Annie Blackberry in Remix Magazine and on What Now!

Hey Everyone!!
To ORDER :) or ask for PRICES Just email me at :) Discounts given if you mention this :)

How have you all been?

We have been so busy opening our new store in Cherrywood. It's going really well although we've yet to get sign-writing and proper sandwich boards!

Guess what?? Remix Magazine called and are going to do an article on the jewellery we make with Lego and on our new store!! Yay!! ALSO, I was blown away because What Now presenter, the lovely Serena Rongonui, asked if we could supply What Now with jewellery in return for advertising on their show!!!! Praise God - honestly I am SO excited and grateful.

Do you like my new stuff?

If you're having a hard time I just wanna say: Hang In There. 2 years ago I was having 7 seizures a day and was told there was no hope of it getting better. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had me in bead everyday for stretches of up to 3 weeks. I was depressed and sick of being sick (12 years it's been). There's always hope. God wil help you out of the Mirey Clay or give you a way through it.

Love you x

Late again!

hey peeps!

I am late again in showing off this past week's Ad This challenge. I just finished emailing my last LO as part of the DT...they have a DT call! try out, it's fun work!!!!

i found it challenging and inspiring. That said I can't wait to see who makes it.

so here is my LO

perfect harmony

I have to shake my head at the Hubby. I'm going though photos and I TOLD the man not to include me in any photos of my showing a "technique" for the upcoming challenge. BUT does the man LISTEN? NOOOOOOO...lost of cleavage shots I had to delete...MEN!!!! he's going to be in such huge trouble.

just wanted to show you something from my garden!!!!

IMG 5633

an oriental poppy. this flower my DH fell in love with on a job. I didn't want it because when i looked it up, it said it was an annual and I like to get bang for my buck and get perennials. :D he got 'em anyways and well...they reseeded and grew wild. LOVE it!!!!

IMG 5636

my rose! DH got me a rose bush for mother's day. I have been asking for one since we moved into this house 8 years ago. (almost) he said "oh, we have the kids, they're going to get sliced up by thorns, yadda yadda"

he gave in and wow...this rose smells soooo yummy! Now Nani did try to grab the flower to smell and got a thorn in her finger for her troubles but has learned to come and get me, pick her up, and let her gently get her nose close enough for a whiff.

Now, to convince him to buy more!!!! LOL!!!!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much...I just lost all urge to scrap, to chat, just plain be online. :/ So I am not ignoring my beloved friends, gal pals, fellow scrap junkies. I HAVE been on face book a lot more now that I have found some long lost cousins of mine!!! SO if ya have one, add me on. you probably have more of a chance catching me there, for now. until the funk goes away and I am back to my mad scrappy self again.

My mom in law has been in town as well. and staying with us so I've been getting quality time in with her. the kids love having a granny home with them and I imagine that weeks after she's gone we'll be missing her bunches!

Nani has been sick as well. we had to take her to the DR because she was in so much pain.she has an ear infection and a bad cold on top of it. she's doing better today though. as I was bathing her this AM she started singing "I got the pow-er! to take a sho-wer! with soap and wat-er!!!!"




been neglectful :(

so sorry it's been a while...( a week) since I've posted. I haven't been up to surfing the net much or even bothering with much. I've been a bit down lately and trying my hardest to shake it off!

I have some LO's here to show off. you all want to see? we go!

this one is for this week's Ad This! challenge. The ad was a simple and cool one, the twist is to add junk mail! There is a DT call over there as well. why don't you join along?


it was hard keeping it simple...I love the angel wings. i glitterfied them! :D

used my kit from IAAS,which includes yummy crate paper.

now this one was done up for TS, the office challenge:

had to use just CS, stamp floral images with either stickles or paint, and 3 photos containing flowers. this was a tough one for me...I dont really like it but I got it done!

May flowers

last but not least is:

2&2= endless possibilities

this is for OLW using a sketch by 52 Sketches and a color combo challenge.

yep, this LO is multi tasking!

basically it's all about how growing up I always wanted to take lessons:music,singing, dance, and never bothered asking because we were poor and my mom couldn't afford stuff we NEEDED.

