new stuff.

I'm not feeling too well. I think I'm coming up with something...:(

I got to scrap tonight. this time i got 2 LOs done!!!! I have a huge mess to clean up, though. it may take me longer than the actual scrapping. :O

this is a LO I made using a pencil line sketch, and for a dream girls challenge. I also used the latest CCG combo...

i am not worthy

just saying how I am not worthy

every time i look into their faces
I am reminded of the blessings I have everyday, the miracles they are & the miracle I am.

I didn't do a thing to deserve them.

and this is another one for DG, using another sketch

i am not

I am not as innocent as I look.

the picture says it all, doesn't it?

so I stole this off Gina's blog

I went onto Gina's blog (...the girl could scrap!) just to see what she's been up to since I haven't seen her over at the MB....

and wow, I saw this video she posted and had to post it here.

this is the main reason why I was so against him becoming president....This video just makes me wanna get on my knees and pray.

what's in a name?

I finally got to scrap....well that & i wasn't really in the mood to.

this one came together so quickly for me. I used a sketch here and didnt want to add too much stuff. I wanted the paper to be the focal point.

what's in a name?

it's my sweetie terror and all about her name. it means "miraculous grace". how we picked it out and stuff....I think she'll find it cool.

we had a snow day yesterday...i did laundry and watched movies...LOL... today was the end of the fun however with work and getting the kids out for the bus. Can you believe that everything was frozen solid? I need a pair of ice skates!

teeniest terror is sitting on my lap as I check out blogs and she saw Elizabeth's. Could you believe the brat told me she doesn't like my blog anymore, she wants me to put strawberry short cake on mine like hers??? :O


it's your Birthday, make a mess!
it's your BIRTHDAY! wear a dress!

It's Your birthday! A Success!!!!

this is a song the kids all sing to each other on their birthdays and while it's probably a butchered version of a song from Back in the Barn Yard, on Nick, it's still cute.

It's my baby girl's FOURTH birthday. a bittersweet one for me...

she's not a baby anymore...she can count in English & Spanish...

she can do simple adding

she knows her letters and can write her name

she can sing her heart out

she knows she "came out of my belly Nak-kid" and proudly tells that fact to anyone who will listen.

and she tells me that no matter what she is always my baby. then says "waaah. waaah!"


isn't she such a gem?

My beautiful teeniest terror

birthday girl

More Annie Blackberry '09

New way of doing things in a prior post (confessions) I let out some of what was going on in the teeny terrors household. As I was just sitting down thinking something just snapped right into my in

You're taking things into your own hands and not depending on God. That's why you're not prospering.

and OMG....I gave my 2 weeks...we decided to do everything all straight & legit on everything and the people who disappeared came back and are now talking about lawyers and contracts with their bid on the house...this weekend DH was busy and made more money then we have in a while...

so DH and I say this: Lord we depend solely on You. we can't do anything without you. So no more worrying about how things are getting paid, no more worries on anything.... Just faith in You.

Now this was something to put a pep in my step...but somehow I still feel a bit down and don't know why...I can't really put a finger on why I feel so melancholy...maybe it's my mom's phone call, she was upset and I didn't know how to answer her.... I guess me going through my usual moodiness as well. who knows.

maybe I'll get another thought popping into my head. :D

New Look

hmmm....IDK how long this will stay but for now I feel a bit swirly. :P

I lost all of the links I had on my side I'll add them as I remember what I had....


hi peeps.

i got off work and am not able to sleep right now so i decided to come on here. Friday will be the last day i work at target and wow...I keep getting guilt trips about leaving...I found out that one of the girls they were giving good hours to left...just decided not to show up. HUH. It feels good though to feel liked and appreciated.

well i have to go force myself to sleep, i have to get up early because i need blood work done. :( then schedule an MRI....

good nite

More Annie Blackberry 2009

Tonight at Etch's Sale Preview Party, Sarah and I are launching my new 2009 range. I am so excited!!! If you like anything feel free to email me for a price :)

Annie xxx

mid week...getting over the hump...


last night was my night off so i got to scrap. i wanted to get 2 los in or more but being left with 4 terrors only allowed me one. can't complain though.

starting feb. i will be available to scrap every evening if i wish.

this one is using a color combo and a sketch by Debbie Gaydos.

party of four

it took me almost 2 years to scrap these photos of the 4 kids in the wedding party.

