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Totally weird.....

I just went on my blog to listen to my play list as I wind down...gotta get everyone in a good mood for HW...we have church tonight and so wanted to get everyone in gear....

UH...first my play list has funkadelic 70's music on it...I re load and then my list has some techno stuff...and then reload again and I get some song with cuss words...:O I changed my password here and at the play list site JIC...You never know!!! that was def soooo weird!!!

SOOOOOOOO I apologize if there was any music that was offensive when you came for a visit. I am so embarrassed!

well it's all fixed now. hopefully it stays that way!

it's raining, it's pouring, I wish >I< were SNORING!!!


it's raining's still kinda cold out so it's slippery. :O days like this makes me sooo sleepy and droopy!

anyways i think my mojo left me high & took me forever to get a LO done last night...lots of fussy cutting and lots of pink cardstock was sacrificed in my efforts...all in vain. :P

got' er done, though...used this week's's teeniest terror!!!!

pretty dancer

i don't think i'm thrilled with it but teeniest terror sure is. thats what counts, right? Sorry for the blurry photo...DH took them for me while i was getting ready.

I tried to channel Beth from IAAS with a glittery butterfly. I gotta find out what adhesive she uses to keep 'em on. I have glitter beads all over the place. :O

Annie Blackberry in Sunday Magazine

Hello Dear Friends!
Please see our NEW JEWELLERY below :) How are you all?

Please remember that
YOU CAN ORDER through my site - just click on my email and I'll give you a good price on the pieces finished or a ONE-OFF especially designed for you!

In Annie Blackberry news...

I just heard from that Sunday Star Times contacted them for a photo of Annie Blackberry's Lego Jewellery! When I called them they said that it would be in the 'Going Up' Meter column of their Sunday magazine! Yay!! M2 Womens Magazine did a 2 page spread on Etch which is Annie Blackberry's primary stockist of the 16 stores we have. Although AB didn't get a mention ( :( ) our jewellery can be seen in the centre of the photo accompanying the story.

Thank you to Tauranga Interior Designer and Artist and friend, Antonia Cooney, for hosting a wonderful Annie Blackberry jewellery party!! It was so fun. Her lovely Mediterranean-style house provided a beautiful backdrop for a packed party! It was lovely to meet everybody and I was very encouraged by the enthusiam (and sales) generated for AB.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO HOST AN Annie Blackberry JEWELLERY PARTY just email me :) The hostess gets a free piece of jewellery and prices are discounted. Plus it's just really fun!! Thanks to Lillybeth Melmoth of A Beautiful Education for her help and make-up expertise.

THANK YOU to YOU for supporting me and reading my blog. I love my customers and supporters - I couldn't keep going if it wasn't for you.

Love Annie xxxx

PS Below are the new season Clonetroopers, Clone Gunners and Clone Commanders from The Star Wars Clone Wars. I have limited qwuanities of the classic Stormtrooper and Shadowtrooper left also. I have also imported some exquisite vintage and new cuff bracelets from the States. I only have obne fio each at this stage but if you'd like to order or enquirte about the price just email me or leave a comment with your email address.

what a week.

we've been having a rough far the oven broke again!

yep...our 14 month old oven...for the second time. The first time DH had to call and convince Maytag to replace the part for free...that part is a $250 part!!! eek! we went to sears and found a nice stove...wasn't a double you know how tiny the top one is???? :O but we got a cool one I think would work well. DH was upset because if we'd had known this, we'd have gotten everything else in another finish. *eyeroll* I'm happy with white appliances, as long as they work properly. Black and stainless steel are a lot in upkeep as well...and they even show smudges! Next time I told him we'll get satin nickel. LOL.

got something here to share:

you soar

got it done last night! I'm using the fabu kit i got!!! it was screaming at me all weekend long!!! LOL! this is also for category stories & I used this week's pencil lines sketch.

I am so thrilled that the photo went with the papers...i printed it out in color and had it put away for a while because I didn't know what to use with it. I checked to see how it looked as a B&W and it was tooo sweetie terror doesn't come up at all in that form.

