got another one in


today isn't such a great day...just really tired and dragging. not even coffee's perking me up.

my eyes feel so heavy and even hurt from how tired I feel. :(

even with all that I managed to get this LO done...IDK if I can get anything done tonight i may try and do what my DR suggested...drug myself up early so I can't fight my sleep. I'm like a baby!!! You know when they hit that stage when sleeping is no good out of fear of missing out on stuff? :shaking head: I'll be missing out on scrappy time!!!

yes, scrapping is a serious addiction!

and here we go:

life is sweet

my 3 girls in a pic of them in 2007...they make each day sweeter for us...I even think Aaron feels the same way even though he grumbles about too many girls in the house.

here i used sassafrass lass...let me tell you, I have maybe 2 lines of the older stuff but those papers I extended the use...i hold on to every scrap piece i have...I truly enjoy them.

off to do some work....

Hot Out of the Studio!

Email me to order at a disocunt: :) Except for the cuffs, it's all handmade by me :) xxx God bless you xxx

it's just another manic monday!!!!!


well I am back here again. yep, to show another LO!!!!

I got this one done for AdThis!!! the ad is really cool and I'd love to see everyone participate!!! you won't be sorry!!!

so here is the AD:

and the twist to it is sewing...hand, machine...even rub on...

Groovin {music} dude

this was a cool ad to work with. At first I had NO idea what to do...and as I was getting ready for work one day it hit! Get my baby boy playing his guitar and cut him out!!!

This kid has wanted to play guitar ever since he saw Drake and Josh. we signed him up for some classes and the 1st year he didn't take it seriously. His teacher this year had a talk with DH and told him he wasn't seeing any progress...and then something in my son changed. he recently got bumped up to a harder class because he is so far ahead of his peers. Ya'll don't wanna know what he wants....AN ELECTRIC guitar!!!!

well, thanks for looking, and please stop by, leave some love, a LO that was inspired by the ad...LOL....

take care!

it's pretty LATE!

but here I am wide awake once again!!!

took a lovely Sunday afternoon nap with DH and Teeniest terror and lo and behold...I am here cleaning up the kitchen, putting away scrappy supplies, WIDE AWAKE with a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!


we had an awesome day at church. we got out and went to Rita's, Mike's and WM. then got home to have DH grill some chicken and had lunch....I had an awesome Sunday. I wish they were all as relaxing as today. I even got a LO done.

wanna take a peek?

you sure????

I got this one done for a challenge over at Tallyscrappers. it is due Wednesday but I like to get LOs done ASAP because one never knows what the week can bring.

Dream Job

dream job

here's the criteria:

yellow title (it doesnt look like it because of the way it scanned...but it's yellow bling CS),neutral background...kraft,no photos, clip art,colorful paper added...

I have lots of lovely journaling here...LOL this one was a tough one for me since i couldn't use a photo... i felt a bit lost. got over that...then i was thinking and thinking WHAT on EARTH >IS< my dream job??? WHO knows...aren't I pathetic?

so this is what my journal reads:

growing up there were a lot of things I wanted to be. I wanted to be a singer, an artist, a lawyer who defended kids that were victimized. I wanted to be someone who meant something to someone. teaching and being a social worker made the list as well. who would've thought that at 31 I now find myself a scrap addicted mommy who works besides her hubby. I teach my kids daily to the best of my abilities, creating art out of what life has brought and inspired me with, singing (in the shower) with all my heart. Mostly, I mean something to someone.

The LO looks a bit busy to me...but it all came together quick like for me...a plus....and it's another entry for my AAm book...another plus...and I have time to get some points for the contest and my team...a bug huge plus. SO I am not complaining!!!! :D

well...6 more minutes to midnight...EST....:sigh: no yawn outta me yet!

shall i break out the scrappy stuff or put laundry away????

I've never watched Twilight but...

...I liked the charm bracelet so here are two of my Twilight inspired bracelets. It features a wolf which is the form Jacob takes and the bracelet itself is given to Bella Swan by Jacob. Then there's the diamond heart (in the case a Swarovski Crystal heart) that Edward later gives to Bella.

These Annie Blackberry bracelets would RRP for $60 NZ but here you can have one for $35 subject to availability ($20 US). Postage to the USA is $4US and postage to Australia is $6NZ. Within NZ I do FREE shipping :)

COPY and PASTE this to see my stuff for sale at a discount:

Thanks so much everyone.

Annie :) xx

Blessed, not lucky

Hello & good morning.

I am sooo sleepy. I just can't get to bed's like my body is so tired but my mind rebels.

yesterday we went to my teeniest terror's school science fair. it was the most adorable thing. and guess what? This bad mama left her camera at the shop! I am so horrible. I take photos of Dh's cookies but forget to take the camera to snap up photos of my baby. (hearing teeniest terror's voice in my thoughts: "mommy, I am NOT a BABYYYYYYY!!!")

well home after the fair and started scrapping. there is a challenge at I Am A Scrapaholic going on and got this one done for that!!!!

