Love IS the Key

Ha ha I love puns - especially my own hee hee :) Love actually IS the key. Please see above to grasp the full extent of its magic....

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Fabulous Bling!

hey hey hey!!!!

I'm back again!!! can ya tell i was off from work??? :P

well, here I am with the latest challenge at allyscraps, accessories.

we needed to make our own embellies and after wracking my brain I came up with this:
Fabulous bling

it's sweetie terror!!!!

my girl loves alll things bling. jewelry, on her clothes, ANYTHING!!!!

i made those flowers out of ribbon and for the center I used those stirngy clasp thingies used on manila envies...I painted them white and put a rhinestone in the center for some more blingy fabulousness. I hand stitched and used a photo corner for a petal.

I also used this week's color combo again!!!!
so what do you think???

Prodigy or Wise-enheimer?

hey!!! :)

I am back again with a card I made for minichallenge by Deb...LOL.

I made it for my DS. Sunday he fell and busted his lip. bad enough to go to the ER and get the plastic surgeon called in to stitch his lip back together. we have a photograph but he is so distraught over how he looks he doesnt want it shown. it's fine by me....i dont think i want to scrap book it either, i just feel so bad for the kid and why would i want either of us to remember it?

thinking of you card

I hope papito likes it and it cheers him up. he went back to school today and was dreading it. SO I have it here with me so I can give it to him when he gets back.

SOOOOOO Ms Sassy terror comes home from school with her bag fullllll of paper. she tells me that she got yelled at for keeping her desk a mess. now why ain't i surprised or shocked? :::eyeroll:::

she's been bringing me back exams with 50's (3 are too many IMHO) and i started worrying because those were all the exams she was bringing me. that huge pile of paperwork she brought in were all hundreds!!!!!! the girl only brought me back what needed signing, apparently. :sigh of relief:

SO I am looking through her work and had to LOL at my kid. really I have to wonder if the girl is a genius or just plain sassy as well...we call her.

she had to fill in a diagram (Venn) wich has 2 circles and they overlap into each other. they read te henry and mudge story and had to relate the differences between cats and dogs and what they had in common in the middle.

dogs: eatbones eatfood
chase cats

have babies

climb trees

now apparently she is an expert on dogs because well, we have a dog. the sniffing part made me LOL because i KNOW this isnt part of the story and it makes me wonder how often her teacher busts a gut over things my DD has said in class and more importantly WRITTEN in class.


hey there :)

i have some challenges to complete and a huge headache stopping me from doing anything. :(

tonight DH & I had auntie come by and babysit the terrors while we did some shopping for them. Used my discount oo. feels good to save!!! feels even better that we have some stuff stashed away for the kids now.

this LO I made using this weeks color combo challenge. I also made it for the bling challenge at allyscraps and I used a pencil line sketch.

take a looksie :P

So glad we're family

this weeks color combo challenge had me stumped because while I like purple I dont have many things in that color. OR green. I actually went to mike's to find stuff and when i got home stumbled upon these colors in BG's oh baby girl line. yes, i have old paper and yes it feels good to use them!

what do you think?

new LOs


I havent been as productive as I'd like. the day I get to scrap, I have a huge headache. :(

I completed a LO for Trish's challenge at Allyscraps, #3 in the big challenge category. It's a color challenge. I also used a fabulous pencil line sketch. This week they did a collabo with OLW. The word to use was Keep.

trust me, it was a challenge. At first I didnt like the LO much but now it is one of my faves. The photograph isnt a very good one. it is dark and a bit blurred BUT he smile against the candles glowing is sooooooo enchanting to me making it one of my faves.


Keep smiling

I made a second LO for Deb's sketch challenge. This is a photograph DH took of DS during the trophy ceremony (I had to work that day) I havent scrapped my boy much lately so i decided WTH.


All Star



This week I havent had to go in to work the second job so I've been busy doing stuff here and there. Tonight we get to go to family night at church! A thing we havent been able to do yet!

I work tomorrow and probably the rest of the weekend....:/ but that's ok.

Here I got a LO done using this week's color combo and Allyscrap's 2nd BIG challenge...3rd challenge in the making. we had to pick a sketch by Deb (all of her sketches are out of this world.) anyone in the sketch thread and create a LO based on it. want extra points? flip it and use 5 different fonts . I also made this one for creative Therapy. last week's catalyst...we had to document who we looked up to.

so here we go:

Looking up to you

well...since in a few weeks DH and I will be celebrating an anniversary...OUR TENTH ...I decided to be lovey dovey and do a LO on him.

I admire him on so many levels. He's changed his whole life around once we got married and has shown me how one person CAN make a difference. SO I listed the qualities in him I admire.

mini challenge! challenge #2 over at Allyscraps!

we had to make 2 cards: using a recipe challenge from the blog, and Kary's "bling it on" challenge.

I made a birthday card for sweetie terror. her bday;s next week.

I also made a card for hubby. our anniversary is this month as well!!!!

anni card

birthday card

cardmaking is fairly new to me. it took me 4 hours to get these done!

I thought it was meant to be sunny! But there has been drizzle all day...which makes the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch Battlestar Galactica and make jewellery :) Oooooo that does sound good!

Yes, my new favourite show is Battlestar Galactica. I never thought I'd be the Trekkie type (openly anyway) who turned up to conventions dressed in mustard jumpsuits with cool aluminium bradges but it kinda turns out I'ma geek after all (WHO would have known...? Hmmmm....). I absolutely love it except for them saying FRAK every five seconds and extending the 'little frakker' and 'frak off'. VERY annoying. Do they only have one swear word in space different to us earthlings?! My husband calls it '24 in space' but I think it's more like 'Lost in Space' Get it!? LOST in Space :) Hee ha ha. Geekling!

Here is some of my new stuff. I want to really test the boundaries of jewellery, really see what can be made into a necklace. I have some new stuff coming folks so look out!! :)

Wanna be on TOP???? and more scrappy stuff.....

LOLZ did the title get your attention???

well, I am plugging Allyscrap's Next Top Scrapbooker!!!!!!! All month long there will be challenges, games, and then some to earn prizes and points. One lucky scrapper can be picked to be on the design team!!!!! the lucky scrapper who earns the most points also gets some cooooool Pink Paisley!!!!!!!!!

Want in on the fun? Just go to the message board, link is on the side, sign in on the A.N.T.S, and let the fun begin! ALSO, if you DO decide to join in, please use me as a reference!!! we get points for everyone we refer!!! :)

First challenge is already up! Games are up as well.

now to my LO:

I created it last night to satisfy the first challenge "Bling it on" you had to use different forms of bling, 3 different PP, paint earned ya extra points as well.

The color combo challenge thrown this week went perfectly with bling...LOL, so I used that, AND I used this week's pensil Lines' Sketch.

Not so little anymore

the black paint in the background doesnt look nice to me on the photo....but in person it looks good. :O I used some various bling here...including glimmer mist and glass shimmery beads. Can ya spot them???? I used pink paisley papers and some left over hambly, and a strip of MM polka dots.