My true comfort.......

besides the Lord (and his word) is my hubby. Seriously. I can't even say that creating comforts me because when i feel sad or upset I can't's like I am blocked from doing anything. Sad cuz creating makes me happy....

He can alter my mood so quickly, if I am sad just holding his hand makes me feel better. If I have a nightmare just cuddling next to him comforts me...and it's as if he knows because he'll then throw an arm on me....LOL. when i am crying a simple hug makes me feel so much better. I can be fine without him...but with him life is so much better....KWIM? I hope I am explaining it right and not giving off the impression that I am so needy...I hope he feels the same about me...

so this one is made for design x....

true comfort

I used this week's CCG combo again! :D

hope ya like!



in full bloom

good morning!

I am here yet again, to share yet another fabulous creation. LOL!!!! :D I really think I am beyond obsessed....I plan on scrapping tonight again....maybe..who knows...I think I wanna do the DX challenge, I already know whose lovely photo to use as well.

This LO is using a fabulous CCG challenge. love the colors, never really thought to use them all together before this challenge board but now that I see them I love them together.

I also used a fabulous Ad This! challenge. The ad was a little tricky to me...But i love it. the twist was to emboss. well since I don't have embossing stuff I started thinking...yeah, that was that burning smell!!! SO I came up with this:

in full bloom

I painted my CS white and then an Orange color on top. well...the edges anyways. Then I took on of my AC thickers packs...chose the biggest flourish and put the paper on top and used my handy dandy sander. yep....sanded the flourish onto the paper. my hands hurt after doing file is a bit crusted with orange...and it took me a bit to like the end results. But if you asked me NOW whether I liked it or not...I'd say YES. after all that paper and sanding i decided to keep the other stuff simple...just used some rub ons and a pretty bow.

the photo is of my teeniest terrors with our little friend! She and her parents came over for dinner on Valentines day, and I can definitely see a friendship blooming between her and my children. she always seems happy to see us and while at first it may take some warming to the kids when she first arrives, after a while they snuggle up happily. It's definitely cool that while we consider her parents very good friends she can consider our kids the same, and vise versa. They're a little blessing the Lord has thrown our way. :)

well, I'm off to do some dreaded work...I put that off too long and now I am swamped. :O




got some excellent news that may have to wait...sorry for being a tease!

BUT I do have some pretties to share! DH cooked for me while i was at work so I had some extra time to scrap. lookie there! LOL!

well, I got this one done for the dream girls challenge...use AC stuff...a heart & a flourish. Right up my alley cuz I have tons of the old AC paper which i love but didnt have the heart to cut into...I find that so silly of what's the point of buying them if you're not going to use it....right? LOL.

anyways...this LO contains all AC papers, Thickers, the butterfly and heart in a circle are foamy AC accents as well. the flourish is AL ... just used the MM tiny alphas and KI acrylic letters. I used a pencil lines sketch!

from sorrow 2 joy

it's my babe and my baby. :D all about how her daddy just cannot stand to see her unhappy! :)

this one i also did for the DG challenge...more funky AC paper. Thickers. and the arrow is also AC. I used a sketch from sketch this!


the title says it all, doesn't it?

Beach Boy


well, it's Tuesday and my first day back at work. my lil sis came by to visit with her kids and we had so much fun despite that nasty headache i had. i tried pushing it from my mind but nonetheless I enjoyed having them over.

I created this LO on Sunday night. It's for CCG...they're having a DT call and well i decided to give it a shot.

beach boy

I used last week's ad this challenge, i thought that ad was perfect for the photo and colors I was using.

just stuff to be grateful for

well, i enjoyed yesterday. my DH took the day off and cleaned up most of the house for me while i was with the terrors at their classes. he cooked and baked as well. we had our friends, Eric & Astrid (and their baby) over for dinner. we always love when they come over. the kids love their baby girl and we love cracking jokes with them!

well it occurred to me that in a week or so will mark an event in my life. the time i got hospitalized.

do you think it's time to tell my story?

After having teeniest terror, i was so tired. all the time. as in wake up, feed the baby, change the baby, cuddle the baby, go to sleep with the baby...start process again.
I just slept all the time.

