hey there!

well, today's thursday, another workday...shoot, every day has been a work day for me! I can't wait to have a day off!!!

we've been thinking hard on stuff over at the teenyterror household and pretty much have our hearts set on what we'll do in different scenarios. DH is feeling better, too. Gotta love that!

I got to squeeze this LO out of my busy schedule. I used this week's color challenge I think the colors are perfect for what the LO is about. I used a pencil line sketch and I tried this week's catalyst at Creative therapy.

It's about how growing up NOT was a prevalent word for me. "I'm not pretty, not talented, good for nothing, not good enough" Now I focus on everything I CAN BE.


Here I used American crafts paper, I hand cut them. The red flowers have that light blue color, you can't see it well in photo but in person it looks nice :) 8.5x11 fills up quickly so I didn't add my usual stuff because it's already all crowded...LOL! I used some hambly, some tulle under the flower, & acrylic paint.

thanks for peeking. :)

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Hmmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmmm!!!!


I don't know if anyone really reads this, or what...but today this post is a vent.

This is the first day I EVER had to get out of my face with someone. And it was LONG overdue.

growing up my dad always instilled in us:

* respect. Respect to our elders.
* do the right thing. if you see someone drop a dollar on the floor, pick it up and give it back to them.
* always help. you see someone struggling, help them.
* be generous. if you see someone who needs something and you have extra, give it to them.

now my dad left and whatever but those values are deeply engrained in me. SO much that I aim to teach my children those very things. even if it does mean that they belong to a whole other time period. BECAUSE that's how I feel at times. Like I don't belong because all WE deal with is:

people taking advantage of our good nature. our kindness. Crapping on us every chance they get. Us being there for everyone when they need it and no one being there for us when we are in need. Neighbors who do what they want when they want not caring. customers who pay when they want, complain, are disrespectful.

This morning hubby went to see a tenant who was very close to being evicted...(we should've done it a LONG time ago but see above) they owe a light bill that was put on our names. it was run up high and we thought it was taken care of.

well the guy now says it isn't their problem. it's ours. that's how my hubby left for work today. with that on his mind.

the guy comes over to the shop and starts saying how he feels disrespected that hubby approached him in front of his wife, yadda yadda how the last guy who did that wound up in the ER.

That set me off.

HOW DARE HE. HOW DARE he come to my shop and start spouting nonsense to me. I went and took a large file we have of paperwork because while we are stupid enough to be kind and get crapped on we are smart enough to have a paper trail with their signatures on it. AND I TOLD him. I LET him know. His wife wasn't too sick to start all of the paperwork and sign everything and read all of the stuff. So when it comes down to it we know he's full of CRAP. Stop playing the "my wife is sick card" because guess what homeboy, WE ALL have our problems!

WE are SICK. we are tired. we have FOUR kids that have been suffering because everything we have has gone into that house. into people who have leached and don't care, and who arent worth it anymore. All we do is WORK to try and pay it all off, I have a 2nd job to try and help out! It's all a blur but I shocked the guy. enough for his anger to turn into almost crying. He changed his tune after I was done. He was probably expecting me to stay quiet and nod my head like I usually do because I really do not like confrontations. AND hubby's the one who deals with the tenants.

Am I proud? No. I didn't want "the Brooklyn" to come out of me. (As hubby always says, LOL) But I needed to. It's all been building up for so long.

DH is going for testing now because the DRs are concerned about the cause for his headaches. They think it may be Glaucoma. He's been on some pain meds for the headaches he's been going through but they still don't seem to be doing much...SO he's going in for an X-ray, an MRI, and early next month an eye specialist. that was the soonest he could get the appointment for. :(

we have tons of heavy and hard life changing decisions to make. What's hardest is the feeling of isolation we have because of us not wanting to worry anyone we make it all light when it really isn't.

Sisterly Love

hi!!!! :D

guess what today was?

today was my baby's first day of school. yes, you read right. my baby's 1st day. and you know what else??? she loved it. Daddy went in with her to "phase" her in. He told me she left kicking and screaming. and at one point she even kicked him out. yes, Ms. independent did not want her daddy escorting her anywhere. :O


Here's a LO using this week's color combos challenge. cool colors, I think I may try it again. :) I also used this weeks Pencil lines sketch loosely. My 2 teeniest terrors with a quote that made me LOL because it really does describe them. This photo is one of my fave of them as well. you rarely catch these 2 in moments like these. without further ado, Sisterly Love:

Sisterly love

here I used corrugated cardboard paper from Mike's. I distressed it a bit, I used a whole bunch of stuff...prima, making memories, and doodle bug flowers, some ribbon, pink paisley papers, and some paint. you can't really see it much in the picture but the butterscotch color looks nice on that Kraft CS.



I am exhausted. it's been a looong week. I worked all day long on my feet and was happy to be home.

Hubby surprised me yet again by cleaning up and doing laundry. Despite him feeling under the weather. More on that at another time. SO, I decided to create. there is a challenge blog I have been following closely but have been a bit intimidated because the designers are awesome. This time around I decided to try the challenge out. Just to get something off my chest.


The blog is Design eXperiment, and this past week's prompt was to scrap your fear. Well mine is of not being. Living with Lupus it's hard not to have "am I healthy?am I ok?" nagging me because it is one of those things that even if I am feeling ok, I can be seriously sick. I'm not scared of dying, my faith in God pushes the fears away but I AM human and humans are prone to be scared. My fear is of missing out on my kids and my husband.

I also used this week's color combo challenge, again. I loved them and well....while the subject of the LO is kinda morbid, I wanted to portray a bit of the hope i feel using the colors.

I'm glad to have participated.

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Back to school!!!!!!


I have amazing news!!!! Arianna has been accepted into school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went in this AM to submit some peperwork and we were told she was going on the waiting list. we got a call an hour later!!! SO this AM and early Afternoon we were running around filling out paperwork and going to the DR to get her paperwork filled out for her last physical. The girl got to meet her teacher and was crying cuz she wanted to stay!!!

SOOOOOO now I have all 4 kids in school. Arianna goes in for 3 hrs m-f, but hey, it's my quiet time...well, as long as customers dont start harrassing me.


I had something scrappy going on last night. These are my older terrors on their first day of school. I used this week's color combo and this week's random chaos challenge. The quote's by Aristotle.

the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

not what I had in mind, but it grows on me. :D Don't the kids look excited??? LOL!!!


has flown back to her hometown. :(

yep, my mom is back in Fl. she left on wednesday and it was hard to see her go. :(

I wasn't able to do much scrapping but I did manage to make her a little something the night before she left. I believe she was surprised even though I was making it in front of her...LOL. she didnt think i was making it to give it away. But I did! I hope she likes it.


I used this week's color combo challenge. the colors look nice with the photo. My mom pops doesn't she??? I also used a sketch from Sketch this.

the kids started school yesterday and we had some drama. Of course. HOPEFULLY it's was a bus matter. DH and I have rehearsed scenarios with the kids on what to do if they get shipped on the wrong bus. Most important thing was to make sure they were all together. I think the 2 older terrors would be fine but the little one would break down if she were alone.

I do have some 1st day pix but I am backed up with work. I havent been feeling too well lately, I think it's my blood pressure. No worries though, I went to the Dr and they gave me a prescription for meds. So I should be fine.

anyways enough rambling...

could you believe I missed One Tree Hill!!! It was on MONDAY of all days!!! :( HuMPH!!! I love that show!

TTYL, Peeps!

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