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yep. Bleh. Monday. 

Have 2 LOs to show off, though.

for the scrappiest:


My DD and her little love note to me.

there's an awesome prize waiting to be won...I'd love to see your take on the sketch. Take a look at what my fellow DT members did, as well...awesome work, as always!

and for Ad This:


my kids are off from school today...I've been printing worksheets off the net to keep them busy and I think it's backfiring on me. and now I am moody. 

What color are YOU??

Happy Wednesday....I think.

over at AAM challenge #2 is up!!! It's Kim's turn to pick a challenge, and she choose "what color am I?"

Here is mine:



This challenge really had me. I didn't know what approach to take...I really didn't even know what color I was. So I googled color quizzes and took 2. One said Blue, the other green. I read the other colors and what they stood for and well...I am a bit of everything. My mood shifts and I can go calm and serene like blue, vibrant and fresh like green, fiery and passionate like red, and playful and girly like a rosy pink.

SO that's what I went with. I found that on photobucket you can change a photo to make it look like pop art and holy smokes, Batman! (It's gotten me into a bit of a pickle...too. Now My teeniest terror insists that having dark hair is way too much. I should dye it red, green, and blue!!! Uh OH!)  Since I wanted to incorporate the colors I was feeling like I used Kraft CS as  background. I used an awesome sketch from 52 sketches, some anna griffith tape, hambly, black MM paint, and MM paper, & pink glimmer mist :)

We all thought it was an awesome challenge. you can attack it from many different angles...and I was expecting the challenge to be rocked...and BOY was I not surprised. Go over and check out. I'd love to see you play along!!!!

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk - Tools @ PurposeDriven.com

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk - Tools @ PurposeDriven.com

Shared via AddThis

I have always wanted to share here this web site because well..I don't read it everyday...but everyday I get an email with a devotional to read. Everytime I do read, I always take something with me.

This morning, I am going through my emails and LOL at some, feeling good about others, and then I opened up this AM's devotional. and you know what? Tears came to my eyes...because I don't know about you, but I am most certainly guilty of this. And I never realized that what I was doing was telling the Lord he made a mistake with me!

So...this is just something I will try to consciencely work on. Every day. Because imagine the gall of me saying that with knowledge!!!

I have to say this:

I really, TRULY, deeply appreciate each and every one of you! I was a bit leery about starting a blog...you know, because really, do I need to put my business all out there in blogland for all to see? And then I didnt know of many who blogged so I felt really dumb at first "talking to myself". The encouragement, the laughs, the love I feel with each comment is amazing, and just to let you know, I am sending cyber hugs out to you. Thank you! for coming back after each whiney post...reading through my insessant ramblings at times. And especially for the advice, the cheering up, and awesome support. This is all stuff I get from hubby, ofcourse...But you know how it is with men...after a while their patience runs out and while it's obvious to them...us ladies tend to harp on stuff...at least I do, anyways.



It's that day again!

It's MON-day!!!

the dreaded day of going back to work and school, from a WE of in my case, catching up with the house somewhat, spending time with the kids, practicing my DRIVING!!! :GULP!: and getting myself acclimated to new meds my DR prescribed. It's been leaving me in like a fog...with pressure in my eyes and a slight headache. Not good...I feel like a blob with no energy. :( I'm sad because I wasn't really able to participate in the community outreach the church threw on Saturday. apparently this was the WE with record lockouts...because the phone kept right on ringing!!!

ANYWAYS MONDAY is the day I can show off DT work. Yep, that's right, folks, another Sketch is up over at The Scrappiest!!! #31!!!!

wow, this sketch was so awesome, and when I got it in my email I was so stoked, amped up, thrilled and couldn't wait...BUT with Ms.mojo gone...it was like pulling teeth to try and get a LO done. I'm thinking I am now starting to like it...but believe me when I first finished the LO...I was disappointed.

Me & You


to make those flowers, I used a Tut from 52 sketches, By The Scrappest's very own, Aphra!!! you can see her fabu tut here!

Now I can show this one off, too! It's for Ad this!!!