DH noticed and was a bit annoyed at first cuz nothing was getting done. then i started getting horrible pains in my mid he got scared and off to the ER we went. they thought that it was because my insides weren't cleaned out right by the Doc who delivered my baby. Had sono done, they wanted to do a D&C (I think those are the initials...{ooPs})they didn't (TG) and sent me off with a prescription for cipro...which i found out I am allergic to.

anyways go to the Dr, follow up, tell them I am allergic and try and get other meds. start having fevers...really bad...I probably said a lot of stuff in delirium...DH is scared, my terrors are scared and crying, hugging me and asking me if I am going to as soon as I am able to walk around I go to the DR. they're worried because there's gotta be a reason for the fever, right? so more blood work.

next day I get a call..."uh...mrs. need to go into the hospital. they're expecting you. I'm like ok, Doc...whatever ya say" and hang up thinking "uh uh. you're nuts, I ain't going to no hospital!" I call up DH and tell him what the Doc said and what I thought. he obviously didn't agree...called up the Doc and he forced me to go....

basically it was a miracle I wasn't passing out. my blood counts were alarmingly low and the Doc could not believe i was able to function let alone care for a newborn baby. they begin running tests to see what is wrong...

i get the news: I am diagnosed with Lupus. And it was attacking my kidneys. I needed a blood transfusion but with my blood type being rare and then my blood having antibodies attacking my kidneys they were worried my body would reject it.

so more tests...a kidney biopsy, skin biopsy, blood work done 3xs daily, my family coming and seeing me like this...the worry etched on their faces, my babies calling me crying for me to come back home promising that they'd behave for me if I just came back....that was the worst torture for me. I'd fight with God one moment and beg him the next saying "you gave me those beautiful little kids, you cannot take me away from them!"

I lasted in the hospital for a week. I was let out earlier cuz they needed the room...I wasn't ready physically to go back home but mentally that's where I needed to be. I had to go on Chemo to regenerate my kidneys...the Drs looked so grim when they spoke to they didn't have any hopes of my kidneys coming back...

i saw the picture of the biopsy done during one of my was really bad. The DR was amazed and said I am a miracle.


that's just what I am, a walking, breathing, talking miracle.

I am soo grateful that my body held out for the whole pregnancy with teeniest terror...she had to be induced. that should've been a sign there. the OB had no reason to suspect anything....

being on heavy meds like prednisone and then HBP and has taken a huge toll on me and my body...physically and mentally. it's taken it's toll on my family...i can honestly tell you that it was then that i knew my worth to them. growing up i have always battled with a low self image and with negative thoughts towards myself. having my dh stop everything to come and see me if just for a few minutes just to sit and look at me...made me realize just how much he loved and needed me.


well...the trip down memory lane is just a reminder to me to just take things in and enjoy the borrowed time we're all on. makes me appreciate the Lord's love and grace.

shortly after this DH decides it's high time that I start scrap booking. i had eyed the stuff and shied away from it thinking "it's not me, I wont be good at this" that's the beauty of it.

who does it have to be good for?

there's no right or wrong. since i love to gush about the terrors or just jot down thoughts it has been a perfect way to let my family know how i feel about them and that they are important enough to me to want to record it on paper.

well, it's getting late, i need to blow my nose and go to sleep. the hubby already bellowed for me.



more scrappy stuff...I think I'm on a roll!

This year I made a goal to scrap more. why? because i need more time to relax, get creative, and just unwind. Scrapping really makes me feel so accomplished...well that's the feeling I get when I get another LO done. happy, accomplished, and usually ready to sleep. LOL.

so here's 2 I made last night: let me tell ya...i got a new album for my birthday and that album isn't able to close and I have one slot left....:O

here's one of my son....
Boys rule....

the story behind it:

It find it totally ironic that as a baby my parents photographed me with a sign that said "I love boys" I got teased a LOT. while preggers with my boy I wanted a girl...until i found out he was a HIM...when he was born wow...I fell so completely in love...a whole other kind of love that is soooooooooo inexpressible. wow, after him all I wanted were boys. didn't work out that way though!

this second one is for an ad this challenge. I loved that ad...I may play again with it...I have more ideas swirling around in this crazy head of mine!!!

my world

gotta love

that I am a challengeholic!

yep. I admit I have a problem.

