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the DT scraplifting Heather, SG's GD for may.

and my layout for Creative Charms!

Tonight I'll be grouting my bathroom....maybe tomorrow I'll have some updates! ;)

have a great evening.

Let there be light!

Hi there!!!

I hope that today was a great day for you all, remembering all those who have risked their lives for everything we presently enjoy!!! I am grateful!!!

Today we had a busy day, are you surprised? I'm not!

The recessed lights are up in our bathroom!!!

and look at what else went up today!!!


They're all up now. You'll get to see how it turned out after the walls get grouted!!! Yay! Now we're really seeing progress!!!

tomorrow my blogpost goes live on Creative Charms! sneaky peaky time!

Good night!

Mirror Mirror on the wall....


 I've been looking for a mirror.

We have almost everything we need for our bathroom. Seriously...the hubby decided that we need to re-do it since we're stuck here in this house due to the housing slump.

Don't get me wrong, we Love, LOVE, L-O-V-E our house. We've spent so much moohla on it, brought 2 brand new teenyterrors here from the hospital, we have awesome memories, and some sad ones. It's just that the neighborhood is declining.

Well..since we've decided that we're staying put....DH has saved and waited to buy the things we want on sale. So little by little our house stored the things we want to prettify our sanctuary with.

One thing that we haven't found yet?

A Mirror.

Isn't that like top 5 on a bathroom's most important list?!? What- what???!

So...this is what has caught my eyes and I pinned just so I don't forget where I found it...what do you think?

This one's my fave:

this one doesn't really go but it still caught my eye:

yes, I want something out of the ordinary looking...I want to look at it everyday and marvel in it's beauty...or at least say to myself "I rock for getting something so out of the ordinary!" LOL!!!

Any suggestions as to where I can find more? I'd appreciate it!

you know I couldn't leave without showing you this guy:

what are your obsessions lately?

just Create!

Hi again,

Hope that you're enjoying this long holiday weekend, have it filled with fun plans or down time (if you need it).  I just wanted to pop in and show off this fun and colorful banner I created with a maya road canvas mini I got in my kit from scrapgal. This is my last may project. :D

This banner took me a little longer to work on than my usual projects. It was my first time handling canvas (I love it!)
I painted it a cream color,  used some pretty prima flowers from my stash, cut out the letters/flowers using my Cricut, and sewed (yes, sewed, your eyes are NOT decieving you) buttons from my stash. I thought the buttons would add something...and it took me forever to sew on...LOL...I'm so being disowned by my grandma if she ever finds out...(she is sooo talented with sewing)! Added some glitter on the letters and attached with some MM ribbon that I already had. IMO it matched perfectly.

want to see closeups?

come a little bit closer:
in the closeups you can even see that I inked the edges with some pretty pink. This will be hanging somewhere in my scrappy space!

we're going on & on....just random bits and pieces.

I don't know about you, but I am totally looking forward to a long weekend.

These past few weeks have been extremely long for me, so I am really needing some time at home...but I'm not quite sure they'll be relaxing...

Just wanted to post some updates of the things going on at my house :)

the bathroom almost completely has walls...LOL

The plumbing's completely done, we're not really happy with keeping the tub where it was. The plumber insisted on keeping it there...ruining our design....but hey can't complain too much. He did it for free.

this is the other side. We need to get the electrical taken care of before everything gets covered up. that corner is where the washer/dryer will be.

this is the wall behind the new tub. we got a bigger/wider tub thinking it was going to go across the other wall...but we'll make do. those boxes are for the thermostat (we're getting heated floors!) and light switches. We've picked the color we're going to paint the walls as well! So I'm pretty excited!

so as you can see there is SOME process in our bathroom. It's been going a little slower because my hubby's doing bulk of the work alone and now found out he's got a torn tendon. We got the call from the specialist this week and he's going in next week to it down with him and see what his options are in getting this fixed. He's been in a lot of pain lately...I really dislike seeing him like that. All I can do right now is let the housework go a bit to be an extra set of hands for him. I'm having my own little health concern as well...I went in for bloodwork to make sure everything is under control and some things came back abnormal. I will normally joke that nothing about me IS normal...but I'm a little scared/worried because some of the wording used reminded me of my hospital stay. So please pray for us...if you're of the praying kind.