I would really love to see you guys join in. :)

So...I have been driving around. YEP. I almost gave up on driving...Saturday night I just felt panic and sheer terror...and in my mind just kept thinking I am going to kill my kids in a car wreck over something stupid while driving. I told DH I can't do it...I don't wanna drive!He, of course he was disappointed...and that gave me a guilt trip...his words..."Don't let your fear get the best of you. You did well. You just need to practice and you'll be a good driver." :sigh: So I got behind the wheel on Sunday. For 2 hours. we went through long windy roads, curvy tricky roads with lots of blind spots...roads with a high speed limit...So sorry but I am not comfortable with driving more than 3o MPH...so yeah you can say I am driving Miss Daisy...or a Sunday Driver...literally!!! Waah, Waah, Waah!!!

so I feel a bit better about driving.

Now if I can only stop making the stupid mistakes!!!!

somewhere over the rainbow.....


today as you know is Thursday. We are nearing the end of a week. I am feeling so frazzled.



because I am now taking driving lessons, and I am being told I am doing well. have faith in myself...BUT i keep making mistakes.

I am nervous.

because what if I crash this car? what if I hurt someone because of my inexperience? we cannot afford another car if I total this one.

I am stressed. because as you know it DH is in school nights and I am left with the four kids. dinner, HW, bath, go to bed, clean up, make myself sleep without him...I am so used to his snoring it is hard! then to wake up every AM early and do it all over again...running to the same bus stop 3 times in the morning. because my kids are really testing me. and I am a wimp.

I miss my hubby so much. we're always together. I mean, the man even calls me to talk when he's in the bathroom. I know...gross...but  the point to it is we are always together...handling the kids...shopping...working...watching TV, at church, sleeping....a part of me is missing while he's at school.
My DR spoke to me strongly. And he put me on medication. AND he wants to see me more frequently. every 5 weeks. So it has me thinking things may not be honky dory in the health Dept. To top it all off I let it slip to my mom. So now she is suspicious. and worried. I hate adding to her load.

My mojo is GONE. I am about to put an alert out for her soon.

OK enough of being Mrz. whiney pants.....to cheer up the post a bit I found this:

Rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

rainbows are a beautiful reminder of the Lord's promise he made to Noah. I know that His promises are kept, and he has promised he will never leave nor forsake me. so maybe I should focus on that instead of what I feel now. And that through HIM all things are possible...if I believe.

so....i hope you don't think I'm being a baby.

there's my whiney moment...and I'm pretty sure there will be lots more. :) Just remind me that I am not in control...He is. Or slap me across the head. LOL.

take care. off to referee the terrors.

The Secret Garden Collection - Spring/Summer 2009/2010 Collection

Hey hey! Welcome to my new collection for '09 and '10. This summer you'll wanna rock these cool pieces. I can give you a discount if you contact me through my blog. Some pieces are limited so to reserve yours or to ask about prices email me at: annieblackberry@hotmail.com. I welcome International orders too :)

A new Sketch is up & a new ad is up, too!!!

Hey! how did you spend your WE???

this is what Mr D asked me this AM...while on one of my last lessons....

what was my answer? "hmm...as best as it could be...all I did was clean, laundry, and yell at my kids. :P Hope yours was better!!!" He LOL'd at that and told me he was doing garden work cuz you know, up here in NY we're getting chilly weather and we have to winterize the outside now...all hedges and stuff gotta be trimmed before frost hits. at the end of the week will be my last lesson with the saintly man...in my jeep!!! :O Too bad I can't pick him up and take him everywhere I'd have to drive. he's such a calming influence on me while I am on the road. Get in my pocket, Mr. D!!! LOL!

got a LO to show off...it's based on The new sketch up at the scrappiest...one of my faves!


this is my teeniest terror!!! Doesn't it seem as though she is starring on a lot of my LO's lately? I assure you, she isn't my favorite kid...she's just so full of character and just so unpredictable when that camera comes out! My older kids have adapted the standard cardboard box "cheese" look on their faces that just makes me go "blah!" I really  have to catch them unawares to get the perfect shots. Not fun! especially since I can't ALWAYS have the camera handy! KWIM?

here I used old MM PP. The argyle I cut out, distressed it a bit and then cut of more rows to glue underneath. so you can get the brown...

I also saw a tut on someone's blog. I am soo sorry but the name eludes me...and she posted  a link to another site where they wet the chipboard pieces to separate the layers. Now I have to warn...don't OVER soak them. it took mine a LOOOONG time to dry...but it did dry interestingly....as soon as I can track down who I stalked, I will give proper credit...I promise! Or...if you come and read here, please gimme a reminder. :) I'd love to put a link here!!!

