and then there was one....

Hey, Hey, hey!

Can you believe I have yet another DT project to show? This is the last one for ScrapGal, and it's a mini!

in my kit, I got a JB mini which I thought was so versatile. You can make anything out of it (besides the obvious mini album) for ex: cute handcrafted coasters, a cute banner, the sky's the limit.

I used some scraps of MME paper and little odds and ends that were left over from the kit along with things from my own stash like those fabulous 7gypsies stickers and spritz to put it all together.


I have to laugh as I think back a couple years to how afraid I was to try making a mini...they're super easy to make and I have to say: I am addicted!

Thanks for taking a peeksie!

some more projects :)

Hey again!

Now I'm trying to enjoy my time with my mommy. We flew her in from Florida so that she could stay with Lexi, and she'll be leaving soon. :( We're going to miss her, she's such a goof and has made us laugh soooo hard with her antics.

I have some more projects to show you. I created these for ScrapGal. My time with them is up, but I wish them lots of luck. I'm ready to move on after all is well with Lexi. Maybe now that she isn't mobile, I can make a spot for her to scrap with me. That should be awesome for us both.

 In my kit I got BoBunny Futbol line. None of my teenyterrors are athletes, so I decided to just use the bright summery colors for something else.

Then with the scraps and matching die cuts that came in my kit, I decided to make cards like Mary Jo did. (thanks for the inspo!)  I used different things to make the die cuts pop out at you like glossy accents, pop up dots, a spinner to make it somewhat interactive, & ink.

you can't see it in the pix, but the pennant has glossy accents on it and it has such a great effect.

I got happy mail today! I got pubbed in scrapbook trends and got my layout back, the issue I was in, and some goodies. what a fabulous surprise!

Hope the summer's treating you well. Take care!!! :D

some DT projects :D

Hi, all.

Hope things are going well for you. I've missed posting and sharing projects! I need to get back into the swing of creating things. Hopefully sharing these projects will motivate me to create more!

These projects were created for Creative Charms. I'm really enjoying being a part of their DT. The product is inspiring, so much fun to create with.

These 2 are the latest and up on the blog now! Please check them out, there are closeups and more details...and if you like leave me some love as well! :D

what do you think? Have I been doing a good job with them?
have an awesome day :)


Today's the last day of school for my kids. I'm not going to lie: this school year has been really tough on us all. The Teenyterrors have tested us so much when it came to school work and their grades have reflected it. Not too proud of that.

The kids have all made it to a new grade, though. Starting September, I will officially be a mommy to  1st, 4th, 5th, & 7th graders.

We went to Teeniest terrors' K graduation...and all I have to say is Oh My Stars!!!! The amount of cuteness & sassiness displayed as each group performed their 2 songs along with dance. I'm so sure those teachers had their hands full and days full of laughter and some patience testing. I'll be back with pix!

That same day Lexi went with us to also say goodbye to her teacher and classmates. I had tears in my eyes as I saw the joy in everyone's faces as they realized that she was really there!!! She was happy to be able to say goodbye.

leaving you with something to watch/listen to!!!

Have a great weekend!

time just goes flying on by.


It's been a while since I've posted...I know, poor neglected blog!!!!

Since I've posted last, my daughter's had surgery, we've had class trips to get the other teenyterrors ready for...the days have just been zipping on by.

This is my brave teenyterror resting after her surgery. I stayed with her while she was in the hospital and wow... was that a long night. She needs help with everything and for an independent child, she's handling it all very well. I'm so proud of her.

I'm going to blog about her hospital experience at another time, though. I took some photos, I wrote everything down so she has something to look back at as she gets older. :)

So for now we're enjoying just the every day moments since Lexi cannot put any weight on her leg for 6 weeks.

This is the teeniest terror snuggling up with her dad-dums on Father's day. we're staying in today, but I hope that all of you out there are celebrating and taking that special dad in your life someplace nice. :)

Oh, and just an FYI:

Creative Charms has a sale going now that will run through the 9th of July. ALL Simplicity items are 70% Off! These are great for graduation projects, weddings and anything else than needs a neutral accent. Check out the site, you'll see they're gorgeous product to work with :D

hope you're all having a great day!!!

Another Scrap Gal Layout! ***As seen on the blog***

Hello everyone!

Here with a layout I created for scrap gal. These will be the last projects shown as June is my last month there.

In my kit I got some BoBunny Futbol Line and at first I didn't know what to do with it, to be honest. I don't have kids who play sports...but after some thinking I went and created this:

I used a black and white photo of my kids, used bubble wrap and some paint to stamp those circles on the layout...and there you go! A fabulously bright layout that uses a sports-theme line for kids enjoying a lovey dovey moment! You don't have to go with the obvious when you scrap. :D

Hope you're inspired to "go against the grain" while scrapping!

is the grass really greener....

on the other side?

This week hasn't been a great one. We have no updates on the bathroom. Honestly, business picked up a bit and we're having extremely hot weather, so with DH working outside by the time he gets home he is drained.