Blessed, Not Lucky

we had to scrap about who made us feel lucky. I honestly can say I don't believe in Luck...everything happens for a reason. I am just blessed. Blessed to have people in my life who light it up, who love me for unconditionally.

so yep...Not Lucky. Just Blessed! Immensely!

Thanks for peeping!!!!

a Re-do!!!!

hi and good morning!!!

just finally got my LO done for the re-do challenge at Tallyscrappers. I always take forever and get to stuff last minute.

well I choose to redo a LO of sweetie and while I jumped the gun and deleted the before photo on flickr....(DUH) I'll show the after and ya'll can check out Tallyscrappers...LOL.

here is the after:

My Joy

My Joy

Okay...maybe later I'll go and upload that before photo so you can see how it has changed...this post has to be a drive by because I have tons of stuff to do and wanted to get this in before i got too busy.

you know how life gets!

Tata for now!!!

Annie Blackberry News + Fashion Report


What an incredibly busy time - I feel lucky to be busy in these tough economic times and feel humbled by the amount of support and sales I have thanks to you all! Most of what I earn goes straight back into the business but maybe soon I can start paying myself a little - yay!

Here's what I've been seeing a lot of in Vogue, Fashion Quarterly, Lucire, 1am, etc:

-Black Lace
-Lace or acid wash print 80s sleeveless gloves
-Fashion is moving from the 1920s into the 1930s (Art deco era) and from the bold pop geometric look of the 60s into the late 60s and early 70s. And of course we have this long-running love affair with the80s: slouch pants are here to stay, pants that are cut just on or above the ankle, etc
-Colour as well as good old black and neutral toned clothing
-Dame Edna for MAC make up - make those eyes bright blue, green, purple etc
-Chuck Taylors - always
-Bootleg as well as skinny jeans
-Chain, chain and chain! My speciality and my favourite :)

Please remember I accept INTERNATIONAL orders as well as NZ wide.

My jewellery is handmade from lots of different bits and pieces sourced from all over the world as well as New Zealand :)

a slow fade, if I were rich, and some tempting delights.....

hey hey hey!!! wats happening!!!

OMG...I just let out how old I am getting if I am quoting shows....LMBO.

Ya'll gonna know I am getting old in a few...

just wanted to share some stuff before i got on with a painful and busy day. Yep I am dealing with one of my headaches today...the kind that your eyes feel like they wanna hop out of your head and do a little dance. :O

So last night I got busy...i wanted to do a lot more but these 2 LOs gave me such a hard time getting thrown together. tonight I need to work on next week's LO for Ad THis! got the perfect photo yesterday for the cooolest ad I have seen yet!


Slow Fade

Slow fade

this one is done for a challenge at Tallyscrappers. we had to have a photo that had something cut off and a Casting crown song on it. Really wanted to get this one done cuz I love them! LOL. This one I also used this week's color combo challenge.

The song I used was "Slow Fade", obviously....and the part of the Lyrics I used is as follows:

"Be careful Little eyes what you see. It's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings. Be careful little feet where you go. For it's the little feet behind you that are sure to follow..."

This is something that as a mom deeply touches me because I do remember what it was like to be a christian child with friends who didn't know the Lord and how easy it is to be swayed by influences, even knowing what I knew. it's easy to get caught up.

The second LO is for the dream girls. had to use the title "if I were a rich girl" and some green and bling. Now I remember the song, not the Gwen Stefani version but the original reggae version from my highschool years. The group I hung out with back then were friends with a guy who had a car and would pick us all up...and he blasted reggae music...this one being one of them. The song has the girl wondering and saying what she would do and there's a guy in it saying money can't buy can buy pretty things...but that's it.

SO I thought and you know what? I am happy just the way I am. Yeah my 1st thoughts were well...I'd get this and that and give to this person and that...BUT money can't buy me the most important things. One of them being Love...happiness....from those who love me, being God, Hubby, family.

used the color combo yet again

if I were a rich girl

and some yummies:

These are the cookies I was rambling about the other day that DH baked. just for tempting purposes!!!

Molasses cookies with yum lemon icing
IMG 5145

double chocolate chip

IMG 5147

and last but not least Hazelnut cookies

IMG 5150


lets play tag and a new ad is up!!!

Hi and good morning! The new ad is up!!!

check it out!!!

the twist is to make your own frame.

here is my take:

My frame is made out of glitter.

isn't it sooo pretty!!!!???

a while ago I got tagged by here we goooooo!!!

