Happy memorial day!!!


How has your weekend been? DO you do the BBQ thing? The beach thing? watch parades?

We always particiapte with the local memorial day parade, and I love to see all the classic cars with the veterans but this year our city has cancelled it. The vets are climbing in age and cannot do the long march.
:( Hopefully the younger ones will want to participate and they'll start up again. I think we should always be so very grateful to them for their service.

I have some sneak peeks!

June's theme is Anger. wanna see sneaky peekies of some anger layouts????

what the heck, I'm feeling generous! LOL

come back to see them in full through out the month, OR if you're dying to see what I could be angry about, sign in to the MB and check out what the totally talented DT has made!!!

what do you do without the net?


This week has been a pretty long one for me.
because our laptop caught a virus. yep.
virus. we could only start the thing and nothing else. Not a thing.
what's on the said LT? nothing much....just ALLLLLLL of my photos, assignments, etc. Basically everything I may need to get me going scrappy wise, besides the paper and glue.

THEN....we lost power in the basement at the shop. That's where I can go and look up the stuff that needs to get done. we got the power back on but the Fios thingy wasn't working.

SO. How have I survived?

1) I actually worked. (LOL) well, did organizing...put keys out and took stock of what we have and what we may need to order soon. I really dislike doing that...it's tedious.

2) watched what I have on DVR. Who knew I'd become a huge fan of Grey's anatomy? NOW I FINALLY get it with the Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy.

3) tackled that monster in the bathroom called the hamper. yep, it's not "exploded" anymore.

4) went to Target. got some new pillows. my old one wasnt cutting it anymore and my neck has been killing me. I was feeling better...but today I got that shooting pain again. Looks like I may have to go to the chiropractor. :(

OK....so I thought my list was going to be longer....this week we've had killer weather...like hitting 90's...so that slows me down a bit. I can't stand the heat. I'm chug chug chugging on my projects, doing finishing touches and what not...but let me tell you...it's been hard because I depend on the LT a LOT...for my photos, editing, printing for last minute things, looking up stuff online to make sure I'm headed the right direction...I've had to pretty much depend on my memory of all things. LOL.

using this week's sketch over at the scrappiest

and this is another creation using the fabulously colorful & vibrant anticipation kit.

I've got some new jewels...WINTER 2010



ALL LIT UP - .925 CHARM $50 - only 1

genuine vintge 1979 Disney robot

CASING THE JOINT - US bullet casing - $42

this gives you an idea of length - although i do make to order



guess what???

I just had to toot....

I am back on Scrapbooking from the inside out's DT!!! I'll be sticking around for the next six months!!! YAY!!!!

It's been awesome and I hope to keep being inspirational, pushing myself to scrap real pages, and just keep having fun on this journey.

thanks for letting me toot!!!

I'm waiting for a miracle.....

hey! It's Friday!!! Who's excited?!!

This weekend will be another "whirlwind" for me. I have so many things going on.....I may need to try and take monday off to recover. LOL. The "boss" won't have it though. :P

My girls have their dance recital going...then we're taking my MIL to the Bronx. Her brother is sick and he's not getting better. I can't blame her for wanting to spend her last week in NY near him.

this is my 3rd LO created for scrapbooking from the inside out's May Anticipation kit.

want close ups?

wanna learn how to make that flower? There's a tutorial up at the MB. You need to register to be able to read it and see photos, but it's worth it. I made that flower out of tissue paper!

Take care, and enjoy your weekend~

a total "mom" post

Hi peeps!

I know...I haven't posted in a whole week!!! EEK!!!

Things have been crazy. I havent been feeling well...I'm trying to catch up with stuff at home...stuff that was being neglected...and running around with the kids, taking them to their lessons. Yesterday we were at the dress rehearsal for my teenier terrors' dance recital. we were there for over 2hrs...almost 3...and I was tired, with a headache from all the screaming little dancers in the waiting area....and hungry!

Of course, I got so teary eyed...My sweetie terror danced to Stevie Wonder's "overjoyed" ( I Love that song) and you should've seen how graceful she was....mama was proud!!!
Teeniest terror tapped to a sassy song (IDK the name) and had to do some booty shaking in between...soooo incredibly cute. She was even shy at first.

I am so upset...for some reason my photos came out blurry...we're only able to photograph them at the dress rehearsal...not the actual day of the show. I hope my camera ain't broken!!!