Now that I have my own terrors My hubby and I willingly and happily sacrifice in order to give the kids opportunities to learn and grow. We really want to to learn and enjoy the things we weren't able to. I want them to know that their potential is LIMITLESS.

Thanks for looking!

2&2= endless possiblities

in case you're wondering about the kids' recital....

it went pretty well. there was a point I wanted to take the little terrors to a babysitter...huge possibility for next year! the older kids did great! Alexis ripped her dress just after 1 hour of wearing it....and had a meltdown because of it but other than that the kids did great.

this week my son had a concert at school and he did very well!!!

take care!!!

Annie Blackberry Opens A Store!!

Wow! Our first store! We supply 16 stores in New Zealand and now we have our very own AB studio and shop now open in Cherrywood in Tauranga! We would LOVE to see you and would be pleased to do custom orders.

Our hours are:

Mon-Fi: 10-7
Thursday: 10-6
Sat: 10-2

If you would like to be our 17th stockist in New Zealand (apart from Tauranga - we're full :) ) email me on

Here is my new big silver bow pendant and a large key with brass kissing friend charm on gunmetal chain.

Have an awesome week!

Annie :) xxxx

Two of a KIND......

hello, happy THURSDAY!

Today will be a busy day for us at the Teenyterror household. the 2 older terrors have music recitals tonight!!! they have to be in by 5pm...hello...we close at 5. thankfully the place is around the corner from the shop. we planned ahead and got their outfits pressed, hung and shoes and accessories together to bring here. we have to be ready in time to allow me to have a photo session (LOL) with them...they're going to be performing at a historic theatre.... can you imagine the possiblity of great shots I'll be getting????

anyways just wanted to show off a LO I made last night. i have been going NUTS because my house is totally chaotic! so the scrapping has been helping me somewhat. BUT my head hurts and I am exhausted. DH is texting me some photos of his handy work now...

anyways can I say I still smell sanded wood?

here is my creation:

Two of a kind

my 2 teeniest terrors again...using the kit from IAAS (YUMMY), a sketch from Valerie Salmon, OLW's challenge word, and this week's color combo....

likey? :D

these two being the smallest of the house sure know how to work it to their advantage by either using their cute eyes to sucker us into giving in, doing something over the top...normally being the teeniest is a set back. not to these TWO!!!!

here's a sneaky peaksy of a LO I got done for next week's AD THIS! the challenge is a cool one as usual and I cannot wait to see what the other DT memebers have got up their sleeves!!!!

IMG 5499

and what the hey....another!!!

IMG 5501

take care and wish us luck!

always room for one more.....


still not very motivated to scrap....what's going on??? :(

well, getting some new photos help some...also getting a kit can jump start a bit...

got my kids' spring photos and wow...they look soooo grown up. :sigh: I recently got my kit from IAAS...their april kit is awesome, using crate papers...the embellies picked were awesome...and yes, I get my kit at the end of the month cuz that's when I can scrap up some money. LOL.

so here's what I came up with....using a sketch from 52 sketches


take care everyone!!!

even though I don't always get around to leaving comments, I always appreciate the ones left on my blog! they always put a smile to my face!!! thanks!

new ad week, new looks!

hi, hello, how are you???

everything's going well here i guess...went to a women's luncheon with the church. there were ladies who invited their sisters or went with their moms and it really made me feel soooo lonely and really miss my mom and sister. I had fun, don't get me wrong but it made me really miss having my family around. crazy and all :D

we have started painting the back room, AKA sun porch, den, family room. DH changed his mind about making it the kid's room and has decided to make it a family/scrappy room instead. I am excited to see the outcome but know it'll take a while to get it put all together.

SOOOO...I picked out colors and wow...i wanted to get colors that would be inspirational, funky, and cool. it's about 80% done and it's taking getting used to. I picked GREEN...dark brown, and cream. I always hated green...don't ask why i went with it but I like it. I think!

AD This has the new challenge up....the twist is to make it HYBRID!!!! EEK!!!!

here's the AD:

and here's my LO:

i used CCG's color combo which was hard for me as well...this hybrid thing had me going NUTS!!! LOL. The DT has rocked it out as usual...I love their work!!!

what do you think???