just zipping by to show you this:

stop by the Scrappiest. Sketch #71 is up!

now back to your regularly scheduled program.

No, your eyes are NOT decieving you!

Hi!!! TGIF!

I know, it's been a minute since I've posted anything here. :( I've been suffering through migraines and headaches. Reading, trying to focus on anything made them a lot worse...so I have been avoiding the net for a bit. and colorful places. :eek:

SO...I have some layouts to show off. I haven't been scrapping as much as I'd like. I know...I say this very often, don't I? I hope that this weekend I can ignore everyone since my eyes feel better and scrap& do laundry all day long. I have deadlines screaming at me! I need to whip out my poor rebel as well...I havent been taking photos...need some of those for scrappy purposes, rigfht??!!!

Over at SFTIO we're still dealing with Anger. :D BUT there are peeks of July's emotion. the kit's to die for!!!
I just had to scrap about teeniest terror...this girl really excercises my patience with her testing me. I have to really be patient in the way I deal with her because of her personality: she's very assertive, bossy, has to have it her way...you know, like burger king. There are times I get really angry and have to take a couple breathers...and she sees this and feels so horrible...always asks me if I am angry/mad and if I still love her. No matter what she does, says, etc...I will always love her. This girl sure does know how to get the best of me.

ready for another one?????

This topic was hard for me to tackle. why? Because I didn't see myself as an angry person!!! But as I thought about it...spoke with the hubby and he gave me ideas...I started feeling better...but then a brief conversation with Rachel made this LO click. Women basically suppress their anger because it isn't what a "good girl" does. Yes, I am your typical good girl who does put my emotions on the back burner to deal with everyone elses'. I wholeheartedly admit it. I feel uncomfortable when there is someone angry around me and I try my best to diffuse it. But I don't give myself any consideration in dealing with this emotion. It's NO good to hold it all in, and trust me I am working on this. I'll be wearing my angry face when I'm feeling just that. Instead of plastering my smile to hide it.

Okey-dokie then...I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend...how has the weather been by ya'll? really HOT and muggy here...OIY...so not my thing.....


words and pictures....

....here I go again,laptop perched on my knee (usual tabs open-flikr,facebook,blogger,ebay-sound familiar!),one eye on the TV (we are watching a film 'Employee of the Month' oh,its funny!),cat precariously balanced on my chest,as I try to drink my tea at its optimum temperature! Lunches to be packed,dishes to be washed,uniforms to be ironed,that Sunday night back to school feeling....instead of doing my 'homework',I am tapping at the keys.....avoidance! But now I am here,I find the words don't come as easy as they once did,maybe I am just tired,I can confess to feeling a little overwhelmed just now,but rather than abandon my blog altogether,if its ok I'll just keep my hand in with plenty of pictures and a scattering of words for good measure.Enough said.....
....on with show and tell....

A recent rescue from a pile of modern apparel dumped on the grass at the boot sale,this sweet little tu-tu

For my birthday!Just look what my friend Nikki found for me,its very beautiful and it was carried by a 1920s bride,who also wore this....
....gorgeous sash with an intricate pattern of pearls and sequins,it has little ruched panels to nip it at the side.How I'd love to see her bridal gown,I hope she was a happy bride. I have the sweetest friends....

....I spotted this mirror on a friends blog-Jane and the Happy Crow,it was love at first sight,so she kindly kept it for me and I bought it with my birthday money,its so delightful....
....a cute little cupie orphan from the boot sale,I have promised her a new frock

....a delicate tortoiseshell fan,liberated from my local charity shop....

....as for these ,they are so precious and my most cherished find at last weeks boot sale,the lady selling them told me they came off an antique doll she was renovating,those pompoms and the diddy hand crocheted socks are so darling! Just 50p,but I carried them away like they were gold dust!

....a finely embroidered lawn baby gown,a birthday present from my mama-freshly laundered and she made a hanger to display it on,using vintage crochet,I'm a lucky girl.
Ok,back to work....its Monday morning already!

Bath time...

....today it was my little friends turn to clean up their act,before Thursday comes around (and it is coming too fast!). These are my very special friends,treasured companions who all reside on the dresser infront of our dining room table,a jolly little motley crew,glorious examples of my passion for vintage plastic! They had become cocooned in fleecy dust jackets and had lost their plastic lustre,but after a bubble bath they are glowing and have had a little shift around,its good for them to mingle and make new friends! What a happy scene to greet sleepy heads at breakfast,how could you not smile! x

wash day....