Their show will be on Saturday...and they're looking fwd to it. They get to wear makeup! LOL!!!

here's a photo I took of the kiddos for a LO....I...Can't...show....til...August.........

my impossible future....about a week late :{

Hey peeps! hope you enjoyed the blog hop!!!

I have a layout to show!!! Yep, again!!! This week I have been cracking at the scrappy desk. And I have to say:


I love having the hubby back. I love having him cook dinner for us when we get home from work. I LOVE sleeping extra. He's been on top of the kids with their HW...and most of all....I love having him next to me to cuddle. YAY!!!

SO....I got this prompt done, my fellow DT members did a fabulous job!!! Make sure to go and leave them a little love.....after leaving me some, of course!!!LOL!!!

What is THE prompt, you ask?

My impossible future:

 I decided to be a little frivolous and have some fun!!! I have been creating some pretty heavy layouts as of yet....and I don't wanna spill the beans...there will be heavy layouts for me coming up for June. SO...my impossible dream involves my love and obssesion of SHOES and famous celebrity closets that house them. This is an impossible dream for me because:
 a. I'm not high maintenance enough to require one.
                                            b.I live in a 100 year old house. Old homes don't have the huge opulent closets newer homes do. 
                                    c. my scrappy addiction gets in the way of my spending on anything else.

 I took a photo off here, in case you wanted to check out the celebs and their magnificent closets!!! Gotta give credit where it is due...or else risk a law suit. LOL.

I also used a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I loved this one!
close ups:

in case you were wondering...all of those fabulous shoes are Jimmy Choos!!! OMG...:DROOL:

Okay...wiping the drool off my face with my sleeve...I have some sneaky peeksies for ya!!! To see it in all its colorful glory, you have to check out the buzz and bloom blog. :) K?

Badee, Badee...that's all folks!!!!

Let's go a Hopping!!!! ****UPDATED!!!!****

Hey there scrappy peeps!!! :D I wanted to say hi and welcome!!! I'm so very excited about this blog hop!!!

OK...so you should have started here at Nancy's Blog, and I should be your 3rd visit. Be sure to visit every one's blog and leave a comment because that will increase your chances to win the prize!!! Let me tell you, that May Anticipation kit is an awesome prize!!! I almost swooned with excitement when I opened up my box and saw the contents.

I want to share a layout I made using the kit.

This is the second layout I created using this kit. Every month I always think of what I should scrap about...and mull it over for a bit. When I found out the emotion I instantly knew I wanted to scrap about the long wait (in my case it seemed EXTREMELY long) to meet my 1st born.
I had so many emotions, I was excited, (of course) worried that I was  going to make a lot of mistakes, worried about his health, overcome with so much love for a peanut that always seemed to kick me and stretch out when I was trying to relax...LOL...I was always feeling so curious! Even though I used black and white as a base, (and this is to kinda symbolize how "in the dark" I was) I wanted to keep the rest of it bright and happy because this was one event in my life that really was cheery, looked bright, and very very happy for me. (and still is, hence the circle...to symbolize how my joy in having made the decision to keep and have my baby boy is never ending. That said: the story of my pregnancy with him is a whole book...and I'll share another time)
Of course I did my usual distressing...I just feel my layouts are incomplete without it. LOL.I made my little flower out of the pink paislee pleated trim. (coming up later in the month will be a tutorial...check the MB for fabulous tutorials from the DT!!!) I even cut a piece of the pretty packaging the pleated trim came in!!! Can you spot it???

and OMG...don't I look like a baby in this pic??? sooo young. I was 21 here.
Thanks for looking and wading through my lengthy post!!! Your next stop is over at Stacey's blog!!! What are you waiting for??? LOL!!!!

****The winner of the blog hop will be posted today (5/12) at Rachel's Blog. Be on the look out!!!**** Thanks for participating!!!!


hi! :)
popping in really quickly to let all my scrappy peeps know that tomorrow there will be a blog hop! yep!!!

SFTIO is hosting one and one lucky hopper will win May's Anticipation kit!!! check back tomorrow for details.

Now onto your regularly scheduled program:

I have a layout to show you! yep, another sketch's up at the Scrappiest! Liz always has an awesome sketch for us....wanna see what I did?

Is it just me or is the picture a bit fuzzy??? Hmmph. I was playing around with DH's new point and shoot...and so far I think I'm liking my big ole bulky Canon Rebel. (Shhh....don't tell him that I think that in this case, Bigger is better. I don't have a steady hand SO in taking flicks, I guess my camera's weight helps me keep it steady. His little cyber shot is good for him to take photos of his work. Which I am encouraging to do so he can post his works of art...I'm telling you, my hubby is a craftsman!)

