beautiful little lady.....


I'm feeling so moody lately and so uninspired. it's taking me such a long time to finish LO's and oiy....maybe I am all scrapped out.

got this one done for IAAS....

my 2 baby terrors. I was worried at how annie was going to react to being a big sister. she took it all in stride. hmmmph.

shows me for worrying!

I am getting some ideas on what I'd like to do with the blog.....I've been wanting to change stuff and make it look different.

here goes the LO.

I used a pencil lines sketch.

beautiful little lady

take care...I am being rushed...:D

Some LO's


This weekend has been busy and tiring. we've been having some extremely warm weather and it kind of wiped me out. I am SO not a summer person. I don't enjoy the heat at ALL.

That said today we're back to spring weather...sunny, 60's and breezy! Yeah, THIS I can handle!!!!

Saturday was my baby boy's bday. he turned the big TEN. yup...i have a double digit baby now. All I can say is "I am NOT old enough to have a 10 YO son!"

Have some LO's to show...haven't done anything since Thursday. :O I haven't been motivated, or even interested. and nope, I am not sick.

got this one done for a TS office challenge...due today....


i had to scrap something that made me feel warm and fuzzy, and it couldn't be a person. SO I scrapped my house! I love being there! LOL

then this one was for Ad This. The latest challenge is up...gotta use dimension...and well, I ain't challenged in that area....loved this week's challenge!!!

life is a journey

I also used OLW's word...JOURNEY. I found an anon. poem that I really liked...and this photo kinda went with it.

What is Life?

Life is an Adventure ... Dare it
Life is a Beauty ... Praise it
Life is a Challenge ... Meet it
Life is a Duty ... Perform it
Life is a Love ... Enjoy it
Life is a Tragedy ... Face it
Life is a Struggle ... Fight it
Life is a Promise ... Fulfill it
Life is a Game ... Play it
Life is a Gift ... Accept it
Life is a Journey ... Complete it
Life is a Mystery ... Unfold it
Life is a Goal ... Achieve it
Life is an Opportunity ... Take it
Life is a Puzzle ... Solve it
Life is a Song ... Sing it
Life is a Sorrow ... Overcome it
Life is a Spirit ... Realize it
Tell a Friend-Anon.


That Which I Have Been Doing

:) New stuff y'all - hope you like it. Click on 'email' for an obligation-free price x

Dogs aren't dumb!!!!


yep, today I am chipper and feeling good! I had a few days of bad headaches and major coffee drinking. for some reason caffeine makes them less painful...but then I'd start feeling the beginnings of heart palpitations!!! :O

so yes, I need to make some appointments...for the MRI, Rheumatologist...he will chew me out because it has been a long time since I have seen him...and for my thyroids... I sound like a little old lady...

anyways...last night I stayed home while the hubby and 3 terrors went to church for bible study...and decided to make my son a birthday card. SOOO while rummaging through my stuff I decided...lemme make LO on him as well. a photo of him and Tyler. in this photo Tyler looks like he's the boss or the king of the palace...sitting proudly ny his royal know i had to make a fun twist to it.

so here we go:

who's the boss?

who's the boss

my sonny boy and TY....

journaling says:

I bark, he checks on me. I roll over, he scratches my belly. sure i have to sneak some goodies in after he's done eating but he sure does have tasty socks!!!!

then I listed his faves

belly rubs, playing catch, getting ears scratched, food, treats, jumping around, did I mention TREATS?, when you're around.

I used some WRMK white out paper...The hubby went to mike's for some CS for me and brought me some awesome paper. totally proud! I didn't know how to go about the LO but just started cutting and gluing and got this. used various stuff on here too from my stash. Sonny boy loved it so much he asked his dad if he can buy him a frame to put it in his room! shucks! I wanted to hang it in my scrappy room to be!!!! (more on that later)

that's the best compliment anyone can give me, though!

you know Ty amazes me. he is so sneaky and proved it to me this AM...I called him over to take him up with me while I got ready for work. he always runs at the opportunity but today he kept running to his kennel. I found it fishy but went up anyways...moments later hubbs goes downstairs and I hear him yell:

"TY-LERRRRRRRRRRR!!!! you BAD boy!!!! BAD DOG!!!! YOU MADE A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!"

yup...the mutt took advantage he was unattended and jumped into the trash, chewing and dragging everything he could find from the kitchen to the family room. when i came down he was hiding in his kennel with his head hanging. the punk! it was premeditated and he's lucky I didn't find the mess or he would've gotten a spanky. he's lucky he's such a cute mutt...I'm probably going to forget what he did when he's jumping on me for joy at coming home. LOL's a sneaky peeksy for my LO for next week's Ad This! challenge!!!!

close up

Annie Blackberry Loves Amnesty International

Annie Blackberry is PROUD and honoured to partner with Amnesty International in New Zealand to help support those who can't speak for themselves. We are privileged to have our jewellery given as awards at the Amnesty National conference.