I LOVE me some challenges

they keep me motivated, I try different things, even things I am wary of...

this one got done for Dream Girls!

I photographed it in color and in B&W cuz...well the B&W was an accident but after looking at it it showed so much more texture...if that's the right word for it.


This is for you, my sweet chatterbox!

You rock

and the B&W:
you rock B&W

i have to say....i scrapbook because i need to let my kids know how much i love them. well...lets face it, I adore them and they mean so much to me.

my sweetie lost her first tooth.
here it is:

OMG...doesnt this post seem so random? I feel random & scattered today....

Love knows no boundries


went to church today and Pastor was funny...I love him so much!

he's can see it in his face because his wife is really sick with cancer but he keeps going. in his message he was uplifting and joking despite it all. we have to keep him in prayer.

I got this LO done last week, it's of my teeniest terrors, i love taking their photos, they're so innocent and so happy & carefree! I want to be like that!

Love knows no Boundaries

enjoy the rest of your sunday!

a light unto my feet.....

spent some time reading this AM and wow...went from Philippians to Proverbs and got something out of both. :D feels good cuz I got a lot of encouraging, especially from this:

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he's done. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6-7

well, I got 2 LOs done last for fun of my baby girls together which I photographed this AM & forgot my camera home :( SO maybe if I get a chance I'll post it off DH's LT. I have this itty 8.5x11 that I brought in and scanned. It's for Design X challenge...the craziest thing I've done...

well I didn't want to record any of the crazies I did as a teen...they were some things I'm not proud of and wince a bit when they come to mind. I did record how the biggest crazy I did was saying I do to DH. I knew how I felt for him but had no idea how he felt for me. thinking back on things I know now that he did love me but was to proud to admit it or show it. That and I had gone through so much in past relationships that had made my thoughts on self worth so pitiful. I am so blessed that the craziest thing I did actually turned out to be one of the best things I did.




I am so sleepy! My DH caught the bug i had, my DD is home sick from school...we have a party to go to in the WE...i am already tired from it all. :O

I am so sad that a not so local place is closing down...I haven't been able to go and buy from her since I work all week long and she's closed when I am out and this Saturday before the party DH is making the trip with me to go see what the lady has left scrappy wise.

I called to ask about acrylic albums I really want to chronicle our love dare but she has no more. :(

maybe she has those ringy thingies....

anyways I have a little LO to show off....

I'll say what it's for later on....


she's got ana-tude!

the girl was always the sweetest thing until she started school and voila! attitude! whenever she's in that mode, we call her ana tude! she hates it!

Hump day!

just getting over the hump...last night I cooked a quick simple dinner and scrapped!!! yeah!!! I'm so happy to be at home evenings again. :)

I got this one done for CCG...their latest combo is a fave of mine...I may try the colors again who knows?

Winter Rose
what I really Like about CCG's challenges is that I pull out paper from every manufacturer to try and get that combo down pat. I get to use old and new. who can beat that?

the second one I got done was using my Jan. Kit (I really enjoyed working with it and am looking forward to Feb's!!! I am almost done with all of the paper!)

I used an Ad This sketch, it was an awesome one to try out and the trick to do was distress. That's right up my alley!


The Love Dare and other stuff


this WE has flown by me...not only was I under the weather but I was running around all through town under the weather!!! MY DD had 2 parties to go you know how that goes!

I got this LO done...using the fab January kit...and a sketch from Debbie Gaydos.

his girl

these are once again from Nani's birthday.

SOOO...i go over and check to see the new color combo and guess who's the featured member for the week????

LITTLE OLD ME!!! woooo hooo!!!! And here I thought no one paid any attention! LOL!!!!

Last night DH and I saw Fireproof...and wow. I loved the movie. we also got the book "the Love dare" based on the movie...we have decided to try it and I want to chronicle how it goes so I may be doing my first acrylic album...I just need one that would fit 40 days worth of LOVE challenges.

we're not a couple who would necessarily need counseling or anything like that but we want to avoid growing old and apart...KWIM?

SO I wholeheartedly tell ya: go out, get the movie & watch it with your man...and get the book. I dare ya!