was "then bring in the keys he gets cut and I will charge you the same price." BUT I bit my tongue and showed her which key is priced the same and then explained to her that other keys vary in price. She was determined to complain, though, and say she could get it cheaper elsewhere. well, fine, you are under NO obligation WHATSOEVER to come here....were my thoughts. I think grumpy people should stay home and be a grump there. not unleash it all on some poor innocent unsuspecting lady !!! I'm not that innocent...but nonetheless...biting your tongue is the best thing to do, but I wish I were able to tell her what I was thinking. Then again...2 wrongs don't make a right.

I most certainly hope your day is going much better than mine is.