Anyways, rambled a bit there....I used some left over goodies from Buzz and bloom, the alphas, the tokens, and the blue acrylic border. I wanted to add more stuff...but I have to leave some for DT work, you know!!! LOL!!! I covered the alphas in glossy accents...that stuff is wonderful!!! I love the slick finish it leaves.

SO yesterday was Mother's day and I spent it perfectly...at home, snuggled up with the hubby. He wanted to take me shopping but I'm feeling a bit under the weather...so I asked to get a movie and watch with. And that he did. My kiddos made me each something beautiful....I have some incredibly talented terrors...be on the watch for links to future blogs! LOL. Mostly, they all made me feel special, appreciated, and like the best mommy they could ever have. :D they'd better!!!!

OK, so come back tomorrow to participate in the hop....pretty please!!! :) That May kit is TDF!!!!

it's tomorrow!!!!

Scrapbooking from the Inside out:

come and play along!!!

Saturday's Cybercrop Schedule, all times CDT (GMT-5):

Sketch Challenge - 8 AM

Iron Scrapper (we give you the photo, you create!) - 11 AM

Anticipation Moment - 2 PM

Bouquet Challenge - 5 PM

Challenges will be open until Sunday so our European gals can play along!

come here for full details!

Oh deery me.....

....I think I'm loosing my mind,why else would I buy these first three items without shame or remorse and then be so bold as to parade them in such a brazen fashion! I am having a little dalliance with kitsch,'granny chic',novelties,hideous tat....call it what you will.....I know its love,I've been here before-except where once I kept it a secret,this time I'm going public!! Devil-may-care,bold-as-brass-thats me,proud to be seen to be doing my bit for the misunderstood ornaments of this world,so I'm wondering now is this a shop I'm running or some bizarre sanctuary for abandoned china animals!!The newest inmates are surely the grandest yet,I mean golden Bambis-how very ostentatious,but these little dears are so very shy they have been hiding in Fine and Dandys 'kitsch corner' all day-I think they are a little embarrased by their appearance,I persuaded them to let me take a photo to show you all,(please don't laugh)!! So I will keep taking these foresaken creatures under my wing,hopefully re-homing a few along the way,all I ask is that next time you consider buying a china ornament-you remember that 'its for life and not just for kitschness'! As I said I think I am loosing my mind........... 

what are you waiting for?


wow, this week has zipped by me. I was hoping that with hubby home I'd have more time for stuff but between birthdays, recitals, etc...I havent been able to keep up with much. I have DT work on my desk screaming at me to get finished/done...it's CRAZY!!!

On Saturday there will be a crop over at SFTIO! It starts from 8am to 8pm. Hope to see you there!

The Anticipation kit there is gorgeous. when I got the kit I was awed, inspired, and thrilled to get cracking. wanna see a layout?

This layout is about how excited I am about our church. 5 years ago the church had decided to sell the building we were in to expand. Services were so packed, people started leaving because there wasn't enough space.
The church owned 17 acres of land and decided it was time to build there, a bigger place for us. In the process we ran out of money. People have left, new people are coming. But the feelings now are huge anticipation because we're getting there. It looks like we'll be in there by the end of summer/early Fall.

I added a Britt Nicole song that goes along with the Anitcipation theme. Take a listen. :)

eye candy 3....

....some pictures I took around Fine and Dandy on Sunday. Those glorious tulips are from Mr M's allotment,every bloom has been different and they are giants,like something you would see proudly displayed by Bert in the village hall horticultural show!They have been much admired this week-so Mr M is under orders to plant more bulbs for next year-supply and demand!! Things are ticking along nicely 'int shop-tomorrow we are featured in the 'business section' of our local paper 'The Cornishman',accompanied by a much dreaded photograph-so hopefully more people will find us (though the photo might put them off!)! Today has been Boot day of course and I came away with a loaded trolley but not such a haul as the previous 2 weeks and I have to say some of the little souls I have brought home and bathed are really rather bordering on....oh I don't know...maybe the wrong side of kitsch!!Imagine if you can a gold Bambi planter with attatched thermometer....you can't can you-ok I will take some snaps tomorrow,but I warn you,you'll all want one!!
P.s-loved all your comments on my last post 'worlds end',but having just admitted to purchasing a gold Bambi thermometer I'm not so sure my opinion is warranted!