We are proud to be making pendants with vintage celluloid Kissing Doves of which Amnesty receives all the profit :) We are also using some of our handmade Bird on a Wire pendants to raise money and awareness for Amnesty.

The BEST THING YOU CAN DO for those being tortured, silenced, beaten and imprisoned is to pick up a pen or send an email to the addresses supplied.

Go to and start FREEDOM WRITING.

To order Doves just email me:

Luv ya!

Annie :)

best friends

hey peeps!

my head sure hurts really badly today...soon I'm gonna hear DH tell me..."make that appointment to see the DR...get that MRI done..."

I'm just tired of going back and forth to them...

anyways just wanted to share this her done last night using this week's color combo.

Best Friends

best friend

these are my 2 teeniest terrors. yep, I counted the mutt as one of my terrors.

when we got Tyler he was 6 weeks old. And Nani wasn't even a year yet, still crawling on all fours. well, we got that mutt for my son who was crushed to find out Nani was a girl instead of the baby bro he was begging my pity for him we promised him a boy dog...

the 2 teeny terrors hit it was like love at first sight. she shares her food with him...seriously, we have to keep an eye on her while she eats because he is so used to her feeding him off her plate he will chase her everywhere to get a bite. she will feed him his food by HAND. I am telling you, the devotion they have towards each other is crazy! the vet once told DH that they will both be best friends and it came true.

well, i seriously gotta go. my head wants to pop.

hi again :D

you know, I never tire of scrapping. everyday something scrap-related sneaks in...whether it be lurking scrappy chicks (LOL) or frequenting challenge blogs...even the act of scrapping (at night, of course :P)...

i have to say I'd rather be home scrapping away. there are some days that go by however and I don't feel like it...AT ALL. and those days I get moody. IDK why that is...

I got something done last night...even though we got home late...had to make some stops before getting home...but Sunday after church something amazing happened....

my kids were still done up and it was gorgeous out so I said what they Hay..."Kid's let's go OUTSIDE!!!"

the 2 teeny ones were happy...even though I was interrupting their cartoon time. LOL. they happily went out with me, doggy in tow because when he hears the door creak he's running right out. I got some awesome ones!!! let me tell you!!! I can't wait to scrap them all.

the 2 older ones limited me because they resented my interrupting their valuable TV time. :eyeroll: and just gave me cheesy grins and even some funny images that I have to admit to being angry about at the time....

this LO of Alexis is featuring one of those anger inducing photos. :O she was shying away from a fly. yes, i typed it in right. a FLY. I wanted to ________________ you fill it in.

while looking for challenges to create for I ran into the dream girls which i had forgotten about! we had to use chipboard, open journaling...and a movie quote for the title.

so while i had a lot of movies with great quotes i chose a movie i didn't think I'd wanna remember. you see...there is a scene in it that really makes me cry (I am tearing right now...I know, I AM a big baby) and that is the one when the daughter packs her stuff after her grandma's funeral to go with her daddy. and he doesn't take her. her crying for him and begging him really hit close to home because for a while after my dad left...we would cry and cling onto him and BEG him to please come back home, please stay with us. PLEASE. My DH HATES this movie after seeing that scene and how it reduced me to tears....

BUT the quote I used and the photo went hand in hand, and it's such an important message for my's very important for me to let her know because as she gets older I see so much of myself in her, that insecure girl who wants to help with all her heart, who loves so much and wants everyone to love in return. The difference is however that she has her daddy by her side (and a mommy) who would never leave her and we try and make it a point to let her know how much love we have for her.

here goes....

Hope Floats

hope floats

the quote is as follows:

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad. But it's what's in the middle that counts. So, when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. and it will.

thanks for looking.

and sorry for the rambles :(

a brand new week!

hey hey hey!!!

the kids are back in school!!! LOL. Teeniest terror had the week of the young child kick off today and mommy and daddy both got to go!!!

this weekend has been a busy one scrappy wise. :) got some challenges done for Tallyscrappers and for IAAS.

wanna see?

this is for the office challenge at TS


hidden journaling and photo of person.

this one is for IAAS, a spring challenge

messy face

and another IAAS challenge using a sketch from scrapbook ETC


the new ad is up at AD THIS!!!

here is my contribution...a wall hangy thingy!!! LOL

love never fails

that corner heart thingy i used a technique shown by Ad This! very own Elisa K. using alcohol inks and an acrylic piece. it didn't come out just like hers...not sure what I did wrong but i still like how it came out. :D

and last but not least is the special project I made for DH's bdAY. I actually made both the hangings for him...