Then my sweet darling,
<-------Lexi, finally got her appointment with a specialist. It's not good...she has a slipped hip, and needs surgery. The sooner, the better. She missed her class trip to splash down.
She's been looking FWD to this trip since like, forever!!!

 The good news is how she's taking this. She cried a bit with her daddy in the car ride back home...but then looked at the bright side of things. This has been a huge comfort to me, knowing that she is unafraid...because if she were to have been a mess, I'd be a huge crying puddle. So...tomorrow she has another appointment, and we'll know when they'll schedule her surgery. She'll be in recovery for 18-24 months. That part, she doesn't know!

My hubby has decided to stall on his surgery...and is still doing the physical therapy thing. He claims to feel better...IDK if he's saying it so I can leave him alone...but "I'll be watching you, Mike Wasowski, Always watching....!"

Today my sweetie, Ana Banana,---------> had a field trip in this scorching heat and when she got back to the school, they sent her straight to the nurse's Office. She almost passed out while on the trip and the nurse had her resting, but was worried that she'd pass out on the bus ride home. 

SO since Tooney's class is right next to the office and she is a kindergartener, I asked if she could be with her sister so that I can pick them both up. Didn't make any sense to me to have my little baby ride on the bus all by herself, especially with a substitute driver today... The nurses there were gushing over my girls, BTW. Telling me how cute and sweet, and always well dressed they are. Then giving me a "good job, mommy!" I guess they felt the need to distract me from feeling sick to my stomach out of concern for my delicate little A.B. ( short for Ana Banana). 

Oh, and guess what! As if that wasn't enough...My ACR----------->
(you don't wanna know what that stands for...) was felt up by his classmates while his teacher was out sick. I have to say that I am happy that he didn't grab the girls back...oh, that could get sooo ugly quickly!!!I'm not happy that he didn't tell us. so he got a talking to about that. 

So that has been my week...all in a nut shell...did I tell you it was REALLY hot out? 
Oh, I've decided to get back on track and start my early AM workouts. I've been feeling really sluggish lately and my body has been aching me. SO hopefully getting my body moving again and losing weight will help me start feeling like a spring chicken again. :D 

let me know what you think of this song, Ok?

....And if you made it this far, you get a huge cyber hug!!!

still on the fence...

Hey bloggy peoples!

We're just getting home from some stores in our search for a bathroom mirror. The peacock looking round one I posted about...DH liked the picture better than it's appearance IRL. If you all know the that he is very vocal about what gets placed in the house...not one of those dudes who never notice a thing...which can be a blessing...but not very much so for that mirror.

I am being the extra picky one, though! I want something special...SOOOOO...what do you think about these contenders?

it looks so much prettier in person...and DH has his heart set on it...we're just worried that it may be too large for a 36" vanity. The mirror's dimensions are 30"x40"... I was thinking we'd place it vertically, not horizontally. I know if we go with this one, the colors will pop off the paint color we chose. Have I posted that yet?

this one I liked the most from Lowe's. and it's round!!! :D I didn't grout the tiles...DH got to it. look at how pretty!!!

today DH installed the shower doors, as well. Take a peek!!!

so each and every day...we're taking baby steps...yay! {This is the only "finished" area...LOL. This one little corner!}

My hubby went to a specialist for his torn tendon. He told him he has 3 options:

*deal with the pain and stay that way...and risk more tearing,
*go to PT for 6 months
*get surgery done. but it is very painful and the recovery time will be long.

SO we're doing PT for now and if it doesn't get better....he's going under. I want him to get fixed already. I hate seeing him in pain. :{

Have a great evening!!!

Today's the 1st....and we all know what that means!!!!

It means that today is reveal day! Yay!

I always look fwd to reveal days, it's the day that all of my hard work pays off...the day you get to see what I've been working it's excitement all around! :D

Creative Charms has their reveal today:

June Kit of the Month - $14.99 (73+ Pieces)

Red, White & Blue for You (Regular Price $25.56)
· Blue Flared Flowers – 4 Pieces
· Blue Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Red Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
· Blue Felt Flowers – 6 Pieces
- Blue Gingham Butterflies – 3 Pieces
· Blue Fun Butterflies – 4 Pieces
· Blue Washed Flowers – 6 Pieces
· Red Itsy Glitsy – 36+ Pieces
· Layered Felt Flowers – 6 Pieces

June Deal of the Month - $6.99 (225 Pieces!!!)

Patriotic Burst (Regular Price $19.00)
· Red Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· White Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Blue Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
· Red Gradient Jewels – 76 Pieces
· Blue Gradient Jewels – 76 Pieces
· Red Gem Garden – 12 Pieces
- White Gem Garden – 12 Pieces
· Blue Polka Dot Brads – 6 Pieces
· Red Polka Dot Brads – 6 Pieces
· 18” Red Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon

also, Scrapgal's website and MB is up today.

See, all around good news!