We have a new addition to our family! Meet Nemo:

He's not dead...he's sleeping. I saw him like this and ran to get DH thinking my son's fish was dead...all panicked and scared...for him to LOL at my reaction. Nemo was a project my son participated in at the afterschool program. when they were done, they had the option of keeping their betas. He's so excited and of course the girls are now clamoring for their own fishies to keep in their bedroom. This brings back memories. we had a huge fish tank full of African Cichlids that we had to get rid of years back when DH broke his hand. I miss them, it was always so calming to sit and watch them as they went about their business.

Just wanted to share a song, hope that you are blessed:

Have a happy Friday!

PS....I am really happy that this TV program started up again. It premiered last night.

As seen on facebook:

I posted a rare 2 page layout I created using the kit I got from Scrapgal. :)

IDK for some reason I found them a little harder to make than a single page. I decided to try and challenge myself by making something I don't normally make. It's simple, but I like how it turned out. what do you think?

My kit contained some awesome MME lost & found the colors, the patterns...and some green MLS letters.

June 1st ScrapGal will be relaunched! Jenn's almost done with inventory and the site will be back up again!!! Things will go back into full swing! SO I invite you to come back, chat, play along in the challenges. There will also be a prize if the scrap gal facebook page gets 200 likes!

Hope to see you then!

Roses: Handmade and easy to make.

I've always admired those beautiful handmade paper flowers featured on projects and wondered how to make them. I was inspired to try making some after looking at a Cricut Cartridge packing. It said: "cut and layer them...." and lo and behold! A lightbulb flashed over my head!

Using my cricut "mother's day bouquet" cartridge, I cut out the same flower in various sizes: 1, 1 and 1/4, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inches.

To make these roses, you don't need to use this cartridge, you can use a scallop punch, or even hand draw flowers and cut them out.

After I cut my flowers, I sanded the edges down to make them look worn and to help warp the flowers a bit. Then I used something round (if you don't have any tools, you can use a pen or a pencil) and wrap the petals around them to curl them.

Now all you need to do is arrange all of the flowers from largest to smallest and stick each layer to the one below it. I used glue dots.

Afterward, I took the smallest flower  and folded it, rolled it up so that it looked like a bud. the bottom should look like the bottom of a cone. The end needs to be snipped off so you can adhere the "bud" in the center. When you put them all together, you can fold pieces under so that the flower looks fuller/like it's opening up.

this is what it looks like:

You can do so many things before you glue the flowers together. You can:

emboss them
ink them
spray mist them (that will also help with giving them a nice shape and also true-r color)
glitter them

Here's a rose (the one in black & white) I made to go on a layout I created for ScrapGal. I got some yummy MME Lost & Found papers to work with. I inked mine in red ink.

look at how good it looks next to a pre-fab rose!
There's so many different possibilities with these flowers, I hope you find them as easy to make as I did!

dream a little dream....

It's amazing how 4 teenyterrors kids can come from the same two people and all be so similar and so very different all at the same time!

Just amazes me totally.

This weekend I'm catching up on my fave wedding programs I set on can say that in between construction, cleaning/laundry, there was a wedding marathon. :D

we watched Four weddings, Say Yes to the dress (the girls love one of the consultants), and my fair wedding. Mr. Tutera is one talented dude!

My little girl & I watched an episode in which the mother of the bride was soo negative in all of her dress choices. It truly got on our nerves!

As my baby girl lays her head on my lap she says in her matter of fact voice:

"Mommy, you're going with me to help pick BOTH of my dresses because I know you're not like her!!!".

I took the compliment and then felt that dread overcome me....

  "uh, two dresses???"  I ask quietly.

"yeah, mom, daddy's paying for the ceremony dress, and I'll pay for the party one!" She replies with a huge smile, showing off her adorable neat little dimple.

"you know you have to save up for a long time for a dress, right?"

she starts to giggle....

and then I think to myself....
"oh my goodness....we have three of them!"
Her daddy says she's never getting married!

something borrowed, something blue

well, this week has been both dragging and quick!

(wow, if that isn't an oxymoron, IDK what is!) What I mean to say is that the day drags on at work. The rainy weather has kept the shop slow. Really slow. Then I get home to scramble around to get the teenyterrors fed, then packed up and shuttled to get them showered. Thank goodness for amazing friends and family. I'm thinking that maybe the timing of gutting out the bathroom was wrong...maybe the summer would've been better since the kids have no school and the later nights for them wouldn't be too much. The kids have been doing well, but the scrambling is making fell it.

So far the new tub is in. plumbing done. new wall up. the configuration we wanted the room set up in was changed because our plumber friend let us know how much more work our plans was going to I am hoping that the bathroom still ends up looking nice and feeling roomy.