SOOOO there's a new AD up over at Ad This as well. Mine went in a bit late...I feel so bad. I really like to be dependable, you know! I've been so busy here at work and then at home with the kids...it has been overwhelming because they havent really been cooperating with me...by the time I'd try and get to work on it I'd be so aggravated and tired...nothing wanted to come together. I'm still unsure on whether I like this LO. The AD, however I loved and I am disappointed with my LO because I don't think I did it any justice. :(

Finally (back to school)


Teeniest terror, yet again...LOL....her first day of school...and let me tell you....this child kept on cheesing for her pops!! you don't wanna see how many photos he caught of the child...alll doing something diff with it. she's a little ham, I tell ya...I better enjoy it.

OK...here I cut patterns off old AC paper...that took me a while...and then I glimmer misted them against the CS and moved them elsewhere so you can see the detailing...I pop dotted them for some interest. The bottom strip was part of another AC paper that I cut into squares, junked them up, and added more pop dots. easy enough.

SOOOO...I gotta get to work...I have tons of it...I hope your weeknd was a whole lot better than mine!!! enjoy your MONDAY!


Don't honk if you see me on the road!

Can you guess what I was doing this AM?

JR, AKA June Balloon, JB for short (LOL), the hubby, took me out to the mall and had me driving around it's massive parking lot. Lucky for me, my uncle lives nearby and JB got the bright idea of asking me if I wanted to drive to his home...

I have to say...I do NOT feel comfy driving that Jeep. It's SO BIG, so HIGH up...SO powerful!!! The slightest tap on that gas pedal and wow...do we take off...it makes me nervous, hold my breath, my heart pound, my stomach plummet... worst of all it brings me flashbacks of when I crashed our Durango!!! I like the itty bitty toyota I've been learning in with Mr D. 

Oh goodness...out of change here, register tape, and of course I can't figure out how to refill it and get the register to work again...without putting the hammer to it.....

why does it always happen when DH is NOT at the shop????!!!

off to try and fix the dilemna!!!!

If I live to be 100....and some other rambles

Hello! Happy HUMP day! get over that hump!!!!

well...so far what have I done?

Yesterday was teeniest terror's 1st day of school. OMG...she was so ready to start!
I took yet another driving lesson. AND the instructor was very pleased with my driving , for some reason. 2 hours later I get a call from his assistant letting me know they booked the road test! WAIT a minute, Mr. D...you got some "splainin to do!!! I see him again on Friday so I will share my anxiety about that when I get a hold of him!!!

Today The hubby felt brave and took me to a parking lot to get a feel of the Jeep. In case you didn't know...we have a Jeep Commander...you know...the one with the huge Hemi. OMG...I was afraid to tap the gas because that vehicle just flies!!!!

I think I impressed him. He told me he felt pretty comfy with me behind the wheel too.

well. the whole point to this post is to share some LO's. Of course, I start with my rambles...

Today marks the day we share our LO's at AAM. I have to tell you, my fellow DT members blew it outta the park!!! Go and check it all out at the blog!!!

here's mine....


The prompt is: If I live to be 100:

Life doesn't give you any guarantees. One would expect to live a long life but I don't. With the time I do have, I just want to spend showing you and the kids how much I love you. Be it 10, 30, 100 years from now, I just want enough time to see how the kids turn out, even future grand kids.

I went the sappy route. I thought about it and well....I went from the heart.  I had this photo of my sexy sweet chocolate. :)

I used a sketch from 52 sketches as well.

I also wanted to share this one made just last night, fresh, right out of the oven!!!

Fashion FWD


my 2 terrors on their 1st day of school...well technically AFTER...since mommy forgot her camera.all about how we went overboard buying them stuff for school...man, did we shop!!! I used this week's color combo over at CCG. I haven't participated in such a long time...:( I love using their combos.

well, thanks for taking a peek!!! Have a blessed day!!!!

My Labor Day was spent exactly the way it sounds like: I LABORED!

Yes...one of my RARE days off...I spent the day cleaning (NOT done yet) and getting fall/winter clothing out of bins and summer stuff put into the said bins. The Bedrooms have been such a wreck so I have been moving beds and cleaning underneath. I have to say I haven't been very pleasant to the girls who have made me really angry because they kept telling me their room was clean!!!!

anyways...enough of my day of LABOR....on to share some news.

I made yet another DT. Yep, lil ole me. I made DT for Ad This!

This challenge blog uses awesome ads as inspo for layouts. This is my second time trying out and making the team...and let me tell you, now every time I see a cool ad, I wanna use it for a LO!!!! I hope I get to see some of you play along. every week we have a winner and they get to be the guest designer for the following week. awesome, right?