My hearts delight


it's the start of a new week, & I think I started it off well considering I scrapped last night and have something cute to show!

this is using a Debbie Gaydos sketch, I love her sketches!

Me and teeniest Terror. while I don't like how I look in it because I am still very swollen from the meds....what makes this photo so nice to me is the look on my baby's face. she was the Jr Bride in a wedding and this was the look she greeted me with after doing the best job ever!

my hearts delight

My hubby and I have talked this over and are in agreement. I am giving my 2 weeks notice at my part time job....I'm not getting enough hours to justify working there anymore and my family needs me at home nights and weekends. we're extending store hours at the locksmith shop and see where that takes us.

I don't know if this is something you'd

notice...but I changed some songs on my play list. It was overdue...and while I didn't delete a whole lot I did add some songs and rearranged some so I can hear them.

I have noticed that the hubbster would go on my blog and just let the music play. glad to hear/see someone besides Nani and I enjoy it.

you know I had a dream that kinda stuck in my mind and I sure hope that I am right about what I feel the meaning behind it is. I had a dream I was pregnant with twins. Now usually when I dream about being pregnant someone in my world gives an announcement. LOL. well this is my first time dreaming of twins and actually seeing myself in a room getting an ultra sound done. I'm taking the dream as a promise of a blessing. Something GOOD coming to us. Oh Lord, I do sure hope it is.

My Bro and I had some words and I feel bad about how frankly I spoke to him.
I never break it down to anyone the way I did...but we said our apologies and whatever...but for now I need to put some distance between us. Just to get over the anger and hurt. My bro and I NEVER fight....

if the songs sound melancholy well...that isn't how I feel. I am just waiting and well, the music is me putting things into perspective.

The 1st 2 songs on the list are new to Planet Arlene and well...hold special meaning. I may use them in something scrappy...the lyrics, that is.

so, good night

enjoy your weekend. I have to work early in the AM and will be out in the afternoon so I hope to have a good day.



snowy delay

we had a 2 hour snow delay for school which threw my day off completely. I can't go into work because the kids have to be picked up to get to school.

not that I am complaining...i slept a bit more...but it just throws me off when I get HERE.

Last night I got this LO took me FOREVER to do. it's another one using this week's combo. I just didn't know how I liked how different papers flowed together and so on. well, here it is.

say Cheese!

i used this week's pencil line sketch as well. haven't used one in a while.

Crazy 8

happy Tuesday!!! day 2 with no meds and I'm feeling chipper!!! LOL~ especially since I am actually getting stuff done!!!!

I got this LO done last night:

Crazy 8

crazy 8

Lexi acting all crazy as we were singing Happy Birthday to her. the clown.

this is for the AD This Challenge....had to use 5 embellies from 5 different co.

I used 5 different fonts in the word crazy and different bling.

I have chatterbox, KI memories, AC,K&Co,& HS. cool huh?

Annie Blackberry 2009 Collection Starts Here!

Annie Blackberry 2009 Collection is here!

Here is just a few samples of what to expect :) We are going with some really cool vintage classics as well as something more daring and theatrical for those who want to make a statement. Buy quality garments and lots of jewellery and accessories, these can change your appearance without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

New LO


it's me again, feeling better! I've been in a fog since taking the new meds...making me grumpy, feeling high, and sluggish. SO I haven't even had the motivation to scrap, even though I've seen awesome challenges I'd LOVE to try! scary, right! that shows the extent of how I was feeling cuz I ALWAYS scrap when I can.

