life's full of

her sweet kisses!


well, TGIF!!! tomorrow I plan on attacking the mess I call my house! I have tons of laundry to do and put away, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping...OH MY!!!

anyways just wanted to share this little number...I got it thrown together using Basic Grey Lollipop old line but a goodie! this was also inspired by OLW...the word this week is sweet.... and used this week's pencil line sketch as an inspo. can't forget that the awesome color combo was thrown together at CCG...another reason why I used this paper went well together! This LO is just MULTI tasking!!!

take a peeksie!


and of course some close ups...



enjoy your weekend!!!


Never ever

take Nyquil late at night.

I made the mistake of taking it at midnight last night...I was so tired of coughing all day long and wanted to take something so I don't keep the hubby up like I did the night before...

it is almost 12 noon and I am still reeling from it. I am such a grump....

anyways, just wanted to show off the LO I got done quickly last night. It's based on this week's sketch from 52 sketches and shows some of the photos I took at the BBQ I went to over the WE.


and close up:



i used June's IAAS kit using fabulous chatterbox papers. I love that paper company!!!!

hope your day goes smoother than mine!!!

I feel like a broken, la, laaaaa!!!!

why do I feel like one you ask?

I'll tell you why!

Because my kids are misbehaving!!!!!!!!! it started yesterday...the misbehaving part...the messy part started a while back and now I am fed up with it!!!

SO I have threatened the kids. Are they taking me serious? not.

Anyways, I have a layout to share. measly little LO.

BUT I have an EXCUSE! yep, I do!!!

this Saturday I went to a BBQ and saw my cousins!!! smile

I haven't seen them in years, and this is the first time I see some of their kids. it was really nice!

I have tons of pictures to scrap too.

So back to the LO....this one I used CCG's latest color combo. I've been bad about getting challenges done...

I hope no one has forgotten challenge blog land...

I also made this LO using this week's challenge from Ad This! Elisa, I have missed working with the ads!!!!!

so here we go:

She has a lil monkey on her back


it's simple and to the opposed to all the fru fru I junk my lo's with. I did stamp those letters and had DH cut them out for me as I did dishes last night. gotta love when the family helps out, huh?

want a close up?



OOOOOO!!! do you know what esle has been going on???

wanna know????

I got home Saturday and checked my email...I got one from Basic Gray telling me they added a LO onto their gallery!!! WWOOOHHOOOO!!!

so far since then they have added 2 more. I submitted the LOs I have done using I am a scrapaholic's July kit....I am in awe, on cloud nine, and thrilled that Lynn has asked me to be visting therapist!!! One of the Girl there suggested I submit to them and at first I didn't think too much...cuz come on, lil old me...with sooo many talented peeps out there. I did it for the heck of it and look!!!

here's a link!!!
Basic Grey

now I am off to do some work. or else the hubby will divorce me. OR worse...disconnect the internet!!! LOL


wow...Friday already!!! this week has zoomed by...heck, the summer whizzed by us and pretty soon we're going to be scrambling to get the kids ready for school.

Tomorrow we get to go see my cousins at a BBQ and I am pretty excited. I haven't seen them in years , shoot, I haven't met some of their kids yet. I can't wait to see my terrors running around playing with their relatives!

just wanted to show something that I made last night...out of a photo easel that came with the July kit at IAAS. I made it with the intent of giving it to a grandma....BUT DH wants to keep it instead. sorry grannies....


it came together quick like while I was watching SYTYCD. I am disappointed with who left last night. such a shame.

anyways I smell lunch and now my tummy's rumbly!!!

enjoy your WE!!!!

Much Luv!

Thursday already....

geesh, did this week fly by or what?

I feel so tired today and run down with absolutely NO motivation at ALL! I have a list here to do at work a mile long, now ask me are they going to get done? maybe not. who knows. I need to make phone calls as well...for DR appts for myself and my son...I may make the call for my son today.

maybe DH can stop by AC moores for some thickers for me...LOL. it's on the way to a job. LOL!!!!! think that'll perk me up? maybe not...but it'll sure make me HAPPY! :D

okey dokey, so here's a bit of something i worked on last night.



had some more close ups but didnt wanna go overboard...LOL. seriously I am sooo tired. :(

well hope ya'll feel more energetic than I!


game girl

ooooo....halfway through the week already!!! guess what I'll be watching tonight!!!! SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!