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and randomly tag 10 people (including me). Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
Have Fun!!!!!

Whew... Here goes:)
1. What is your name: Arlene
2. A four Letter word: Aunt
3. A Boy's Name: Aaron (that was sooo hard!)
4. A Girl's Name: Alexis, Anais, Arianna (even harder)
5. An occupation: auto mechanic
6. A Color: Aqua
7. Something you wear: Anti-persperant
8. A Food: Apple
9. Something found in the Bathroom: air freshener
10. A Place: Albany, NY
11. A Reason for being late: Accicent
12. Something you Shout: AVALANCHE!!!!
13. A Movie Title: Annie
14. Something you Drink: Alize
15. A Musical Group: Avalon
16. An Animal: Alligator
17. A Street Name: Ave of the Americas
18. A Type of Car: Audi
19. Something Scary: Ax Muderer
20. Ice Cream Flavor: Almond deluxe

so the lucky girls who get tagged are: Bear with me....I can't figure out how to do links...


sorry i know it said 10 but I don't have too many scrappy buds who would actually have fun with it!!! LOL!!


spring looks like it's about to make it's grand entrance! the weather has been warming up some...I can now walk around with a sweater and the sun is outshining brighter I think.

LOVE spring!

well I got a LO done for CCG and for design X combined. they picked out pretty colors for this week and I HAD to use them for these photos of teeniest terror.

the challenge at DX was to scrap your fave quote. there are so many I like...but this came to mind when I saw these photos....

"those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" James Barrie.


she is like sunshine in our lives!

here I used old Daisy D's Moda PP, FP, AC patterned CS, the felt butterflies are from Iamascrapaholic, and the decorative edge is K&Co. we had a PT conference...since she goes to head start they do home visits. her teacher told me so many good things about her!!! she even said she has been accused of spoiling her by the other teachers. :O that's the effect the girl has on everyone...she's progressing wonderfully and her speech is improving. all is good!

tonight we're hosting the men's fellowship meeting and let me tell you...the hubby has been baking up a storm. we have molasses cookies with lemon icing, chocolate hazelnut, and double chocolate chip cookies all from scratch!!! I asked him if baking was going to be his scrap booking and he said :heck no!!! I'm going to gain all the weight I've lost!!!: spoken like a man who lives in a household full of women! :D I left my camera at work so I couldn't get tempting photos of the yummy scrumptiousness DH baked.


well my peeps! have to run....Thanks for looking!


another LO :)

Hello and good morning!!!

just wanted to pop in and share a LO I made last night for a challenge at Tallyscrappers. I joined a team and the 1st challenge I participate in was a cool one. I'm nervous about it cuz well...the LO didn't come out the way I envisioned it...LOL. and I am posting it one day before the deadline. Hope I can help the team get points :O

so here it is:

Time Away

Time away



it's just another manic monday!

hey out there in scrappy land!

this weekend was such a busy one for me...I am literally falling asleep at the office chair. I think I need some coffee to wake me. My body's all achy from all the lifting and walking up and down 3 flights of stairs. My next house will have the laundry room right next to the bathroom, for sure!

anyways just wanted to let ya'll know that the new AD THIS! challenge is up and at ya....check it out and please participate! :)

here's my contribution!

Annie Sez:

the twist was to make a list and have different fonts. we also get to work with another sketch to make a card with! I have the scan at home....:( so I will try to get her up tonight.

My dog has an eye infection in both eyes. :( totally our fault...we haven't taken him in to get groomed and his hair got all matted around his eyes. DH is at the vet with him and teeniest terror to get his shots and his eyes looked at...and other doggy maintenance he may need while we were there. I feel so bad for him.

I joined a scrappy MB and am trying to get used to all the awesome stuff there!!! I even jumped in and joined a team...they do a weekly challenge...I have to work on that tonight. it's due Wednesday. D

well my peeps, have a great and awesome day!!!!




hi & happy friday. :)

Got a LO done last night of Pretty princess Sassy. Apparently the hubby thinks I am Da BOMB and wants me to make Los to hang up at the shop in our lil area...yep...we do have a living area there. :)

here she is:

This Girl

I used Pretty K&CO wild saffron Line...I have tons of it and well while I liked it didn't really know how to go about mixing the hoarded it for a while. TFL!!!

today's full of blessings. gotta keep my chin up high and happy...not letting anything else drag me down.

I've chronicled a bit about a real estate property we bought that caused major headaches. now I realize it wasn't in God's will... so we have been dealing with this dumb mortgage company who at every turn has been frustrating and unwilling to work with us...we've gotten behind on everything due to this house even on my CC's. SO we made an arrangement to pay it off and I am happy to say last month the account was closed....and I didnt have to pay the 500 I thought I did!!! wooo hoo! we even called the company asking why they didn't take out the money and the lady said account has been settled!!! THANK YOU LORD~ see...ever since I told God "Lord YOU handle this" and quit the part time in faith....HE HAS!!!! he keeps his promises, he says he will never leave nor forsake! so while we're still dealing with trying to sell that dumb house i am keeping my chin up in faith! the Lord hasn't failed me!