....something is afoot this week in our abode,something which means that we need to do a major post Spring clean,....either that or we need a miracle as our poor home has been sorely neglected of late!
If I didn't want to offend your senses I would offer up pictorial evidence to back me up,the little piles of life heaped up in each room,spilling over onto unswept boards and bitty carpets! The abandoned car boot treasures with nowhere to go,shoes cast aside in doorways,surfaces powdered with volcanic dust,boxes,bags,broken toys and as for the ironing!! I have never claimed to be a domestic goddess,but I did once at least try...I feathered my nest most prettily,even if I did sweep crumbs under the mat and fill cupboards full of strays...now,well the nest is pretty messy and we are all of a jumble,since mum became a working girl! But today we made a start,much noise has been made as all the appliances whirred and whizzed and we toiled in our labours,without a thought for those vintage housewives who struggled with their carpet sweeper and dolly tub! I think we may have skimmed the surface...but Thursday is just around the corner,and as Thursday could be the start of something special,I for one am still hoping for a miracle and looking for an empty cupboard!!     

I miss you....

....and I'm still here. X

I Don't! Or maybe I do...with some sneaks thrown in for good measure!

Hello, Hello!

you know, sometimes I think I'm like this old lady in an early 30-something year old body! every day there's a new ache and pain! EEK! Last night my right hand was hurting and my joints were swollen. DH said it's because I scrap too much. That could be it....I was marathon scrapping lately...I'll take a break tonight....maybe, just to see if it works.

SO as you know, the June ANGER kit has been revealed. Now what could I possibly be angry about?

Here's one of the things!

and some close ups:

Men. Men in general tick me off. The ones who promise the world and then turn out to be deadbeats. The ones who think that using their hands for something other than loving caresses is OK. The ones who make kids and then just come around when it's a convenience, or a fashion accessory. Vows mean NOTHING to them. I could go on and on...but I won't. Because you get the message, right?

and drum roll please, because the sneaky peeksies are coming up!

so I am off on that note. Bright and all colorful, right???!!!

yes, Totally Worth IT!

Hello again!!! Now don't go all into shock for having like what, my 3rd consecutive post containing actual creativity !!!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and let ya'll know:

There is another prompt up at AAM!!! Rachel's introducing it!

Now I have to say...being a part of 2 design teams in which the topic is about me may sound pretty easy or like something that you get used to after a while, right? WRONG. There are some times the ideas just click or it doesn't really seem like something I can relate to but I find a twist to it that someone can relate to. Now scrapping about my good attributes? NOT easy for someone who can do no right in her own eyes.

AT the DT MB Melissa  told us she asked her friend what she loved about her. And that inspired her. When I said "let me try that" and I asked the kids and hubby....oh my what a mess. LOL. I stuff like "mommy's NO joke! you don't let us get away with anything" or she's fun, she's fair, gets us things even though we don't deserve it...basically kissing up to me. I know they want me to take them shopping now. The hubby just said lots of stuff that would probably be better if I left it between the 2 of us...LOL!!!
They left me out in the wind, basically. SO I started with my photo...and started going through the remains of SFTIO's May kit...grabbed a becky fleck sketch...and just went from there....until it was time to journal. then I just went from memory...what people have told me. I joke around about how I need a sign at the store saying "the DR is in" seriously...people come in for keys and tell me their life story...maybe I just have that face that makes people comfy. next I need a couch....ROTFL.
It felt good being able to scrap positively...so thanks for picking this prompt out, Rachel!!! :)
Ok...enough rambling for me. I will be back tomorrow with some sneaky peeks of some  new creativity using Buzz & Bloom!!!!

back to work. Harrumph!

My goodness...being off work for 3 days really spolied me. Of course we didn't go anywhere (so unlike us) but I had so much going on at home....I'm still trying to wake myself up!!!

I'll have some layouts to show off ...some at buzz & bloom in which I can ony show peeks here, the reveal of June's anger kit at SFTIO, and AAM has a prompt coming up tomorrow!!! I have been a busy bee...

My MIL should be on a plane back to Puerto Rico. :( It was fun having her stay with us, she's such a blast and such a big help. The kids love having her around, they can sweet talk her into walks...and in the said walks they weasel their way into the stores...uh oh!!! She's really chatty and it was really nice having her around. My kids and dog have been immensely spoiled and were really sad to see her leave. That said...that explains my lack of posting here...along with computer troubles. :eyeroll:  we are going to need to upgrade both at home and at work. It's taking me way too long to get things done online, and time is precious!

That said, I have some layouts to show!!!

The last one for May's Anticipation!  It opens up to reveal journaling. I'm just really grateful for being allowed the honor of being a design team member for a kit club. Last year I tried out at so many places and got the door shut in my face. This was the last place I was going to try and I thought really hard about it because after getting so many No's...my self esteem took a huge hit. It was like "ummm...what's wrong with my creations??? I can't even call them layouts...to me, each thing I work on is a piece of me...so I like the word creation better. :D Nutty, I know! In a nutshell...when you try out, keep trying! It gets easier in time and you begin to learn that it's not that you're being rejected...it's just a matter of being the right fit and at the right place at the right time. The other places may have been cool, but I like to be more deep and meaningful. After getting the yes from SFTIO, I got another huge yes! From B&B!!!

There's a new sketch up over at The Scrappiest!!! Check out the blog to see what the DT made. :)

and a close up using some awesome product I have left over from the anger kit:

Hope I have inspired you. Glad to be back with some actual creations of mine.