IMG 5416

and close up....

IMG 5417

I used the Kaiser accordion frames from March's IAAS kit.

Thanks for looking!

Take care!!!

Go-To Girl

hello again!

today is a gorgeous day, we have sunny beautiful weather. Guess what today Is? My sweet hubby's big Day!!! He Turns 33!!!

I made him that extra special project which I will refrain from showing until the next ad this challenge is up.'s not made for it but will be close enough. LOL

the kids have been sweet to him as well and we're closing up early for a dinner celebration with him...wooo hoo!

well, stopping by to show ya a LO I got done last night for TDX. :D the challenge was to scrap what I love about myself. I also used the awesome color combo up now...

Go-To Girl

Go to girl

I had to journal about what I love most about myself and well...that is kinda hard on me because while I always see the best in people I always see the worst in me.

I had to pick the fact that I am a good listener. I always have someone stop in the shop, get keys made and just blurt out everything and at times I joke that I have a sign on my forehead saying "the DR. is in" LOL. That's a quality that I have that I love because it makes it easy for my loved ones to be able to communicate with me. and feel at ease or like I won't be judgmental about anything they may say.

I had to think about stuff I liked and of course a couple made it in my journaling. :D I love how at times I can shock people with stuff I come out with IDK if it's because I am so young or look like a bimbo...LOL...they just don't expect me to say something profound. I am also very good with names. I make people smile when I greet them by name after meeting them once. I guess it makes them feel special.

TFL, take care!!!



Looks like angels.....

Hey again!!!

the latest challenge is up at CCG and the colors are wild and funky!!!

Looks like angels

these are my oldest terrors last spring.

kept it sweet and simple so the colors can stand out.




Dear Me

Hey!!! it's Tuesday and the day has been dragging. I got some work done and am just getting around to posting but am limited on time here today. :(

even though business has literally died out last week...I am trying to keep busy because the office needs attention. Keep us in prayer because I can see the hubby starting to get a bit worried.

anyways I got this LO done last night. I am bummed because I wanted to get a lot of scrappy things done last night and time got the best of me.

SO maybe tonight I can get more done and be able to post them all for ya tomorrow. :D

this is done for Tallyscrappers...the office challenge.

i had to write a note to myself...but myself 5 years ago.

I also used CCG#117...i love the bright colors combined together. so pretty right?

Dear Me

Dear me

Thanks for looking. :D take care!

the new ad challenge is UP!!!!

hey again!!!

just showing ya'll the latest ad challenge!!!

go check them out. here is MY take!!!



I was so excited about this LO...I used alcohol inks, crackle looks sooo purty in person!!! :D

the designers all rocked the challenge as usual!!!! please check the challenge out and participate!!! I can't wait to see any awesomeness ya'll create!!!

hi! :D


just wanted to drop in and say a quick hello. I've been outta the loop for a bit, my stomach has been bothering me since Thursday night, got the day off Friday because I was so sick the night before and then the WE...well I am here with my stomach feeling better I guess back to work not knowing where to start I guess! LOL.

I have so many challenges that I want/need to get done. Can you believe I have NOT scrapped at all since tuesday/ wednesday??? I am in major withdrawal and afraid my mojo has ran away in rebellion!!!

Anyways yesterday I started working on my super duper secret project AKA DH's bday gift. I know he knows I am making him something but he is being very polite not to say a word. LOL. I am THAT bad at keeping secrets!!!

I have some cards to make for IAAS, they're having a celebration. I also need to make a LO for the Tallyscrapper's office challenge....OIY....I havent done Dream girls or the new color combo challenge....can you say sooo many LO's for me to make! LOL...I am such a challenge-holic...I HAVE to make a LO for each or combine...LOL...and then I am at ease. I guess it gives me that extra push to create, or I'd feel lost.

yup...challenge holic is the perfect word for me.

I have sneak peeks of that extra special super duper secret project...coming up soon.

His birthday is only THURSDAY!!!! LOL.

I hope you all enjoyed your Ressurection Sunday!!! I did. went to church with the family, went home and vegged on movies my uncle hooked us up with!! There went my scrappy time. :O

well ladies, off to get my stuff ready to take home and then get actual work done :O


take care!!!

Oooooo...NEW Jewels!

Hello my darling friends and pre-friends - hope you like my latest stuff! Admittedly I did chose the Scrabble charms and didn't make them (but I will be doing that shortly) but I did make the Bird On A Wire series :) Enjoy.....

Email me at: to order - mates rates!

springy lo's for a late start at spring


today was the start of spring recess for the kids. BUT ask me....does it feel like spring? NOPE we had snow showers!!!!

so my message here is...uh, SPRING???? where are ya? Old Man winter needs to take a long siesta!!! LOL

I got some springy colored LOs here using the IAAS kit. I love the papers!!!

here we go!