I LOVE me Wednesday nights!

SO had this to show off today. got cracking on a LO last night. Late last night. I think having DH feel under the weather just drains me...I'm left with everything to do and then i got hit with the realization that he's going to start school soon and I WILL be left alone to deal with everything!!! he's going to be extremely busy with school, work, HW and studying....OMG....I am going to be stressed with the terrors. hopefully the older ones will pitch in and help me some what.....BUT OMG.....I gotta start the driving lessons soon, too!!!! EEK!@

so here ya go...

Game girl


and some close ups:



I used this week's sketch at 52 Sketches....and July's kit over at IAAS!!!

even though it's she goes:


isnt she gorgeous?

well...gotta run!

Annie Blackberry Gears Up For Spring!

Yay! Spring is in the air! I'm just gonna welcome it early cos I think we all need some Spring in our lives right now!

The pics above are what's new :) Some are one-offs though.

To order email me:

I welcome International and local orders :)

If you're an international customer you're very lucky as our New Zealand dollar will seem really cheap to you :)

Annie xxxx

my heart is crying & other Nani-isms


well, I wanted to be able to post pretty Lo's today but that didn't happen. why? Because DH actually surprised me by picking me up early like I asked. That didn't give me enough time to get photos printed. SO I used a new flash drive he had bought me so I can print them home what does he tell me when we get there? we're outta ink. :GRRRRR: Lo's for me.

But a bit of a story...

well last night as I was getting ready for bed Arianna woke up in shock...she had wet her bed...these are rare, so I bathed her quickly, and then put her to sleep with her sister.

this morning she wakes up and Lexi is ANGRY with her.
why? because she let her sleep with a fave dino stuffed toy of hers and it got some pee on it. SO all AM long she's grumping at Nani, making her cry, all whiney, and very clingy with me. SO she's with me as I am getting ready to shower and says to me...

"mommy, my heart is crying. she made me so sad. she said she's not my buddy anymore."

well big sister heard that and felt really bad.


More stuff Nani asks/says:

mommy, I think Jesus loves me.
we HAVE to go to Church. Jesus gets sad and cries if we don't go.
mommy, can you & daddy get married again so we can have a baby?
my belly is really growly, I think it's going to eat me!
I am NOT a baby anymore. I am a big kid. you know why? Cuz I eat a lot! I eat all my rice, all my beans.....
Mommy, your belly is big! do you have a baby in it? :/
geez, thanks for pointing THAT out, little twirp...LOL

well, enjoy your day!!! hope Nani was able to bring you a little chuckle!

Happy MONDAY???

hey hey hey!!!! what's happening?!?

well...the start to a new week is here. Monday. I am here at work alone...DH is home sick and the girls wanted to stay with him. Momma's not fighting that..LOL. I just dropped off Aaron over by the Library for a book and a bite...gotta run to get him in a few. but while I was waiting for sonny boy (he hates that, BTW...when I call him sonny boy...LOL) I wanted to get some photos up here....

I've been thinking on what to do with the July kit over at IAAS...scrapping hasn't been much on the agenda the past week, and I needed to get something done scrappy wise, you know? I am in a pinch for time right now...gotta love that i need no formatting!

so here's what I worked on last night:

Summer Fun




Something to think about....

If believers were surveyed to determine what factors hinders their spiritual growth, "falling into temptation" would be near the top of the list.
But one detriment, in particular, is often underestimated: a busy life.
Our calendars are filled with obligation and activity: Little League games, yard work, PTA meetings, business luncheons, family gatherings, church functions and more.
If we don't take precautions, the frenzied pace can take a toll on our spiritual lives. Exhaustion sets in, our stress level rises, and we find ourselves more inclined to load a DVD than to reach for a BIBLE.
Steps must be taken to ensure that a busy life does not lure us away from the disciplines that provide strength for the journey:
The pace of 21st-century life requires we embrace a new level of spiritual discipline. We must guard overselves from running so fast that we ultimately lose spiritual momentum and power.
A busy life in itself is not a sin. As it says in 2 Thessalonians 3:11, we were created to be purposefully busy. Unfortunately, if we don't spend our time wisely we can become "busybodies."
If you tend to run at warp speed, here are some steps you can take to maximize your time and keep spiritual disciplines a vital part of your life.
1. Honor the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8)
2. Arrive at work 10 minutes early to read a chapter from God's Word.
3. Pray in the shower.
4. Commit yourself to projects/activities one year at a time.
5. Ask your spouse or friend to hold you accountable for how you use your leisure time.
6. Take a short prayer walk each evening.
7. Designate at least 10 percent of your income and leisure time to your local church.
Taken from: Pentecostal Evangel-July 2008
Editor: Hal Donaldson

