coming & going: what's happening now.

Hi :)

I have my mom visiting with a special guest, my baby niece, Selah.

They came up for my cousin's wedding and I got to babysit since kids weren't allowed. A whole day with a fifth teenyterror was fun. We went & got our haircuts, shocked my brother in law because he came up to visit...he thought I had a secret pregnancy...LOL...

On Sunday we went to hear my Grandma preach at my childhood Church In Queens, NY. Afterward, we went to an Ecuadorian restaurant with the grandparents, my 3 uncles, my cousin & her DH, and mom. Eating there and seeing the menu was so reminiscant of childhood...and eating at my grandma's dining room table.

So I had this:
This dish is called Guatita and you can find a recipe here. This is sooo delish!!! YUM!!!
My hubby and I split this at the restaurant, but the one with Chicharron....and all I can say is OH-EM-GEEE!

when I got home, I asked my mom to teach me how to make this:

I think I got the gist of it, but I wrote down the recipe as I watched my mom cook. My family was asking for seconds! This was my fave childhood was a big deal when grandma made this.

Tonight my mommy made me this:

These photos are "borrowed" from this website: Laylita's recipes. She does step by step photos in her recipes, which I think is wonderful that way if you're not sure, all you have to do is look.

This weekend has brought me so many fond & delicious childhood memories...and it has prompted me to try and learn how to make these dishes for my own feels good getting in touch with the Ecuadorian I have been cooking mainly Puerto Rican dishes. I am pleasantly surprised that my husband has been enjoying these meals and is encouraging me to learn and make them. He wants me to make a new dish every week. :)

I dropped the ball!!!

just wanted to pop in and say....I am in teenyterror heaven!!! I have Brandon, Crystal, & Selah house is a ruckus and probably like a scene out of "where the wild things are"...but I am enjoying every second!!!!

guess what

SFTIO was doing a giveaway at Donna Downey's blog...I was supposed to post this earlier....OOPs...

so it may only be relevant to me....

I don't have any layouts to post....the ones I am working on and already have completed can only be shown on reveal day....soooo....

I will post about something else that excites me.


I have little song birds (AKA Teenier Terrors) that sing along to everything....and our CDs get lots of playtime out of them. We can sing the songs to you backwards, i think.

SO we at the teenyterrors households have been looking around at various artists' websites looking for some info on any new releases to love on and play over&over&over&over again.

we're excited about getting these!

Israel Houghton

Toby Mac

 The Newsboys

and last but not least...................................................................................................

another thing for me to be excited about:

My Mommy's coming to visit! YEAH!!!!! I haven't seen her in 2 the visit is long overdue.

until next time....

wat's up?

hey there!

I was a busy bee this past weekend! Can you imagine that?!!

On Friday I went to my first Zumba class ever...and let. me. tell. you!!!!

I had a BLAST! of course when i got home that night I was exhausted! I had lots of fun...went with some cool peeps who are the bestest ever to go make a dancing fool out of yourself with. I hope to keep going!!!

I have decided....and this has been in my heart for so try and get more involved at my Church. I am so shy and scared of putting myself out there! I am the biggest stumbling block....I talk myself out of things that I want to do because fear gets in the way, insecurities...etc. I am determined not to let any of that get in the way anymore!

So...this Saturday was my first ever Girls' Mins. Sponsor meeting. :D

I am going to be a helper. and I am nervous.

Another thing...

I've slowed down in my creative life. :( I think it's because of lack of energy...&&& maybe just maybe the little funk I'm in will clear when those dumb meds kick in...but this makes me sooo sad...I don't even take any pix poor poor canon...feels so left out.

SO. whatamidoinghere? supposed to be working but taking a break to show you this last layout.....on discovery.

as's alll about love. well...what I discovered about it.

things to discover....

whizzing by to show you another discovery layout using the awesome, the wonderful, discovery kit from  SFTIO!

Yes, I went there. Often times I try to keep my faith not quiet,  but a bit on the DL so as not to offend anyone, or to have anyone roll their eyes at me with "not THAT again"... but this time I HAD to scrap about this discovery...every time I open up that Good Book and I read about these things and people over 2000 years ago...I am often touched at how things still apply to me. there is a message within the words that sometimes I just have to thank the Lord, there are times I am so deeply touched that I cry...and become so overwhelmed by emotion.  As I read on, I feel closer to the One who inspired the words. It's such a wonderful feeling of being loved, feeling GRACE and MERCY. I hope that I use the Word as a guide to show me the way in times I need a breakthrough.

some new things I've discovered!

this store! Thanks Amy!!!

they're just starting out so they don't have much of a selection...but the things they do have are sooo cute!

to get to that store, we had to travel to Paramus, NJ. The mall it was in was a nice one.

Tomorrow, I am going to this class! A friend from church loves this and offered to accompany me. A little group of us are going. we looked up vids on this &&& I am a bit scared....LOL....BUT it looks like fun and I'm excited. :D

I have discovered a new and strong resolve. I NEED to lose weight. My blood pressure's too high.  I know if I lighten up, it'll go back to normal. Then that'll be one less thing  to take meds for. Or worry about. YAY!