Now the question that is looming over our heads is what to do with the walls. We started purchasing everything slowly as we saw things we liked that were at great prices, so we have tiles, the new vanity, fixtures, etc. the only things we haven't purchased yet are the toilet (we're waiting to pick it up when the floor's done so it's not another huge box to store) the glass shower doors (again for the same reason) and paint!

I've been browsing sites for inspiration and have noticed that the color I was leaning towards is used A LOT. :sigh: So now I'm turned off....even though I still love it, I want something different!

How's this for different?

I really love the contrasting colors. IDK if I'll use this in my bath because I have dark woods in it and very little white...but maybe I'll lean more towards this color family....who knows?

any suggestions?

deconstructed: all about this past weekend

Happy Monday???

not quite sure I can call it that, it's raining here...I know, I know, Good for the plants and stuff. But rainy days and I don't really mix if I'm already feeling tired. They just make me want to curl up under the covers with an awesome book, a fun magazine, or even with a teenyterror who still unashamedly loves to take cat naps with her mommy. I just can't do that today! I have work, the kids have school, and we have this going on:

in case you were wondering what on earth this is? It's my main bathroom gutted out. The rest of it is in here:

LOL, that box spring wasn't in my bathroom. It's from an apartment a tenant left behind. ;P
and this is my little clueless boy who is going to be his daddy's apprentice throughout the whole process. So far he's enjoyed making gray hair pop out of my scalp for walking on the roof.

Oh how I love this kid even though he refuses to get a hair cut and it's starting to look like Justin Beiber's!

So yeah, my weekend was full...of dust, laundry, coralling kids. Have I forgotten the late nights? My body's KILLING me! I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe we should call TLC's Spouse Vs. House...just so I can get away from the whole construction process. eh...then that would mean 3 weeks of no contact with the hubby...***weighing my options here***.

dumb dust it is....

I have a blog post up over at Creative Charms! Check it OUT!!! I have close ups and deets there.

I'm sooo not a card maker...

both were made using pretty bling and my new Cricut Imagine cart!

So, how has your weekend been?

walking with a little Spring in my step....


Here in teenyterrors-ville (lol) we're enjoying BEAUTIFUL Spring weather! The only bad thing about it here is that since we're in the valley, DH, my teenyterrors, and our friends are suffering from those dreaded allergies...and my poor black jeep can't stay clean and has that layer of pollen all over it. Drat!

The days have been Sunny (with the exception of that one day last week which it poured and was dark&dreary) and warm, with the evenings cooling down...IMO, that's the best type of weather, comfy enough to walk around without a sweater during the day, and then having to shut the windows at night because of the breeze. Oh, and the pretty colors that pop up like the pretty tulips and daffodils...and the cherry tree outside our shop:

Aren't those blossoms gorgeous???!!! I drive up to this every morning!!!
Remember that photo I posted of teeniest offering a dandelion bouquet? It made it to a layout I created for ScrapGal, and it's posted on the Blog. The online store has been closed for inventory, but if you stop by the blog, it's been updated everyday with something pretty made by the DT. :)

in my kit I got some pretty American Crafts Letterbox paper, I thought the colors and patterns would work well with the subject I wanted to scrap. I got those pretty "Thank You" Rub-ons which I rubbed on to scraps and matted (and added pearls to). I really didn't want to clutter my layout, but still wanted to do some of the usual layering/pattern mixing I love to do so much. :D

Hope you're enjoying beautiful Springy weather!!!

Creative Charms Kit & Deal of the month reveals!


Just breezing by quickly to let you all know that Creative Charms has May's Deal and Kit of the Month up.

May Deal of the Month: $6.99

This includes:
Sparkling Garden of Delight – 347 Pieces

· Amber Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
· Blue Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
· Pink Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
· Assorted Gradient Pearl Stickers – 76 Pieces
· Light Purple Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Light Green Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Green Gradient Gem Brads – 9 Pieces
· Purple Gradient Gem Brads – 9 Pieces

· 18” Blue Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon

May Kit of The Month: $14.99

This includes:

A Knitted Garden – 46 Pieces
· Knitted Strawberries – 3 Pieces
· Orange Countryside Garden – 6 Pieces
· Green Knitted Butterflies – 4 Pieces
· Blue Small Knitted Flowers – 9 Pieces
· Blue Blooming Garden – 12 Pieces
· Pink Blooming Garden – 12 Pieces

Now, I just got my DT product today and let me tell you how pretty these items are!!! You cannot beat the price!!!