SO here's what I came up with....

a new photo of Alexis looking soooo grown up....this picture kind of gives me a glimpse of what beauty she'll be when she gets older.

in a blink of an eye

I used the latest challenge over at CCG....I forget which one it is. lots of pretty colors. I used tinkering ink PP which is funky and BRIGHT which suits her! IDK if I like the LO...still debating but for now it'll do. Maybe it'll grow on me.

I've decided to make a mini album for DH with some inspirational verses that I hope will cheer him up when he needs it...and also be a comfort or whatever he needs when he looks at it.

throughout the week as I see or find them I'll post them here as a way to document them and maybe they'll be a benefit to whomever reads them. hopefully, anyways. :)

so I have to go now and get some work done!

Take care!

Happy Birthday Alexis!

Today's my sweetie's birthday!

she's 8 years old today and all I can say is that cliche:

boy does time fly!

it's hard to believe that 8 years ago I was cradling a beautiful newborn baby girl with HUGE eyes (despite being puffy) and so much soft fuzzy hair. Such an easygoing baby, and still easy going with the exception for an occasional attitude.

Those huge soul penetrating eyes are still gorgeous to me.

I love that girl so much and want to wish her such a happy birthday!



hey, how has the start of the New Years treated you? have you started your resolutions, started with life changes, thought about what you should be grateful for and what should be cut off from your life?

I went to the Neurologist yesterday and well. I basically admitted that I am so used to being in pain that I don't realize that I have a headache until they get worse. SO we're going to get blood work done and tests run so we can figure out why I am in pain. he prescribed some meds for me as well which may knock me on my rear for a while.

My husband and I have been struggling financially and we're at the point of probably going into foreclosure on a rental property. we're going through things right now that wow, we feel so alone and abandoned by God at times. Not to mention the family...they're all so far away and have their own things to worry about so we just smile and put our best foot forward so we don't worry anyone. But behind the smiles as gorgeous as they are (LOL) is so much pain and uncertainty. Pain because I am always almost stubborn in my belief that God will find a way or lead us to the answer and so far whatever we try just backfires and throws us in a deeper hole.
I try not to blame anyone for our problems because we were the ones who decided to go ahead with buying this property, but between work and kids i am drained and don't go to church much anymore. well, that more due to work....BUT when I did go i would feel so overwhelmed when I went and would cry and cry because I really missed being in church and feeling that sweet feeling of the Lord being around me as we worshiped. the last time i didn't feel a thing and that scares me.

Besides all that now I had to deal with drama that left me so angry and upset. Last night I was so tired and was fighting sleep because i didn't want to go to bed too I opened up the bible and started to read. and you know, God spoke to my heart. That was sooo sweet and as I closed the bible and headed to my bedroom, my phone chirped. I should've just ignored it like I wanted to so I could go to sleep but NOoooooo concern over a late night text made me look and it was my brother telling me I should apologize to his wife. WHAAAAAAAAAT?????!!!!!!!OMG I got so angry because he brought up an incident that I thought was squashed a while ago. SO I called my mom to see WTH he was talking about.

well, long story short I'm accused of gossiping. :eyeroll: I SO do not have time for any of this. My name gets put in more junk again, I can't sleep AGAIN because I'm aggravated on top of stress and my decision is to just turn my back and walk away.

sometimes staying quiet takes a lot more strength

Brand new spankin year!


Happy New Years everyone!!!

we enjoyed a quiet day at home. I got to scrap last night as DH watched James Bond. Here's the last LO of 2008:

Snow Incredible:
snow incredible

My baby kins.

then these 2 today. The first 2 of 2009. wow, I can't believe it's '09!!!!!!!

Isn't she lovely

isnt she snow lovely

mommy's joy

mommy's joy

so...what are you grateful for and what do you hope to accomplish for the new year?

I don't have a huge long list of stuff to change or accomplish. just simply spend more time with the family, more time scrappy, and try to see more.

I'm grateful for so much. For a loving savior who died for me and for his grace. for my husband. I am blessed enough to have found a partner, a best friend, and the love of my life all rolled into one. my kids. they drive me nuts but they're mine.