Today was the great reveal....wanna see what my 1st LO for them looks like?

well...I won't keep ya waiting.

The Really Long Wait:

 This was taken on the 1st day of school for the older 3 terrors. Nani after a while got so bored and started to miss her victims. LOL. SO she sat in the front of the shop by the glass to see if she spotted them. so cute, right?

also have to show off LO's for this week sketch. #29 to be precise... over at the scrappiest.....

I made 2...and sent them both for Liz to pick which ever she wanted to use (a gal's gotta have options, right???) and she chose 'em both.

They both happen to be of my sonny boy.



OK, mommy proved she isn't perfect. I left my camera behind at work...totally forgetting I needed it for the 1st day of school. SO this is a photo of him at the shop...AFTER school. :P atleast I was able to get a shotor two....




I just cannot believe that I have a fifth grader. Time is speeding by too quickly.

SO...my peeps...that is all the work I can show for now.

hope ya'll are enjoying BBQ or a day out....can't wait to hear all about it.

I promise you...

that I HAVE been scrapping!!! Even though I haven't posted anything (I can't)...your girl here has been scrapping her heart out.

I have 5 LO's done this week so far...all DT work...SO the only peeps who get to check them out are the Hubby, the terrors, and the blog owners. :)

and no...I can not show peeksies, either. even though I am soooo tempted.

SO how did the kids' 1st day of school go...do you wonder?

Pretty well. I was so exhausted, though...and my patience was running pretty thin. It's going to be tough getting all 4 terrors to their stop on time...I have to make 3 trips this year. AND get to work on time. :sigh: I really need to get to bed earlier...BUT since it's not all about me and how grumpy I was. they did great! they love their new teachers, Lexi isn't in the same class with 2 girls whom she claims hate her...and the bus driver is a CHRISTIAN!!! How did Lexi know? Because the kids asked to put the radio on and she said NO. Then some kids cursed (Horrible, I know!!!) and she reprimanded them saying she will not allow cussing on her bus! AND the last piece of evidence: as Lexi walked by to get off the bus she happened to hear some CHRISTIAN music playing very low. ALL I have to say to that is PRAISE the Lord!!!! WHY? Because My son has the same driver. Because this one maintains order on her bus. Because she is a fellow christian. and because she doesn't play that raunchy music their old bus driver used to play...loudly, may I add!!!

well...driving lesson #2 went well...I didn't break the instructor's neck...not even once! I just need to learn how to correct my mistakes on my own...so we will see how the next lesson (TOMORROW!) goes!!!

Guess what? Sonny boy confessed to me he'd like a pair of converse sneaks as well!!! I guess that saying "good things come to those who wait" really is true!!!!

There have been some changes going on this new school year. The kids have to pay for their food, so Mommy has decided to make them breakfast before they leave. It's healthier, anyways!  There will be no TV on throughout the week. Just to ensure the kids get their stuff done, correctly! It will cut down on any nagging I will have to do when the TV gets turned on. :D Since there is no TV and the kids have quite a bit of quiet time after dinner I got the bright idea of making a trip (soon) to the Christian bookstore and getting the kids a devotional. yessiree! throughout the evening they can either read or stay with me in the family room...I scrap at night...with music playing. I enjoyed No TV last night...like I said...less nagging.

So while I haven't been able to post stuff I have scrapped recently...I have made up in chatter. :D Lots of it! Hopefully tomorrow I will have something scrapped that I will be able to show off right away. I feel so weird not being able to post it as soon as I am done...:(

Well, enjoy, and have a blessed day!!!


new girl on the blog!

hello there,well i'm here but i'm still testing the water,so please be patient and i hope to bring you lovely things to see very soon. x

some good news.....!!!!


so...are you wondering what my news is?

are you?????

I'm not a tease so I'll just spit it out. one of my good...awesome, great, ecstatic news is that:


It's all about me challenge blog is a brand spanking new blog...dedicated to getting your story across. To me, that is so important...as a proud mommy I often find my terrors the subject of my Layouts...and I think I should have something for them to see mommy's human side.

I am soooooo so so honored that I got to be one of the pioneering ladies. I'd love for you guys to join in!!! There's a cool MB to chat and everyone is so very friendly I can already see myself making awesome friends.

I did get a layout done last night but it's DT work and I can't show it off yet...

I found out some more good news yesterday as well...I can't share that just yet, But Stay tuned.....