Do you know I find myself guilty of this??? Being so busy to the point of feeling scattered. Not only isn't it good for my physical being, but my spiritual being as well. Hmmm....something to work on.

and now because lately DH has been the subject of my mental tirades. (Yes, I think I am going nuts because I have mental tantrums!) I think I need to get together a list of things I love about him as opposed to what he does to IRK me. :) to keep things in the right perspective.

What I love about JR:

1) that even though I look and feel like a house he still acts like I am the prettiest thing created.
2) when he sees I am feeling down, he tries to make me feel better by getting me a little something at the scrappy spot.
3) when i have a tough day or a bad day he goes and gets me chocolate. Because he knows it always makes me feel better.
4) he is so funny. OK, sometimes his humor can get childish, but that's what makes him so cute!
5) he is patient with me. I am always running late and he's the opposite...he likes being early. Most of the time he doesn't get angry about it.
6) even though I accuse him of not paying attention to me, he always seems to know exactly what it is I want and surprises me with it. even if we can't afford it. he will scrimp and save.
7) he doesn't understand my obsession with scrapping and reading but is supportive and encouraging. Even when I am in my own world, ignoring everyone he doesnt feel offended.
8) even though he is a macho man, he isnt afraid to show his feelings. or to comfort me or his girls.
9) don't tell him I mentioned this one because I'll never hear the end of it....he looks so cute combing the girls' hair...even though when he's done it looks like they did it! LOL!!!
10) most importantly: he is a God fearing man striving to teach our kids to lead a Godly life.


good evening!

I am here typing as I cook and bop my head to some awesome music!!!! DH was by the Christian book store while on the road and decided to buy some music. YIPEEEEE!!!! always gotta be groovin to something.

He got the old and new Group one crew...he also got Mary Mary because he saw the video of God in me and liked the song.

I know why too....

listen to the describes us somewhat. For a while we had "friends" who would come by and only be around when all was cool, thinking "they got dough, let's see what we can get!"

They see the nice house, the cool ride, we own a shop....SO we MUST be Rakin in that dough.

what EV's!!!

we're blessed. I honestly feel that now even though we're still going through could be a heck of a lot worse. we could be dying, homeless, starving...but we're not. we have a house, a full fridge, a kitchen with the smells of my awesome cooking!!! We have each other.

anyways...when ya got a chance just listen....:)

you know how that saying goes...the grass is always greener...this weekend i was so busy cleaning up...the GIRLS' ROOM!!!! OMG it was horrible. :O they have tons of books out for donation, a big bag of clothes to give away to our little friend from church...and 2 bags of GAR-BAGE!!!! (add french accent here) I switched their clothes around...I have 3 big bins to go....OIY.....

well this weekend all this work had me so frustrated and thinking if i were at home all the time again it'd be done and not be such a major disaster. Then I thought back to when I was at home and yes my house was mostly spotless...but I was lonely. now at work i see my hubby more often, we can talk more....I am more tired but the grass is always greener where??? on the other side!!!

speaking of green....

some stuff from my garden...they're my babies too...and they make me happy!

Black eyed susans


a variation on purple cone's red instead





Day lillies


Hydrangeas picked from my garden


some awesome smelling Jasmine


its amazing how these little tiny flowers could smell so nice!


and a human baby....glued to her dumb DS....


as usual...he's a blur....


hey mom, gimme that treat!!!


and ....

badee badee that's all folks!!!!


my life:

hey again!!!!

I bet you're not used to seeing me here so often!!!

trust me, if I had more time at home to scrap, I'd bombard blogger with sooo many Lo's, everyone would be SICK of me. LOL

I have one more to share here with you all, using a kit from IAAS, you know where I am doing my stint as VISITING THERAPIST....:) I still can't get over it. It is also part of my banner...I may crop it a bit more...I'm not sure I am liking the look too much. Oh, maybe it'll grow on me!!!