I NEED to rediscover my love of picture taking. I don't wanna call it photography...that sounds so professional to me. LOL. Maybe then, my other love...scrapbooking will bloom. I've been stuck for a bit & just creating for DT...not for just because. I am currently open to any suggestions: do you know of some more inspirational challenge blogs that I can add to my list? I'm going to start playing along again.

so I will end my little list of discoveries on that note. what discoveries have you made?

& we live happily ever after

Good morning, my lovelies!

Today there is a new post up over at AAM Challenge blog! we're still in the middle of celebrating a year of challenges, emotions shared...that's a big huge deal. What's the second prompt going to be about?

it's about celebrating the positives!!!!

& we live happily ever after honestly....I haven't been feeling particularly positive about anything. I've been a huge grump...well...the moods have been swinging like a pendulum in full motion....back & forth, back& forth. I feel really sorry for my family sometimes because I can sometimes feel some horns coming out at the top of my head pushing that shiny halo aside and I bite everyone's heads off.... Kinda like the queen in alice in wonderland. OFFF WITHH THEIRR HEADSSSS!!!!

I almost always feel better after walking on the treadmill for an hour. I guess I let all the aggression out.

The photo in the layout?
it has a story behind it.
while brainstorming for discovery kit (SFTIO) I asked hubbs about places to photograph.
the man was in the middle of his bout with poison ivy.
being in the sun makes it worse
yet here he is. taking photos.
in the hot sun.
all for me.

So can you guess what is one huge positive in my life?
He is.
and I just felt that I should commemorate HIM. The love of my life. because no matter what we're going through...he makes things so positive and great for me.

have to quickly add...I used remnants from a kit from SFTIO...


I love trying new things. new things in clothing, in scrapping, and in food!

yep. you read right.

the family & I (yes, we do all of our shopping together) went to adam's (a local farmer's market/nursery type place) and found some beautifully shaped whole grain pasta. It was locally made, too.

then that same day we headed to Sam's for some bulk items and found some yummy chicken & mozzarella sausage. Delish!!!! That very same day we bought some french bread.

this is after I sliced it, buttered it up, & toasted it quickly....yum.

you put it all together & what do you get??? my tummy growling.

This food disappeared as soon as I dished it up, it seems. The terrors usually dawdle at the dinner table and talk more than they chew...but not on this night!!!!

I have to add something scrappy related:

a sneeky peeky. Tomorrow a new prompt will be up at AAM...the crop has started, please check it out. there's challenges, bingo, and prizes to be won.

until tomorrow....:D

Join the birthday party!

It's all month long with this blog hop, there will be a crop over at the message board with challenges, games, and tons of prizes!!!!

you should've came here from Donna's blog

I am a part of the 1st design team Melissa picked, and I have to say that I am very proud and honored that she still keeps me around. It's a priveledge to be a part of the team. The challenges have been thought provoking and a challenge to me. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good challenge!

I wanted to share my fave layouts and here they are:

this is for the first challenge as a DT member....the challenge was "if I lived to be 100........"

and this one really challenges me....

"what color am I"

now I guess you're looking for that word you need to complete the special little phrase....riiiight??? LOL. maybe I'll make you wait a bit.

Now I have a small RAK to offer....all you have to do is leave me a comment having anything to do about celebration...a special memory, an awesome birthday, memorable anniversary, whatever your little heart desires! If you want to follow me, let me know you did and I'll put you in the random drawing 2xs.
now hop on over to Rachel's blog to continue hopping along!!!!

barely got over that hump!

hey, my fave blog readers!!!

I have to tell you that everything so far has been done with soooo much effort. I CANNOT wait til my meds kick in and I feel somewhat normal again.

went to the DR and she upped my medicine...that thing is supposed to work in about 3-6 weeks....say a little prayer for me that they kick in today!!! LOL!!!

anyways I am here to show you another discovery layout, created with the august discovery kit from scrapbooking from the inside out.


Can you believe my sweetie terror took this photo of me? She then took a peek and said "mommy, it's gorgeous! Can I play now?"

The journalling here is basically about how much an illness can reveal something to you. Seriously, you can take it badly and take on a whole dark attitude or you can take the good from it, and open your eyes to the positives around you. For me, it showed me how much I was needed, loved, my worth. As a kid battling issues with self worth and constantly not feeling good enough for anything...this made me fight to want to keep being there for my family...for my kids, and my hubby! Every night I'd pray reminding God (like he can forget, right?) that He gave me those 4 beautiful kids so that I can help in raising them, not to leave them motherless. Trust me when I say this, there was such a resolve in me not to quit....and this will remind me every time afterward how much I needed to keep fighting...because lets be honest here...having so many health issues often makes one question how much longer....

I just feel very blessed to have this little revelation, to have my eyes opened.