Face it

Face it



here i tried to go for that fresh and clean look and give my usual distressed junked up look a break. didn't work too well...LOL....

hey, I tried!!!

well, gotta run!!!!

I've been Busy...

I can't seem to be able to stop creating and I'm loving it. I feel like I'm walking through a breezy wood, to a beautiful destination with autumn leaves gently falling to the ground. Thta's what it feels like to create at the moment.

just some stuff...this is a very long post!!!!


I am back. so sleepy and paying for going to bed really late last night...why do I always do this to myself????

anyways I have some Lo's to show you, a dare to participate in (sorry it took so long, Peggy) and some song lyrics to share. (see, Beadee!!! let me know what ya think) you ready to see stuff?

the new ad was up yesterday at Ad This! it's cool.

this is the AD

and this is my take on the ad. we had to use 5 different embellishments from 5 different companies. so I used Rub ons, labels, ribbon, staples, flowers, hambly, felt butterflies...

Glam Girl
glam girl

This is for Tallyscrappers. this is office challenge week 8:

What office work?

what office  work

the stuff I used here are from March's kit at I am a scrapaholic. I just got it yesterday...just in time. those buttons on the buttom are SR chipboard buttons that came with the kit. I used crackle paint (also in the kit) and I am in awe at the results.

I made it look homey because even though it's work, the office is my home away from home.

and now Peggy tagged me....

IMG 5240

here's a photo!!!

I totally forgot what it was about...all I know is you had to take a photo as soon as you got tagged...which I did. I just forgot to post it. DUH!!!

(SORRY PEGGY!!!! Hope I'm still cool)

now I saw a cool technique by Elisa...Tuesdays are technique Tuesdays...go and check her out. I want to try the alcohol ink one...

DH has a birthday coming up and I wanted to make him something. it's hush because he visits the blog from time to time.

BUT there is a song Lyric I am considering to use for the creation I am planning to put together...

Let me know what ya'll think, OK???

Surely Goodness ---Israel Houghton


Used to believe that I could never ever please Ya. Spent a long time running scared. Couldn't recieve that You would never ever leave me. Didn't know that You would call me friend. But now Your Grace for me. Is ever chasing me. No possibility of ever letting go. And You're not mad at me. No You're not mad at me. You're madly in love with me. You love me madly madly madly.

With all of my might I sing Your praises so freely. I lift my hands and I lift them high. Open my heart to say that You are so lovely. I worship You as a lifestyle. and now Your Grace for me. Is overtaking me. No possibility of ever letting go. And You're not mad at me. No You're not mad at me. You're madly in love with me. You love me madly madly madly.

Fi me life. Fi me la a a life. What me say. Wath ya now. See it yah now now . Watch ya now. See it yah now. Goodness and mercy. It ago follow follow follow m. All the days of my la la la la la la. All of the days of fi we life me sing say. So be confident of this one thing. That He who has began a good work in you shall complete. When you go through the waters go through the fire. He will be there. Oh no no rivers shall not overflow you. He will be there. to the left I see Your goodnes. To the right I see your mercy. And lookin' around me all I see is Your Grace. All of the days of my life.

SOME POWERFUL WORDS HERE, huh? Now you can understand why I am confused as to what to do...i was either going to use bible verses (dunno which yet) or this song...he LOVES this song and told me it's because of the words. :O I would love some input!

well take care!

rain rain go away!


I know, I've been scarce this past week...the rainy weather has def put a damper on my mojo...I have been feeling so uninspired.

well, I have a LO to's from LAST week of course...using last week's color combo and a skecth...I'm sorry but I forgot from where.

partied out

my teeniest terror after being Jr Bride (and rocking it) at a little over a year old. she had so much fun and when we got home, she crashed.

today I am thrilled...I got my IAAS kit and I wasnt expecting it..LOL, then I found out I won the rich girl challenge over at dreamgirls!! woo hoo!!!

so since they say good things happen in 3' I right or wrong? LOL I am anxiously awaiting some more good news!!! LOL!!!!

take care!!!

Productivity Plus!

I've done MORE jewellery - I can't get enough of at the mo :) Which isn't always the case. I sometimes look at my chain and jump rings and feel sick :( I think it's the creating and not the replicating that I like. Please note that the Four Leaf Clover pendant is a genuine one and is from Aardvart - I just put it on my own chain.

Were you lucky enough to have had a Care Bear when you were young? I had good Luck bear
(did my parents know something I didn't....;) ) and always wondered why such seemingly strict Christian parents would give me something with a talisman on it :) Maybe I just suited green....

Email for prices :)

Annie :) xxx