Lookie here at the nice words Beth left about me at the site!!!! cool!!! has me blushing

Check the LO!!!


What are plans ya'll may have? I plan to maybe scrap...hmm...laundry has been calling me, and I think the hubby needs me to help him out with work at the rental.

he's been rushing with getting the apartment done because he's going back to school!!!

YEP starting 8/15. I am nervous.

because we're not getting much finacial we're taking a loan out

and because I hope it's not a huge expensive mistake....

and because this means we are one step closer to selling everything off and moving....

and that is a HUGE step with 4 kids.......

anyways enough with the rambles, already!!!

enjoy your WE!!!!

hmmm...this new look....

IDK how much I like it just yet, but it feels nice and clean and now I don't even have to resize LOs to fit in such a small spot!!! so if I feel lazy...just pop the code in and VIOLA!

what do ya think????

I's PLAIN.....lets see how I can JAZZ it up!!!!

I am getting a kick out of changing colors and fonts here....

can you tell that I JUST figured it out?

what a dunce cap!!!

the MoJO may be back!!!! now back to UR regulary scheduled program....


I am sooo hooked on So you think you can dance. I look FWD to the nights they are on...just to see what the contestants are going to do (dance) next. who's leaving tonight? these kids are neck and is so hard to even tell. so who else is watching?

I have a bit of news to share. already shared it with my face book peeps. :) take a look here:


I was so excited when I was asked...OMG it couldn't have come at a better time for me... I was feeling so down and so uninspired. I have to tell you after being overjoyed, the nerves and jitters came in...come on, have you seen the awesome DT they have there???? they do AWESOME work...I was like can I compare? You know what??? I am just going to have fun with it and see where it takes me. so far I think the results are cool!!!!

here is the kit I get to play with:

I Have to say Lynn's kits are decently priced and very generous. you get a good mix of everything and she doesn't just cater to one set style...these kits fit a variety of different stuff and dare you to be creative. gotta love that!!!! I had a 6 month subscription that I thoroughly enjoyed. As soon as money allows I will join again. I am telling you, I could not wait til I got my kit every month!!!

here are my first 2 Layouts as visiting therapist!!!

Make a Splash


This is what I did with their May kit...i have been hoarding this kit because it screamed 4th of July to me!!!!

American Cuties

and a close up of my ribbon flower...


lets have that know how that salt-n-pepa song goes.....


I sure hope things are going well for everyone!

things have been a bit hectic here at my household...My son started the extended school year program AKA summer school...and OMG...that day we had DRs appts to go DH leaves me there so he can get to the bus stop in time for Sonny boy. I get a frantic call at almost 1PM...."Aaron's not on his bus!!!" about panic.

SO DH waits a bit then goes to the house to see if he's there. He's not. He starts looking for the paperwork i put away for numbers to start calling....

Turns out Aaron had asked the bus driver if he could be dropped off at the store because we work. The bus driver was kind enough to do that...all the while hubby is at home...LOL

he rushes to the store to find my son sitting at the front steps....

that done...

yesterday we get from my son: the beginnings of the "where do babies come from?" talk.

i think i prefer my girls' theory which is that all babies before they get "borned" all are angels in heaven playing with God until parents pray for a baby and God sends them to their mommy's belly.

the alternate version according to Arianna (my 4 YO) is that a couple gets married and then magically, Hurray! you're pregnant!!!! (Arianna has been begging me to get married again lately)

those theories have worked well until son who turned 10 in April asked us where babies come from and he said : "I know you have to do something!"


I have wanted to keep this kid as innocent as long as possible. I know that this topic pops up a lot in the school bus and that the kids are explicit. SO we try to handle it as matter of fact as possible because you know, the good thing is that he felt comfortable enough to bring it up to us and I don't want to say anything to change that. SO we told him the g rated version...I just need to sit down with him now and talk to him about it from a lad's POV.... much as I'd love to share some LOs for some spectacular news...I just has to wait...until they're shown where they're supposed to be at some sneaky peeksies are in order....what do you think?



enjoy your day.....

its proving to be a handful for me.....