I hope that you each have little revelations that make your day a little bit brighter!!!!

brand new week to discover

Hi! Happy Monday!

nope...I didn't necessarily wake up cheery or happy this AM....more like wiped out...BUT it's the start of a brand new week. my daughter finished her summer program with headstart, and we are done with back to school shopping!!! Only things left to buy are the undergarments and a pair of winter boots each. No biggie.

we've been shooping non stop...ended the shopping spree with a trip to some places in Jersey...last stop there? Ikea, of course. Then back to our neck of the woods to Converse...and even mommy got a pair!!! YAY!!!!

SO while it was sooo much fun to discover these new shopping places, it was also fun to discover things to scrap about. yep, gotta turn the post around to that.

I really love this photo of my kids on this hiking trail in Ft. Montgomery.  we really weren't expecting to find this, hence my DD in a dress...LOL.

A big huge discovery for me? It's all in the hidden journaling. About how I didn't take the "road" that was expected of me...that I even expected myself for a bit. Since I am book smart it's thought that my smarts is a huge waste because I have kids and chose not to continue college and on my way to a spectacular money making career. In ways I regret not finishing school just to have the eductation under my belt, but I do not regret having my 4 kids. and then dedicating my life to my family. Once my son was born I knew I didn't want to leave him with a babysitter.
I have been blessed enough that we could afford to have me stay home, I know that there are families that need both incomes to survive or to pay for their way of life.
I in no way see myself as a failure. Now we have been blessed with our own business in which I run our little shop and dispatch work, I get to work with the love of mylife, and my kids get to stay with us and learn.

The road I thought I was supposed to take didn't pan out for me...but I am so glad that the road I did travel...that beaten down rocky so worth it and brings me so much JOY.  That discovery made my month.

This week has zoomed by, it's Thursday!

Hi! It's me again, here with yet another post. I wanted to show you my first layout made using the Discovery kit from SFTIO.

I found out the emotion and brain some ideas of where i wanted to photograph and the hubby was all game. You see, since he travels throughout the area for work, he gets to see so much of where we live & the areas surrounding. SO when I said "discovery" he knew just where to take us. And I'm glad he did.

could you believe that those  places in the photos are all within 15-20 mins away from me? I am so in awe that a city girl who always said (& meant it) that no one would ever take her out of the City could love a place like this. in the little city I live in now drives me crazy because there's a mentality here that some people have (not all) and that's the wanna be ghetto fabulous....:uggh: all I need to do is drive out 10 mins and it's all forgotten. shoot, I can even walk down 5 mins from my shop to see a beautiful river front.

and here I am rambling. SO this Thursday one thing I am thankful for is being able to see this, and experiencing it with my hubby & kids. God's nature in all it's beauty.

A New Challenge's UP!!!!!


There's a new challenge up over at AAM!!!  This month marks the challenge blog's 1st Birthday and we're going to be celebrating big time. head on over to the blog or the forum for more info.

So how are we kicking off the month? With a challenge asking us to document our best birthday (memory) ever. My birthdays usually suck...or if not are just like regular days to me. SO I chose to scrap a best bday (to me). Sonny boy's very very first.

SRM Stickers sponsored the DT and is also giving a prize out to a lucky winner.I got to use 'em on this LO!!! they've been waiting very impatiently on my desk to be used.
I also used some of my Buzz and bloom goodies.The corduroy flower got a little cut up and the chipboard letters got some paint.

totally random tuesday post

wat's up???

well....I've been keeping some news to myself regarding my drs visits because I didn't wanna worry anyone. It turns out (to make a long story short) that I need to get some meds adjusted for my thyroids. That totally explains why I've been exhausted, moody, dizzy, with muscle aches, etc. I got a copy of the bloodwork to show my primary doc so she can prescribe something for me.

Last night i went to bed before my kids did. &&& Guess what? This AM they grumbled that they missed me. &&& their bed time story. awww...

I've been reading Nurse Matilda to the big kids. we go to the library 2xs a week and I was lucky enough to find a whole book that contained all 3 stories.  In case you wondered, Nurse matilda's the book version of Nanny McPhee. My kids have been totally hooked and can't wait to hear a chapter a day.

I've been reading shorter stories to teeniest terror and before i got to bed last night, she made me read her something and wanted to stay in bed with me. how cute right? even the pooch wanted to make sure I was OK. the hubby found him sleeping at the side of bed, near me. can you feel the love???!!!

Discovery: a little revelation

Hi! Having a happy weekend?

Mine was good. I'm sorry that it went so quickly, though...:(

Today is the 1st and that means that a new kit is revealed at scrapbooking from the inside out....want to check it out?

welcome Discovery, everyone!!!!

I know I say this ALL of the time....but I have to say it again, getting these kits are always a highlight for me, there is always something swoon worthy, something I can't wait to use, and something that challenges me a bit. perfection in a kit, who knew???? head on over to the main site to check out more of the kit!!!!