It's been crazy here!!!! New Ad up and a new baby born

has added so much more to my life right now...!LOL!

Yesterday a new addition to the family was welcomed! Baby Selah Ines!!!! I have no pix yet...waiting on my brother.

well just wanted to check in and let you all know that the new ad was up at Ad This! Please check it out and participate! :) They've been pretty much on time with the new challenges (gotta love that!) It's been crazy here at work for me so I haven't been able to post my contribution for the challenge....and here it is...

2's teeniest yet another LO. LOL.

2 cute

we had to use 2 different types of masks in 2 different colors. I don't own any so I used KI lace cardstock and my handy dandy bottle of glimmer mist. I also took a scalloped shaped chipboard circle and dabbed at it with some paint. Gotta make do with what you got!!!

here's some close ups

and now here's my LO's for Color combos and for dream girls combined...

Camera Shy

My gorgeous nephew and god son. :sigh: this kid has a special place in my heart and wow is my poor sister going to have to guard this kid from crazy girls when he gets older. He is the split image of my dad....enough said.

here's a close up just cuz I love how distressed and dilapidated it came out!

IMG 5043 1

Marks Paper company

Hi again!

another post...LOL.

I one of the gals from IAAS is offering a give away for Mark's Paper co. The papers are gorgeous! Here's a link: (I don't know how to do the fancy schmancy linking....LOL)

and another link to Mimi's blog to leave a comment... with all of the info!!!!

My part of the prize is on it's way!!!!!

My 1st LO as an Ad This! DT member had to include handmade I made fave!!! I didn't get to make them how I wanted due to not giving myself enough time....SO the ones I made for the winner of this week's AD challenge were how I envisioned... The other DT members have rocking stuff made...I wish I could win...LOL!!!!

so this is an itty bitty part of the prize:
IMG 5014
IMG 5013

I hope whoever wins them likes them! I had to fight my girls for them...I promised to make some for them as well. :) I really enjoyed making them.

I've been feeling a bit down...DK why...I think I maybe thinking too much about stuff and it just brings me down. SO far scrapping has been cheering me up and keeping my mind off maybe I should scrap more? LOL...

maybe I just need more sleep....

off to enjoy the double chocolate mousse DH got me from a neighboring Italian cafe...HMMMMM it's delish!

I {heart} my boy...a very LOOOOONG post!

hi and good morning!!!

last night i was fighting sleep yet again....I was wondering why I have been so moody lately and I think I figured out why....

I'm not sleeping as much as I should! DUH! that would lead to moodiness/irritability. that and I'm drinking so much coffee to wake me up. IDK why I just fight sleep...I think my body or maybe my mind is trained to keep going no matter how tired I am. Not good, I know...but what can I do?

I have a picture of my brand new stove!!!

IMG 4962

DH made us lunch this AM to take to work...Baked Salmon. SO while our pretty was on and since i had the camera out...I decided what the hay....

I also have 2 more LOs to show!!! They're both of my handsome Kid...and yep...I DO have a doesnt seem like it cuz I always scrap my girls.

SO U @ ( is an interview with him. I got the questions from simple scrapbooks. I had him write out the answers for me, to have more of him on the LO...


a close up:
U@9 close up

1) what food would you like to eat everyday if your mom would let you? macaroni & cheese

2) What's your favorite joke? What did one hot dog say to the other?: Hi Frank!

3) If you could choose a different name, what would it be? Jake

4) What would you like on your next birthday cake? Ice cream

5) What's the first thing you show your friends when they visit your house?
A pet

6) What's the scariest thing you've ever done? climbed out a window

7) Is your room messy or clean? Clean

8) If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? Alexis' diner

9) If you had a million dollars, what would you buy first? Wrestlers

10) If your parents let you have any pet you wanted, what would it be? a Lizard and dog

Isn't my kid so funny?

And this one:


is for category stories. My son is precious to me. Time with him I find precious as well...cuz it's going by so fast.

here's a close up

Precious close up

and last but not least we have decided to fix up our shop. first we decided to put high hats in...AKA recessed lighting...the ceiling had too many different types of light fixtures before and very little actual LIGHT...annoying! after that we decided to fix the ceiling...the gutter rusted out and water started leaking into the with all that being done we decided since it was slow at the shop...we should just paint the shop. I didn't think to take before this is during construct....err...fixing up.

IMG 4965

IMG 4964
IMG 4967

IMG 4966

and that's all for now....